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Fully Present and Making A Difference!


Our journey is all unknown until we find ourselves fully present in the moment of it.  It is at those times that we find a power so deeply embedded within us that it is simply a part of who we are.  However, we often forget this.

Last week an inspiring video came my way that you can access below. It speaks volumes to the creative potential, ingenuity, and passion that arises when each individual brings their uniqueness to the table while supporting the whole.  As the conductor of this very unique orchestra, Luis Szaran declares, “Music is the smile of the soul ….and a bridge between worlds for social transformation.”

As you will see trash becomes music.  Playing melodies made out of trash that moves peoples hearts is a testament to the wise statement above – “You had the power all along…”   Take some time to watch Landfill Harmonic and see where it leads you!


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In Our Own Element


“For only by living in our own element can we thrive without anxiety”.  Mark Nepo

A very large part of living in human form is to wake up to our inherent true nature and accept the gifts and awareness that we have been given.  We each walk a unique path, however the deep interconnection with all life allows us to view what it may be like to walk in another person’s shoes – or bare feet as the case may be.

A large part of the pandemic “anxiety” that engulfs the world at this time in our history comes from not only disrespecting others particular path, but at our very core not accepting our own.  How is it to live a life that others are dictating, instead of listening deeply to one’s own calling.  Courageously saying yes to the steps that it takes to express this one precious life – the joy of being human.

Let me tell you a story to demonstrate just a little of what I am talking about.  For the last year and few months I entered back into the world of medicine after making a clear decision in 2011 that I was complete with that particular pathway in which to bring my gifts.  Much was learned during this year as I became a  part of the launching of a new family practice.  However, the reasons that I stepped back into this field were mostly based in fear.

Fear that I would not be able to support myself financially if left to walk my own unique road.  A road that was riskier and filled with uncertainty, but also filled with immense possibility.  A road that I now know contains the peaceful abiding that Buddhist philosophy and practice speak to.  A road that offers the immense joy of giving to others in a way that makes their life better through the arts of writing, teaching/guiding/facilitation, heart centered activism, breath practice, and the laying of my hands on people in healing and transforming ways.

Within the “stress” of being back in the medical world lay the gift of awareness that I had forsaken my own road.  This was a vital part of coming back home to a path that only I can walk, only I can express, and only I can learn from.  Taking on someone else’s path is perhaps as dangerous as judging and not accepting others for their own.

Our potential is to become totally happy.  How do we find our way there?  Poet and philosopher Mark Nepo says:

This is not about being a poet or a florist or a doctor or a layer or an architect.  It is about the true vitality that waits beneath all occupations for us to tap into, if we can discover what we love.  If you feel energy and excitement and a sense that life is happening for the first time, you are probably near your God-given nature.  Joy in what we do is not an added feature; it is a sign of deep health”.  (The Book of Awakening, pg. 294)

Staying awake is the path to walking in our own element….




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To Struggle Or Not To Struggle – Is That Really The Question?

Dear Richard,

What a beautiful metaphor for the transition I am now making!  Thank you.  I feel in good company as many of us on the planet, and the earth itself,  are in great shifts right now – yes, a rebirth.

You speak of trusting this new support system coming in as I transition into the fullness of having streams of income be completely from my own creative efforts.  This transition I am finding is a powerful one, and also one in which there are choices to be made while navigating the new territory.

Last week I had a dream that I was out in the ocean by myself happily swimming around when I was caught in a rip current.  At first I was afraid of drowning and struggled a bit to free myself from its grip.  Then I remembered that you are supposed to simply let go and allow the current to take you where it is going.  Once I surrendered there was no more struggle and I was carried quite rapidly to the point where the rip current ended and was once again back into calm waters where I could then swim back to shore.

This dream was clearly a gift from the unconscious to support me during a time last week when I was attempting to do a task that would have taken a very steep learning curve to perform well.  In the time constraint that I was under my frustration level grew with the stress of knowing what I wanted, but realizing that there was no way I was going to pull it off if I didn’t ask for help.

I could choose to struggle or I could ask for help and not struggle.  But  was that really the issue here?  What was more at stake was an attachment to being the one that could pull this off and save some money.  The attachment was causing the struggle in the first place.  Was I going to sink, swim, or merely let go and see what would arise as a resolution to the challenge I was facing.  I do believe that the solution or resolution to any problem is there before the problem…and so it was in this case.

