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Seventh-Heaven Health!

Dear Gaye,

Yes, really important to keep energy levels up at this time. Here are seven simple suggestions. You are probably doing most of these already, but I thought to mention them anyway.

**Keep your water consumption high. Dehydration is such a common cause of the body feeling out-of-whack in some way. Bear in mind that we’re all 70% (or more) water, so it makes sense to feed the body this way. Water is conductive. Plenty of water helps your circuitry to operate at optimum levels and to keep your immune system in good working order, flushing out toxins as you go. It is also beneficial metaphorically as you go through big changes. Water is non-resistant (you can run your fingers through it), has great power (it can wash away mountains over time) and is the life-bringer to every plant and animal on the planet. Drinking plenty will help you to be adaptable, to be strong and to grow healthily as you take “the leap into faith”. It’s an often-overlooked nurturer, so keep an eye on how much you are drinking and if you feel hungry late at night, have a glass of water rather than a midnight chocolate bar!

**Keep your protein intake high. Very important right now as you are burning up a lot of energy (mental and physical) leaving the old patterns behind, finding a new home, creating new income streams etc. I’ll be interested to know what blood-type you are as this can help when deciding on which proteins to choose. As a rule, whey and eggs are the most efficient-absorbed and converted sources of protein for pretty much all of us, but let’s revisit this in a future post.

**Keep your oil intake high. This is another really important, but often overlooked area of optimum health. Oils are such a crucial part of keeping you balanced. The brain loves you when you feed it with good essential oils and repays you with clarity and energy. Think of your mind as an engine. It works best when you keep it lubricated, just like the engine of your car which purrs gratefully when you fill it with new oil. The body is much the same. I find that many clients who are low on energy, confused or not thinking clearly, benefit from adding quantities of good oils to their diet. What kind depends on you, but as a rule fish, flax or linseed work well. Olive oil (extra virgin) on salads. The same when cooking (or coconut oil, which is a great cleanser too).

**Cut down on refined sugars, or cut them out altogether. Refined sugars leech calcium from your bones and weaken the immune system. Whilst they give you the “quick fix” of a sudden blood-sugar-rush, they leave you depleted in the medium-long term, meaning you’ll vacillate from “up” to “down” more quickly. This can contribute to sudden mood-swings, which are not beneficial at any time, especially so right now. Cutting out refined sugars is not as easy as it sounds. They are in so many products these days. But even if you do it in stages, it is worth the effort!

**Eat little and often. This is the most natural way to go with food. I was brought up on the “three meals per day” routine at school, with meals served at a particular time. This often results in us eating too much in one sitting, because we’re “ravenous” by the time we get to eat. Eating too much in one go leads to two things: sluggishness and weight gain. The rule of thumb here is to eat no more than the amount that would fit into your hand when you scrunch it into a fist. That’s the approximate size of the stomach for each of us (in your case, your fist is smaller than mine, which means your stomach is too!). Only when we eat more than that at any one sitting does our stomach expand, leading to weight gain. We actually operate best when we eat smaller amounts (never quite filling the stomach) regularly. This keeps a steady flow of nutrients passing through our bodies, again avoiding the “up and down” swings that eating less often create.

**Cut down on carbs, especially wheat-based products. A lot of people “load up” with carbohydrates in order to feel full, but if you’re eating good, fresh, organic produce you’ll find you are much more satisfied than if you major on a heavily carb-oriented diet.

**Cut down your dairy intake. Few westerners are geared to high dairy intake and a lot are in fact allergic to some degree. It’s also a coagulant, helping to block up sinuses for many people. One of your focuses is how to aid the breath. Step number one, for me, would be to cut out all cream-rich products. And for those who say “but what about calcium?” there are plenty of alternative sources. More on this another time.

As an overall rule, the best advice I ever had was from a nutritionist friend of mine who says simply: “If God didn’t create it, don’t eat it!” That just about sums it up!

There’s plenty more to revisit here, but one last thought popped into my mind. You have used the term “free-fall” quite a lot in recent posts and emails to me. I wonder if that image is really the best for you just now? Falling is a negative word for most of us. We talk of stock markets falling, people falling flat on their faces, falling out of favor etc as a bad thing. (One of the phrases I’d like to change is the idea that we “fall” in love. How about standing tall in love instead?)

In the natural world things fall when they are losing energy or die. Trees fall when the life force has left them. Leaves fall in the autumn, when life withdraws until the following spring. It’s not actually a negative, it’s part of the natural cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth…but we tend to see it as a negative, which is important here. In contrast, things that rise are seen as strong, full of vigor.

As you know, words are really important. They resonate around us, creating life as we move through them. Perhaps you can come up with a new expression for your current “leap”? Instead of free-falling, what about “jump-starting” or “free-leaping”? Have a think and when you find something that resonates for you, substitute it for “free-fall” each time you are tempted to use that phrase!

Be healthy!

Best wishes,