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Currency and Connection

Two-hearts-of-money2Nogie King in The Currency of Connection states beautifully:

“I believe that we sit at the edge of an evolutionary impulse that can move human kind into a radical and collective realignment with wholeness, purpose and grace.  Life has always been an extraordinary  process for creative potential.  What is different now is our growing ability to perceive and then actualize engagement that is our natural birthright.”

With curiosity I invite you to enter the world of money as a vibrant, loving relationship just waiting to connect us to not only our own potential, but also to the creative genius of just about everything on this planet of ours.  If you are like me, you most probably have had, or are still having, a rocky relationship with money. Not your idea of the ideal loving, respectful, and trusting relationship that we all yearn for I bet!

What has helped me tremendously over the past few weeks after quitting a job that I allowed to rob me of creative juice and flow, is to remember that money in and of itself first came into being with the purpose of fostering and celebrating human relationships.  It has now become something else for many people – something that adds stress  to daily life – perhaps unnecessary stress at that.

Looking at money through the lens of relationship can be a fascinating journey and can provide insights that just may surprise you!  Relationship with yourself, with others, with our planet, and with money itself most probably deeply embedded in scarcity and lack in some form or another.

I am reminded of the days growing up that we used to play Monopoly.  Loved handling all that play money and buying the primemonopoly-money properties while hoping that one of the other players would land on my high density housing prime space and have to hand over more money for rent!

We needed to be in relationship in that game.  Face to face, throwing the dice to see what would happen next in our relationship with each other and our money.  Out of necessity it would often go on for hours as money  changed hands back and forth.

Life lessons were tucked in there as well like landing in jail and hoping for a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to release you back into the game and back into relationship with the other players.

Well have you ever thought that we put ourselves in jail and restrict the easy flow of money and vibrant alive relationship in our lives because of deeply engrained patterns that were put down early in our tender lives for what we thought was survival?

Here is a part of my story to make this more personal and to highlight the fact that how we use money is an opportunity for our own spiritual awakening and an expression of our fundamental interconnectedness.

counterfeit-money-funnyI was either in a state of worry and fear around where the next dollar was coming from, or when I did man-chasing-money2have money it rather slipped away from me. I was always trying to find ways to get more back into my bank account.  This went on for many years even through times when I had plenty of money to support myself and my growing children.

At the same time I was creating relationships with men in much the same way.  Two marriages, another long term partner, and quite a number of other relationships later I finally found myself taking a look at both my relationship with money and with men.  Bet you won’t be surprised that there were some underlying beliefs that were interwoven in both relationships.

When my mother died suddenly at the early age of 39 when I was only 14 years old I of course felt abandoned by someone that I really needed at that time in my life.  The connection had been broken and I took it on as something that I must have done.  My underlying belief at this time was that I must not be worthy which was unconsciously supported by my father who went into a deep depression leaving me to take on the responsibility of my younger brother and the household.  In a way he had abandoned me by not honoring that I had needs too.

What did I do?  I created a belief system and pattern that lasted until just recently.  Work hard (read struggle here) to take care of others to make certain you are appreciated and loved, i.e worthy; push down your own needs, desires and passion (stay hidden); create relationships with people and money where “rescue” is needed (so that I could prove I was loved); and not only attract unavailable men, but leave relationships first before they can leave you.

Can you draw a parallel between these patterns and my relationship with money?  Essentially not feeling worthy in my own essential self (money slipping through my hands and creating “rescue” scenarios), taking on others desires and passions as my own (struggling to bring money in through others businesses/visions that were not in alignment with my whole hearted creative expression ), and setting up the abandonment before I can be abandoned (I am not worthy).

I think you get the picture here.  We are in a very powerful time on our planet right now where each one of us has the opportunity to repattern into “wholeness, purpose and grace” in a way that honors our own highest potential as well as that of every other life form on this planet.  If we don’t do this our species has the potential to disappear!

connection20This time is about creatively connecting and collaborating within the deep interconnection that sustains all of us – every single life form on this planet.  It is called Unity – the yoga of life.  In order to open to this way of being each one of us must take the inner journey of clearing anything in the way of truly being ourselves in the world.

Since money is a large part of our life, and always will be present in some way, why not create a trusting, flowing, sufficient, honest and loving relationship with it.  It really does want to love you back and is the currency of connection!!


The Currency of Connection: How to Create An Exquisitely Kick Ass Relationship With Money by Nogie Kingsoul-of-money-paperback

The Trance of Scarcity: Hey! Stop Holding Your Breath and Start Living Your Life! by Victoria Castle

The Soul of Money: Reclaiming The Wealth of Our Inner Resources by Lynn Twist

The Prosperous Heart, by Julia Cameron


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The Race Belief Monkey Is On My Back!


Ignoring the Race-Belief Monkey

The single thing that blocks the path to success is the monkey-on-your-shoulder.  This is the Race-Belief Monkey: the workings of your rational mind.

The Race-Belief Monkey is the part of your conscious mind that jabbers away incessantly.  He’s the one that is responsible for all the times you feel like a victim, instead of the wonderful being that you are.  He revels in making badges that say: “I’m a victim of life and I’m proud of it!”