I was attempting to format a website (in fact the Natural Wealth website) and didn’t have the expertise to do so in a timely way.  But, I did have a resource that was right at my fingertips.  This person had already done some beautiful formatting work for us.  As I released the attachment to being the one to pull it off, it became very clear what course of action should be taken.

As the choice was made to have this task done by a professional I became free of the attachment and was in fact able to swim in waters where I could be effective without the struggle.  Breathing eased and opened.  My frustration level went to zero.

My efforts were then much more effective because I was enjoying a challenge that inspired me (swimming freely in the ocean) instead of frustrating me (the rip current).  Someone else was handling what felt to me like a rip current, but to her was an enjoyable challenge.

I can truthfully say that this new support system is powerfully nourishing……. if only I remember to let go of the attachment of how I “should be” within it.  No struggle necessary.  Be breathed and follow the heart indeed! On that note I end with this quote:

Carry a jar of bubbles in your car.
Add a little fantasy
to the next traffic jam.    – Jennifer Louden

With Love,

P.S.  Our Natural Wealth website has just been launched!  Go to: IgniteWealthNow and have fun exploring.  We invite comments,  “Likes” on Facebook, and suggestions for inspiring and enriching videos!

The Breath of Life

The true miracle of life lies in the breath and in the ability to experience the divine within.  Question everything until you are sure that what you feel is informed by the true language of the heart and not a concept created by the mind.”  
J M Hurley*

Dear Gaye,

This week an extract from our course Natural Wealth seems particularly appropriate:

“It all starts with a breath.  As you shoot out from your mother’s womb into the waiting arms of the delivery nurse, you move suddenly from a liquid world of warmth, darkness and vibration into one that is altogether different.  It’s quite a shock.  “What’s going on?” you say to yourself.  “What’s this strange stuff all around me?”

For a second your body resists.  It has got used to its life of liquid comfort and would rather “go back inside, thank you very much!”

Yet a part of you knows that this is where you are meant to be.  There is a moment’s pause as the umbilical cord is cut and the support-system that has nourished you for the past nine months is severed.

Then something occurs that has never happened to you before.

Something called air rushes down into your open mouth, hurtling down your oesophagus until it finds its way into your lungs.  Here it zooms about, inflating every bronchial tube until, like a pair of rubber gloves, your lungs swell up with this insubstantial, invisible stuff. As if by magic, air has become your new support system.

You have been, literally, in-spired.”

I’m sending you this quotation because it seems to me you are right at that stage when the new support system is about to rush through your body (and mind) as you make the transition from working in a regular job to earning your income independently. You are taking breath in a very new environment. It’s like being born all over again.

The transition from a life in liquid to one lived surrounded by air is one that we all make. And the message for you is to trust the process you are in the midst of, just as you trusted the process when you shot from your mother’s womb.

Be in no doubt that your new support system is just as nourishing and comfortable as the old one. Let the air fill your lungs. Be breathed. Then follow the promptings of the heart, for it is the heart not the mind that is the very first organ to grow…

With my love,

* This quotation is from “Dance with Life” by JM Hurley, a beautiful book that I would recommend to any/everyone.

Free Flight

“There are times when wind is howling
 and the ocean is roaring so loud  
you can’t hear your own cries of delight.
When layer upon layer of beauty press on you with such force
that you barely have the courage to press the shutter.
                                                        – Dewitt Jones

This may seem like a strange response to your last post Richard, but Dewitt, who is a world-renowned photographer, has touched me with the beauty and depth of his photography and words so many, many times.  This just so happened to be the e-mail photo and words of the day.  I received it after the event I speak of below.

As I was driving home, just moments ago, from a great weight training and swim workout with music loud enough to make my body want to move some more, a very large hawk flew directly across my windshield in perfect timing for me to feel the free flight energy (versus the free fall!) and for her to give me the indisputable message – fly free as you become “gainfully unemployed”!

As Dewitt’s quote above reflects I was in absolute awe of this creature of nature and her message to me.  I did cry out in delight, and it was challenging to hold all of the energy that flowed in within that particular moment in time.

