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Crack In The Wall

  Dear Richard,

This flower coming out of the brick wall that graces the entrance to my house here in Austin, Texas struck me for many reasons.  I hadn’t noticed it at all for the entire time that it was emerging.  Then all of a sudden it seemed to just be there!  What a smile it brought to my face when I spied it the other day!

What is astounding to me is that this lonely flower is growing out of a crack in the brick wall and actually seems to be quite happy with it’s unique growing spot.   A friend of mine wondered how the heck it was getting enough nourishment to even grow.

To me it is a combination of desire, right environment, and a passion if you will to emerge from the dark and grow towards the light.  There is also an innate and complex coding that has flowers….. and people….follow the path that has been laid down for them even amidst what seems like difficult circumstances. This is what we like to call the Divine Design.

Somehow the seed of this flower had just what it needed in the depths of the brick wall to bring it forth out into the open and expose its particular expression.  Was there doubt, hesitation or fear on this flowers part to emerge?  We cannot know the many possibilities that presented as this seed was implanted in the wall by wind, bird or other means. Perhaps there were many possible outcomes as the seed sought what it needed in order to grown and thrive.

This display of natures innate call to create touched me deeply as I beheld this single flower finding its way towards unique expression.  It reminded me that even in the challenging moments of our lives that there are many possibilities to grow and thrive….even in the depths of a crack we have fallen into.

Thank you natural world for being such an exquisite teacher reminding me of the stuff from which I am made.  There is always an opportunity to come into the light….  Is there a “crack” in your life that needs to be explored just a little more??


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