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From the Brit to the American:  Rich Replies

Dear Gaye,

I hear all you say about the big decision you are taking.  Jumping off the treadmill is never easy.  And the longer we’ve been on it, the harder it is to make that jump.  That’s why I always advise people to take that jump in their own time, in whatever way makes them feel comfortable, rather than leaping too soon, when fears may stifle ambitions.

Here are a few thoughts that I hope will help you in the process:

Think back to when you were very young.  Were you scared to try new things out then?  Did you fear what anyone said to you about what you were doing?  My guess is that you weren’t and you didn’t.  As a small baby you were happy to fall over with a thump, get back up, fall over, get back up…again and again, until you learned how to walk.

You did the same thing when learning how to talk, repeatedly rolling your tongue around those mysterious sounds that your carers used to communicate with you until you mastered the art of speech.  Later on, you did the same thing when learning to write: repeating the motion again and again until the marks on the page matched the letters of whichever alphabet you learned.

There’s a good lesson here.

When we’re young, we just grab hold of each day.  We live in the moment.  We are happy to make mistakes.  It’s a part of our success.  And we’re happy to take (what our older selves perceive as) risks.  If we didn’t, we’d never learn all those simple things like how to walk, talk, eat, write etc.

My point is this: we are NOT hardwired to stay inside the Conformity Funnel that I talked about last month.  We learn this behaviour from our careers, our educators.  And any learned behaviour can be unlearned.

Think of it this way: the more you do something, the more familiar it becomes.  If that something is a physical action, it becomes easier to repeat it, because the repetition makes it easy for the conscious mind to switch off whilst the subconscious takes over.  Not only that: the repetition also settles inside the cells, in what we call muscle-memory.  That’s why successful sportsmen and women practice so much.  They know that in practicing, they train the body and the mind at the same time.

This can be used in bringing wealth to your doorstep and welcoming it to your home.

Here’s an obvious example: You have a clock on your mantelpiece.  It’s been there for years.  You are used to glancing at it.  It takes no conscious effort.  Your body and mind are used to the experience.   One day, when you’re re-arranging your living space, you move the clock to a new place.  What happens?  You find yourself still looking automatically at the mantelpiece, at where the clock used to be, even though your conscious brain knows full well that it’s no longer there!  This can go on for weeks, months even, until your subconscious has fully soaked up the fact that the clock is in a new place – and your muscle-memory has been replaced with a new one.

This process I call the BOND – the action of the Body-Mind, where reflexes take you straight to the desired mode of doing something with least effort.

Re-training the brain to know (rather than hope) that wealth is on its way it much the same as moving the clock.  Your subconscious will keep directing you to the old way of doing things, until you truly establish a new one.  And the best way to do this is to keep repeating the new way until the old one fades.

That’s why it is so important as you embark on a new venture to share your thoughts and ideas only with people who are supportive.  So many people like to cast doubt or to criticize, to shake their heads and say “That’s way too risky”.  They don’t mean to hold you back, but such reactions invariable direct you to the old way of doing things…to the mantelpiece where the clock no longer is!

So, keep the faith, make sure you share your dreams only with those you know love you and will support you – and start to re-direct your thoughts to new ways of bringing wealth, in all its aspects, into your life.  Remember: where your attention goes, your energy flows.  So, pay attention to your attention, each and every moment of the day!

My Best Wishes,

The American- Gayes Thoughts/Asks

Dear Richard –

After receiving this last response, it has come to me in the last few days that I need to change my morning practice, as well as my daily choices and actions, to go along with the shedding of old skins that are rather quickly falling away.  Guess it is time for full exposure so to speak!

Feels rather vulnerable being “out” to our readership, but I do truly believe that it is through openly sharing our journeys with each other that we are best supported in becoming all that we are innately meant to be.  That being said, this is an open invitation to you, the reader, to speak up and share your thoughts and experiences with us!

These “skins” that I speak of represent the “prose/scientific” Gaye that yearns to be more “poetic” in livelihood and in person;  the practical parts that are ready to leap into adventure if given even an imperceptible nod from the whole; and a good Spring cleaning of the rational mind in order, that unearths anything that is not in tune with the heart values, philosophy, humor, and spiritual awareness that have been cultivated over the years – and that are a true reflection of my particular unique being.

Even though this journey of mine right now seems filled with challenges, it is perhaps  only in my mind, constructed to “safeguard” me – the organism of Gaye – from “harm”, as ingrained by past experience.

Flashes of insight come often now as actions are considered being taken based on these old “safe” constructs.  This insight speaks volumes when the heart whispers “this may not be the best course to take in order to actively embody your full creative authentic expression.”  Now, do I listen? Do I grab hold of the moment and live it fully as I did as a child?

I am curious about what you speak of Richard in the BOND process – “the action of the Body-Mind, where “reflexes take you straight to the desired mode of doing something with least effort.”

How does one “Re-train the brain to know (rather than hope) that wealth is on its way?”  It feels much deeper than simply repeating affirmations every day, or the endless other ways that are popularized in today’s culture.

It seems to me that this being an “inside job” means being actively present as much as possible to the old way of doing things, and then instead choosing and taking a different action in alignment with Divine Wealth principles.

In fact, many of the “old way of doing things” to me feels stuck and lacking in life energy.  These places I call “breathless” because breathing becomes shallow, or I find no breath at all for moments of time?  Forgetting to breathe – lifeless!  This is always a wake up call!

I have a chocolate-mint scented geranium that has grown so large (in the middle of winter!) that it has asked to be put up on a table inside my house so that I won’t miss it’s message to me every single day – wealth is all there is!  Live in your senses and breathe with and from your heart. That is where my attention is going (and growing). …and what a yummy scent it is!

I look forward to hearing more about re-training the brain to KNOW that wealth is on its way – and will continue to acknowledge and live that wealth is all there is.  I am that!

Over and out until next week.  It is your turn Richard!  So happy to have you in my life!

GIFT: I was blessed to receive a little gift the other day in video form that reminded me what my morning practice can include.  It is taught by the free, open mind and being of a very wise 6-year old.   I bow down to this “Let Yourself Go” embodied yoga guru.

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