Nature often brings us messages.  In fact I would say it constantly brings us messages if we will open our eyes, ears, and heart to receive them.  I was blessed to have received such a powerful message today as I start my very last week in a conventional job.  (last day on 7/1!)

As nature brings us daily messages so does our body.  Your 7 simple suggestions for health are a great reminder! You are correct in that I do all of them, but occasionally forget when I most need to remember!  Just the simple return to increased water intake resolved much of my “crash and burn” syndrome at the end of the 10-hour work day.

That is not to say that this work environment is good for me over all, but at least I am able to finish out the last few days with simple gratitude for the energy I do possess.  This is the life energy that will now go into creative livelihood, and I suspect it will skyrocket!

When we are doing what we love, and what “turns us on” I have learned that our bodies respond with increased energy and vital health.  However, there are times when there is an imbalance present and we fall prey to some malady – hopefully minor like a headache or cold.   Are there messages here as well?

So here I am drinking more water, and my attention is on “free flight” with the ability to touch down or change direction at any time I so desire.  The “free fall” was perhaps more about letting go of control and served its purpose.  Now at this point in the journey it feels good to see the texture, patterns, and lay of the land so to speak from a bird’s eye view, and have curiosity and my heart lead the way for the next stages of this journey.

Thank you for your presence in my life!

Always Love,



Negotiating The Overpass – Creating Another Game

Here I am in Austin, Texas completing my last day of exploration for potential relocation.  When first guided to check out this city with “soul” I just laughed out loud for it seemed rather outrageous for a Southern California, liberal, alternative health and mindset, spiritual, natural countryside dweller, wildly free woman to be looking at relocating to urban Texas!

However, what I have learned is that we tend to label ourselves such and such, thus locking out any possibilities that may have us grow, expand, and look beyond what we have done and who we have been in the past.  Such a seductive thing to identify ones self by certain characteristics, place of birth, family up bringing, past professions, or whatever else that we have attached to ourselves.  In addition, we also do the same thing to places and people that we really don’t know from personal experience.

I am discovering that being whole is an entirely different game to play than the one that keeps most of us locked in the narrow confines of past experience.  For example, there are overpasses in Austin that on first (and just maybe beyond that!) navigation scare you to death!  These overarching one car overpasses have very little guard rail and when that wind blows it feels just like a roller coaster ride upon which you have very little control.

In a way the process of finding your natural wealth expression in the world is like driving over one of those bridges.  It is new territory, confidence is required, there is quite an expansive view from up there (all those possibilities!),  and all you can do is move forward (there is definitely no turning back!).  On the down side of the bridge it is simply an easy flow to the main artery of the next freeway, or a quick exit to other surface roads.

My time here in Austin has been easy, flowing, and filled with great people and wonderful experiences, which all of course have contributed to my intention to feel into this place from my heart….and not the head.  While swimming in an outdoor lap pool of fresh cool water yesterday with the gentle, slightly humid warmth caressing me, there were moments of complete rapture.  It was completed when I was able to take an outdoor shower (in the ladies dressing room of course!) and feel into how incredible it is to be without clothes in nature with a great overarching oak above me.

However, today it felt like I was attempting to either back up or turn around on that high over arching bypass.  My head got involved!  There is a balance between practicality and trust.  Last night I realized that I would most probably be relocating to Austin.  Last night, my head told me I shouldn’t waste time and needed to “make the most” of my last day here (today) and I plotted out some temp agencies to check out.  (suggested by the person I am staying with)

Many of us often tend to listen to the advice or seemingly wise counsel of another, and by-pass what our heart is, and has been, telling us all along.  Most people are playing the game that is most popular for our culture and making decisions on what is best for their own lives from those “rules”.

However, the game of my own creation that best supports creativity, authentic expression and thriving – feels to be the pathway to innate natural wealth and joy.  Along the way I get to fine tune judgement,  learn valuable lessons, and simply appreciate those people who care enough about me to offer guidance.

As Richard has noted in the last post,  sharing with those that support your journey no matter how it turns out is important, but also one needs to be able to distinguish between what is deeply true for yourself and what is the path of another.   Great discernment here.  Staying aware of thinking processes that tempt one to bail on choices of the heart feels to be mandatory in this journey.

I will end with telling you that as I sat and filled out at least 12 double-sided pages of application for the temp agency (reminder here – I am moving out of “jobs”) my heart and intuition kept saying – “why the heck are you doing this??  Just leave now!”  I even had a very difficult time finding the agency and it took me several tries to get there, unlike the ease I had experienced over the last several days.

The “responsible part” of me completed the application process, but when handing the paperwork  in I opted out of meeting with a representative of the agency to continue on with the process.  It was obviously not in alignment with my purpose for being in Austin.

Perhaps this last experience was a necessary part of the journey.  To remember  and appreciate who I am and what I am looking for….to learn my own lessons on the path and to always trust my heart and intuition.

By the way, Austin is a wildly free place of great alternative and conscious thinking with cultural diversity, ecological awareness, trees everywhere, very friendly people, and a consciousness that I would have to say is quite liberal for Texas.  It also happens to be the live music capital of the world.  Shall I move to Austin??  Stay tuned….


Breaking Free From The Conformity Funnel

Dear Gaye,

Love your last post, with the definitions of the word “conformity”.  It’s a word that plays such a big part in so many lives.  I think all three definitions have equal effect on us, if we are not careful.  In the course and book that we’ll be bringing out later this month, I talk in some detail about the process by which we’re led into what I call The Conformity Funnel.  It’s a process most of us in the West go through.

As young children we start off with all the enthusiasm and passion for life that we are destined to bring into the world.  We have no limitations, no restricting thoughts that tell us we “should” or “shouldn’t” behave in a particular way.  Possibilities are endless, reaching out all around us into the world at large: a world we love being part of, a world we trust completely.

We carry this enthusiasm with us into our first forays of school-life.  At five we’re happy to volunteer answers.  If we get it “wrong” we don’t care.  We just come up with another answer until the adult in the room says “That’s right.”

My view is that every answer is the right answer: no matter what the current “social norm” dictates.  But that’s another story.

As we go through school, our lives become more and more proscribed.  We are taught to conform in all the ways that you mention: ways we are all familiar with.  This has a knock-on effect right the way through life, informing our judgments about our selves and others each and every day.

We become less and less willing to take risks, because the pressure to behave like “most people” grows on us.  We start doing things that we really don’t enjoy or agree with in order to be accepted by the “group”.  The hive mentality is foisted on us.

It’s an amazing transformation: moving from the unbounded enthusiasm of young childhood into the restricted self-consciousness of adult like.  And the world most of us occupy reinforces that transformation through the media, most especially the television, which is perhaps the greatest tool for keeping everyone inside the “box” that you talk of.

This is why what you are doing right now is so brave.  You are stepping outside the Conformity Funnel with all the joy and passion that you brought to your early years.  You are an example for us all and I’d like to salute your courage here and now.

One thing I would say as you take this leap: choose who you share your plans with well.  Many people who are stuck inside the Conformity Funnel want everyone else to stay there too and when they see someone stepping out of it with open arms, they can often say things to cast doubt on the wisdom of following the heart.

In these early stages of your new journey, it is important not to hear those who doubt or shake their heads and say such things as “Oooh, that sounds very risky” etc.  Ideas are like seeds.  You weed the ground, sow the seed and then water the shoots as they grow from “nothing” into the full plants that will one day bear fruit.  In the early stages of their development, negative comments can act like frost on those early shoots, nipping ideas in the bud.  So, surround yourself with those who support, love and encourage your endeavours.  That way, breaking free from the Conformity Funnel is much easier.

Follow the heart, Gaye.  Be as outside-the-box as you wish!  There are many examples from history that teach us this is the way to go: people like Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein and all those who were eccentric enough to have faith in the future rather than relying on old systems of belief.  We remember those who break the mold, rather than those who follow the herd.

If you like, my next blog can be based around beliefs, how they are formed, and why they really have no place in decision-making when it comes to bringing wealth to us in all its forms.

Until then, enjoy the journey!

Best wishes, Richard.

The Terrain Of The Trap of Conformity

Conformity.  What exactly does that mean?  Well I looked it up in the handy online dictionary and this is what I found for the top 3 definitions:

action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices, etc.
correspondence in form, nature, or character; agreement, congruity, or accordance.
compliance or acquiescence; obedience.