You’ll recognize the Race-Belief Monkey if you’ve ever thought any of these sorts of things:

“I can’t do that, it looks far too dangerous.  Don’t eat that, it will make you fat.  That’s never going to work.  I’m not good enough.  My bum’s too big.  I hate myself.  I wish I was somewhere else.  I wish life wasn’t so hard.  How come everyone else makes money when I can’t?  What’s the use?  I hate my boss.  How could she leave me?  I’m rubbish at this.  I wish I was as good looking as that.  I wish I was someone else.  Life’s not fair!  I wish that dessert was mine.  I’m no good in bed.  I wish I was thinner.  I can’t pay my bills.  I’m a failure!  I’m an idiot!  I’m a moron!”

Any of those phrases sound familiar?  If so, you know the monkey I’m talking about.

The Race-Belief Monkey is not going to go away, but to follow your Divine Path you must train yourself to ignore him.  You must learn how to take off those “I’m a Victim!” badges and throw them away – each and every day.  You must stop yourself in mid-thought and say: “I’m not listening to you” or “I remember who I am.”  This keeps the monkey at arms-length.

The monkey will find all kinds of rational excuses for you not to follow your Divine Path.  He will tell you things like: “That will never work!” or: “Only a fool would believe life can be so simple!”  He’ll give you lots of examples from your past life when things didn’t go well in order to put you off.  And he will predict all sorts of possible failures in the future.  He’ll do all this in order to stop you from following your Divine Path.

Why does the Race-Belief Monkey want you not to follow your Divine Path?  Because he wants you to be the same as everyone else.  He wants you to stay inside the Conformity Funnel of “This is how the world is and this is your place in it!”  The last thing he wants is for you to stick out from the crowd.

You’ll know when you are listening to the Race-Belief Monkey rather than following your Divine Design, because everything he says to you creates fear, doubt and apprehension in your mind and body.

Fear and doubt block you from your Divine Path.  They are the circuit-breakers of your seamless electrical system, creating an interference pattern between you and your reception of the radio-waves of the Great Game of Life.  That is why you must choose love over fear.  Love tunes you back into the radio-waves of the Divine Design, the station of success.

The single most important question to ask yourself is: “Am I acting from fear or love?”  (You can use the word faith here, if you prefer).  Ask this question, each and every moment of the day.  If the answer is that you are acting from fear, simply re-direct yourself back onto the path that makes you feel good!


Though The Brit is on vacation this week,and the post above is one that is contained within the book Divine Wealth, it was absolutely perfectly timed for me!

You see, like many at this time, I am going through a major life shift where I am leaving a profession that I have been in off and on for over 30 years -conventional medicine –  and seeking livelihood that is in alignment with my heart, soul and values.  Even when I had my own business in yoga therapy, massage and energy work I would rely on this profession as a “backup plan” – a safety net if you will.  There is nothing wrong with that – but I now recognize that it has kept me from fully embodying the purpose, creativity and wisdom that I have to share.

In addition, I know that it is time to relocate to a new outside “home” that vibrates with “soul” , that embraces me in constant possibility and opportunity , that wakes me up, or perhaps shakes me up, to step into the innate embodiment of wealth in all of its forms.  I might add here – with confidence!

For over a year now I have been attempting to extricate myself from a “job” that does not align with my beliefs or values.  At the beginning of this year it was clear that I had no more time to waste.  Giving my “unofficial notice” at work I declared that I would be leaving by the end of May, with no certain means of income in mind.  I would leave the safety mindset of a “paycheck”, “benefits” and a job that I am proficient at.  Now the journey really fires up!

At the core of this journey is the one thing that has me traveling in and out of fear, which sometimes amps itself up into terror!  That is the financial piece.  The money part of wealth.  Now there is an immense amount of information that is out there on creating money, investing money, how to make money, belief systems on money, and on and on and on.  Let me tell you that I have read and worked with most of them already.

But, this doesn’t mean that when the rubber hits the road that there isn’t a huge amount of discomfort that shows up.  It is the real life, in the moment,  application of confronting what The Brit calls the Race Belief Monkey – who is often directly on your shoulder shouting in your ear!

This week I have been having a rather difficult time back on the “job” after a week off in which I fully felt and embodied the freedom of being in creative mind and having the time to linger there.   I personally really needed the Race-Belief Monkey piece because my mind has been very busy creating scenarios like “what are you thinking -at your age?!!”  “you are going to quit your job and not know right now that there is a back up plan!”  “You must be delusional, crazy or both.”  etc etc etc…..and yes I have been applying what The Brit writes above, and giving my fear a warm embrace often which softens it incredibly.  Monkeys love hugs too!

In a staff meeting recently the manager brought up my leaving in May just in the course of what she was talking about. I felt myself feel the elation of knowing that I am leaving, the disorientation around not knowing what is going to unfold in the next 3 months, and of course my often present companion these days – fear.  I do see all of it as a catalyst and a vivid reminder that I am on the right path, but that bodily feeling of impending “death” often takes me for a ride.

The remedy I found for comfort in the moment, and to keep me taking action on this path without doubting my sanity, was to extend the practice of loving kindness towards myself.  I would become the source of these feelings beyond any judgments that may arise.  Embracing in my own heart the feelings of  self love, acceptance and kindness.  This field of loving kindness is limitless and when I hold and cradle it in my own heart it then can extend to others…and into this journey that has me teetering on the edge of the cliff.


May I be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm
May I be happy and contented
May I be healthy and whole to whatever degree possible
May I experience ease of well being…

Stay tuned for The Brit and American dialog next week as the Divine Wealth journey continues….


Lynn Twist

The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist