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Soul Musings/Day 5: Being Peace


When our lives are turned upside down

Inevitable uncertainty takes us on a ride

Standing on the edge of resistance

Not willing to break free into shifting changes

That swirl through our moments

Upending carefully laid plans and the illusion of security

Until we surrender into how life really is

Finding peace was here all along unfolding within our biology



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Soul of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

Soul Musings is a 31-day practice for the month of December immersed in deep listening to what is emerging and unfolding day by day.  Eight sentences with occasional resources to explore more deeply.

Each post, invited by Soul, allows the words to emerge unscathed from prior planning, editing, or censorship.  Dwelling in uncertainty and dipping a toe into mystery this union of words is an attempt to resonate within an innate way of Being…. returning “home”.

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Gaye Abbott




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De-stressing Any Situation: Letting Go Of The Rope

Dear Gaye,

Firstly, what a perfect dream to receive! As you know, I do a lot of work with/in the alpha-brainwave, which is the bandwidth within which all dreams take place. I believe that we can create through our dreams as much as we can learn from them. But let’s move on to the main issue here, which is one that is so common for all of us: resisting a situation.

Here’s a quote from your last post that sums it up:

I could choose to struggle or I could ask for help and not struggle. But was that really the issue here? What was more at stake was an attachment to being the one that could pull this off and save some money. The attachment was causing the struggle in the first place.

Bingo! That last line is a key for us all. Here’s why:

One of the guidelines in our course Natural Wealth, the New and Updated Instruction Manual to the Great Game of Life, is the Law of Non-Resistance. This law teaches us to leave behind any attachment to outcome. This is a really important step in our quest for wealth in all its forms, especially health and peace of mind.

The Law of Non-Resistance reminds us that to be truly successful we must learn to be as non-resistant as the newest of non-stick saucepans!

Getting attached to an outcome means that we run the risk of disappointment or frustration when the outcome is different to the one we have gotten attached to. This invariably leads to anger and stress. And stress is the biggest creator of heart disease. So, it’s really important to figure this one out.

Being attached to an outcome really means that we’re trying to push things a certain way. On some level we’re saying: “This is the way it has to be!” That’s an ego-driven thought, which is not going to get us far on the board of the Great Game of Life.

One of my favorite films is The Truman Show. I like it for plenty of reasons (the soundtrack being one of them!) but mostly because it’s such a good analogy of how things are for us as we shake off the methods that we were taught at school and start playing the Great Game instead.

It’s always the same cycle: initial denial, followed by frustration, followed by anger, followed by acceptance. One of the most haunting yet beautiful scenes in any film is right towards the end, when Jim Carrey’s boat rips into the painted scenery that circumscribes his fake world. There’s no going back after that: no denial possible. He can’t resist the truth any longer.

The funny thing is, when we choose to stop struggling against something (and it IS a choice) life becomes a whole load easier. It was only when you detached yourself from the outcome you thought you wanted that another outcome presented itself: an easy outcome with no stress!

The trick is to do this all the time. But how?

Well, one way is to throw your hands in the air and say out loud: “OK! Your way, not my way!” That’s the simplest way I know of handing a situation over to the Divine/Infinite Intelligence. “God’s way, not my way” is fine too: whatever it takes to detach yourself from a projected outcome, to remove ego from the equation.

Another way is to remind yourself that it’s only when we resist something that it can have an adverse affect on us. That’s because resistance is always born of fear (in this case the fear of not having the money to pay someone else to do the task in hand) and acting through fear can only ever have a detrimental affect.

Think about it in terms of the human body and health. When our systems are operating smoothly, we are healthy. Blood pumps consistently from the heart, zooming out through our arteries and back in through our veins. At the same time, electricity moves seamlessly through each cell. So does magnetic current. There is no resistance in the system. When we’re healthy, we are literally “going with the flow”.

It’s only when something comes along to stop this seamless flow (usually a thought-based reaction) that we become dis-eased. The flow is broken and a malfunction occurs. Resistance is the cause of all physical ailments. It’s the cause of all anger and frustration too.

Knowing this is all very well when we’re calm, but how do we translate this knowledge to taking action on a daily basis? What if we’re standing in the queue at Walmart and it’s not moving? We’re running late for a meeting and we can feel the blood pressure begin to rise? What if we’re driving the kids to school and they’re screaming and shouting in the back and we feel the urge to shout at them to “Shut UP!”? What if someone we love says something that really hurts us and we instantly feel angry?

What do we do to make sure we don’t resist these sorts of situations on a moment by moment basis?

The first thing we can do is accept that we have a choice: to react or not to. That puts the power back in our hands. The second thing is to find an image that really works for us: a shortcut to de-stress away from distress.

Here’s something I’ve found useful. See these moments of potential stress as a game of tug-of-war. You are holding one end of the rope and whoever or whatever is causing you frustration is holding the other. If you pull on the end of the rope, that someone/thing will pull back. The harder you pull, the harder they’ll pull too. Only when you let go of the rope, when you stop resisting, does the person/situation that has been causing problems lose its hold over you. There’s nothing for them to pull against, so they fall away. Easily.

So, if “You’re way, not my way!” doesn’t do it for you, try saying out loud: “I’m letting go of this rope!” In your mind see yourself literally holding on to that rope. See who or what is at the other end. Then just toss your end of the rope away. Do it with a smile and I guarantee you’ll feel better for it. The stress will escape from your body and a new outcome will be delivered to you: one that is far more rewarding…

Next time I’m going to talk a little more about this, because it’s such an important part of enjoying The Great Game of Life, but for now, have a great weekend!

Love and best wishes,



Dragonfly Message

Dear Gaye,

Yes, as the leap gets closer and closer, those fingers are likely to reach ever-more-frequently for the dark chocolate. And that’s just fine. Enjoying the taste of life (in all its forms) is a blessing.  I guess the trick is to find what you are looking for in the chocolate (the comfort and reassurance) inside you as you go through this huge shift.

We can talk another time about synchronicities and coincidences (the latter, by the way, are literally just that: co-incidents). These happen more and more when you go with the flow, or “follow the weft” as I call it. For today, however, I’d like to bring an image that may help you to be non-resistant through the coming weeks. It’s not a new image (are there any?) but it seems appropriate for you just now.

Think of yourself as a dragonfly. Dragonflies spend two years in larval state, immersed in a lifestyle very different to the one for which they are destined. Beneath the surface of a pond they swim about, hunting for food, surrounded by sub-aquatic life forms. We cannot know how happy or otherwise they are in this state. All we know for sure is that they just “get on with it”.

Then a day dawns when something happens to thrust them into a totally new way of doing things. Instinct prompts them to crawl up the nearest stem. Without questioning why, they inch their way higher and higher up that stem, travelling much further than they ever have before. A few moments later, they emerge through the surface of the pond into a new environment. Suddenly they are surrounded by air instead of liquid. Unperturbed, they sit quietly, waiting: trusting in the outcome.

As the sun rises in the sky the dragonfly larva is warmed by its rays. And now it undergoes a remarkable transformation. The old husk or outer skin falls away and from it emerges the scintillating long-winged creature, sparkling with greens, blues, reds and golds that we are all familiar with. Is there pain involved in this process? Perhaps. Sloughing off its familiar skin must be at very least unusual. It’s the first time anything like this has happened.

For a few minutes the newly formed dragonfly continues to cling to the stem, the umbilical cord linking it to its old life beneath water. It is not yet ready to take flight. During these minutes its body quivers, its wings (the vehicles of transport that it will now use) vibrating with energy. When it is ready, it launches itself off the stem, flying up and out into a life lived in an entirely new environment.

Think of that tiny creature for a moment. Up until that time it has had no notion of the “world above”. It has been satisfied to dwell beneath the surface of the pond, bound by the parameters of sub-aquatic life. Does it have an inkling that a different life is in store for it? We can’t know that for sure. But what we do know is that it does not resist the transformation that lies in wait. It follows the calling of its instincts without hesitation. It trusts in the outcome, even though it cannot comprehend the full extent of the changes it is about to experience.

Much the same happens to us when we are born. Each and every human on the planet was once familiar with a life surrounded by liquid. Yet each of us emerges from life in the womb to suck in great gasps of air, eschewing the umbilical cord that has supported us for the past nine months as we transform ourselves into beings that walk, talk and eat in a whole new way.  Yes, birth is a challenge: but we do it anyway, because it is the only way we can live the life that is destined for us at our conception.

Right now, you are undergoing a birth of sorts. You are casting off the umbilical cord (the support system of a “regular job”) just as surely as you did when you emerged from your mother’s womb. You are being drawn irresistibly up the stem into a new world, like the dragonfly in our image.

I would say that right now you are at the stage where you are still heading up the stem, immersed in the liquid of the old way of life. Keep going. The journey to the surface is not so long and it is worth the effort. For the result will be that you are able to dovetail creating income with health, love and perfect self-expression: all of which are essential ingredients of Natural Wealth.

A final thought for you:

It is as the fully formed creature that flies in air that the dragonfly expresses itself most completely, its iridescent colours shining brightly in the morning sun, its flight sure and definite. It is in its new life above water that it meets other dragonflies, one of which it will mate with in order to create the next generation of dragonflies, all of whom will spend most of their time beneath water, but are all of whom are destined to rise into the air in much the same way as humans are.

Trust in the message of the dragonfly, Gaye. It is a message of non-resistance. Relax and enjoy the process (and eat as much chocolate as you like!). When you relax and smile you are showing yourself and others that you do not resist the changes you are going through. And that makes you a magnet for all that is good in life, because when you no longer resist life’s challenges you become truly irresistible!

To put it another way, bear in mind the old proverb: “A man who cannot smile should not open a shop!”

Until next time, much love,

Divine Wallops and Non-Resistance

Dear Gaye,

I was amused at your resistance to the word “demand” in my last post and the image of the willful child stamping its metaphorical feet! The beauty of this process is that whilst there are certain laws (and I know your resistance to this word too!) that are immutable, how each of us interprets and applies them is entirely up to us. What works for me may not work for you. So, substituting the word “declare” for “demand” is perfect!

One thing I would add on to this is that whether demanding or declaring our definite leads, the important part of the process is our willingness to accept whatever those leads are: and to follow them immediately, knowing that ALL outcomes are perfect.

Einstein was clear that the more we study the world around us, the more we come to the inescapable conclusion that there is what he called an “Infinite Intelligence” running through it all. When we declare or demand our desire for definite leads, rewards reach us when we listen to the nudges from that Infinite Intelligence.

You have just finished moving house which is a notoriously “stressful” experience for us all, so I thought to remind you of one definition of stress, which is simply: “the difference between how life actually is and how you think it should be.”

One key to feeling less stressed is to be non-resistant about everything that happens.  Everything. That’s not always easy. We have preconceived ideas about how “things should work out.”  We’re taught to be very specific about desired outcomes.  When things don’t follow the course that we think they should, we can get disappointed, frustrated, angry.  That’s when sleepless nights, health challenges and other symptoms of “poverty” can occur.

The simplest way to avoid all this is to “go with the flow” of events.  The reason being that by going with the flow we’re handing over the reins to the part of us that is in direct contact with Einstein’s Infinite Intelligence: our intuition and instinct.  We’re showing total trust in the process, rather than trying to push our ego against the weft.

Something that helped me get my head around this was being told that whatever is going on at any moment is not happening “to” us, but it actually a direct result of our underlying thoughts and feelings. You talk of the interconnectedness of all things and I’m right with you here. Events and actions are not separate to us.  We create them.  Outcomes are all lessons, showing us whether we’re following our Divine Path and indicating clearly whether or not we’re listening to those Nudges we were talking about in recent posts.

To go with the flow, we must learn to follow those Divine Nudges, no matter how irrational they appear to be. This takes away the strain of saying “this should be the outcome” and removes the disappointment when something evolves differently to our preconceived ideas.  The message is clear: we ignore our Divine Nudges at our peril.  Continue to ignore them, and we’ll get something far more dramatic: what I call a Divine Wallop.  This is when life really seems to whack you round the head with a hard object.  What’s going on here in reality is that you’re being given a wake-up call, a boot up the backside that hoofs you back onto your Divine Path, whether you like it or not!

I promised you that I’d share with you what happened to me when I got my Divine Wallop.  So, here’s the story:

Some years ago I went into hospital for a routine operation.  It turned out to be anything but routine.  Instead of “coming round” afterwards, I had what I subsequently discovered to be a classic “near death experience.” Medically dead for a few minutes (at least in terms of modern medicine) a part of me left my body and looked around at what was going on. I could see doctors and nurses rushing to and fro. I could see my own body lying on the bed beneath me. Then I discovered I could see through walls at what was happening on the other side.

I remember looking out of the hospital, way out into the distance where there were green hills and trees. And this is where things got interesting. Wherever I looked, I could see things close-up, almost as though through a microscope. I could see tree bark as if it were under my nose, blades of grass as though I were the same size as they were. This happened the instant I turned my attention to a particular place. And yet I was also conscious that a part of me was “back here” too, hovering somewhere over the body that I had just left behind. I was everywhere at once, not separated from any part of the whole. Yet there was still a sense of identity.

I was just getting really fascinated by this when I was given a real choice. “Forward or back.” Initially I didn’t answer. I was too interested in what was going on. But the question came again. This time I had an immediate “flash” of my family, my children and the answer “Back” came to my mind. The next instant I was indeed “back” – back inside the body that moments before I had been “above”, with air rushing into my lungs as though someone were pumping them up with a huge pair of bellows.

The rest, as they say, is history.

This is a quick version of the story and I’m including it here because it was my personal “Divine Wallop”, my kick up the backside to get on with things, to understand that there is no separation between our “ego” and the world around us, that everything is interconnected in what I call the “Weft of Natural Wealth” – and most importantly, to trust in the process, to see that life is only a struggle if we insist that it is, whereas the reality is that when we no longer resist the nudges that we all receive each and every day, it becomes a game that we can enjoy.

A game with rules, for sure: but one which even the most willful of children can play so long as the will is for doing what is best for the common good rather than just for ourselves.  That’s one of the tenets of following the Divine Path to Natural Wealth: the simple rule that in doing what is best for all others, we are helping to take care of ourselves, which is where the compassion for all life that you speak of comes in.

The easiest way to do this is to become as non-resistant as a non-stick pan! A lot of people resist the idea of this, because they are frightened of somehow “losing themselves” in the mix.  They fear that handing over in total trust will somehow make them more vulnerable, when the opposite is actually the case.  Living in trust means not resisting how things are. It means paying attention to each and every one of the Nudges so that they do not become Wallops.  When we do this, the worry falls away and things start happening differently.  Synchronicities begin to pop up like magic all over the place and life is the better for them!  Instead of “losing ourselves” we find that when we really pay attention to our nudges (which we feel as intuitions), we are already far more than we had previously imagined.