Synonyms:  For definition – compliance:  acquiescence, allegiance, assent, consent, conventionality, docility, obedience, observance, orthodoxy, resignation, submission, willingness

Synonyms For definition of correspondence, harmony:   accord, affinity, agreement, coherence, conformance, congruity, consistency, consonance, likeness, resemblance, similarity

I would likely say that most of our relationship with the meaning of this word revolves around the 1st and 3rd definition, at least when it comes to our behavior and actions in our culture and society.  Naturally having an innate drive to “belong” we fall into the trap of compliance or conformity when it does not align with our hearts, instead of living in congruity – a union or compliance with our hearts messages to us.

I bring all of this because it feels so very relevant to the global and planetary changes we find ourselves in at this pivotal time, and for me in the particular journey that I have undertaken…..that many of us are taking.

Do we “follow our hearts”, or do we conform to the structures that have been laid down over time for us without questioning them?  It appears that there is a lot of questioning going on right now – and that is a very good thing!

The messages that we need to hear are everywhere to release ourselves from the trap of conformity.  Just last night I was reading a passage in a brand new book just released from the UK entitled Tilly Greenway and The Secret of the Ancient Keys/Book 1 – Watchers, by Essi Tolling,  a book for teens to adults.  I was struck by a few paragraphs where Ambrose – The Bearer of the Blue Light, one of the Guardians of the Earth says,

“The world around you is not what you have been lead to believe.  Many things have been kept from us, indeed from everyone, in order to keep us shut inside a tiny box, a place where we see only what is put before us, instead of looking through the veil at that which lies beyond.  Yet truth has a habit of rising to the surface and now, at last, we reach the time when much will be revealed!

He paused to make certain that Tilly and Zack were paying attention before continuing.

“Take nothing you have been told for granted, for little in this life is as it seems.  We are surrounded by a web of lies, spun by those who wish to keep us from our destiny, and you must unlearn most of what you have been taught if you are to escape the trap that has been set for you!  You must learn to look not with your eyes, but with your hearts, placing your trust not on what yo think is real, but on what you know deep down is true.  That is the only way to break the meshes of deception’s net!” (pg 126/First Edition)

Now mind you Tilly is 12 and Zack is 13, but they are a reflection of you and I attempting to find and integrate the ancient wisdom, or “keys” if you will, that unlock the door to release from the conformity that has kept us shackled in the dark,  thus shedding a great deal of light upon our lives.  Tilly and Zack are in the midst of a powerful adventure, but then isn’t all of life that!?

Strong words you might say, but let me give you another example of how this operates by an experience I had yesterday.  As you know, I am releasing a “job with benefits” to dance in the passion of what I can create and co-create on my own.  In addition, I am relocating to another “home” that supports these endeavors….all at the same time!

On a walk down the country road outside of my little cottage my mind started to review the timeline I have set for all of this to happen…and a sudden terror filled my body to where I could not even breathe.  The grip that it had on me lasted only seconds, but it was enough to get my undivided attention!

My thoughts had been on thinking I needed to secure another “job” in the new location and how I would go about that over the next 2 months.  Very old patterns and conformity to the “way things are done” in our culture overcame me, and when the fear came in I was right smack into manipulating and controlling my next steps – supposedly to guarantee that I would be “taken care of” financially.  For example, looking at “want ads” and applying for jobs before I even have a chance to see what may emerge naturally when I am in this location.

The terror made me feel everything in my body in that moment. What was going on was a lack of breath, a gripping of muscles, a pressure in my head, and a sense of contraction all over.  Would this get your attention??  Underlying all of these physical symptoms was a momentary LACK OF TRUST in what I call “the way of the heart and intuition”.

Unfortunately, I believe that we often don’t even notice these signs of operating under a conformity that does not serve our whole being and thriving in life, until it is too late – manifested as dis-ease or the recycling of life experiences/patterns over and over that we so want to move out of.

Needless to say, these few moments on my country road walk revealed to me that I was once again smack in the middle of conforming to a way of operating and making decisions that has kept me personally trapped in a very small box of my own creation.

So…as I make my way to explore the new location at the end of next week, I will make certain I stay embodied, am aware of synchronicity, notice how I am breathing, TRUST the unfolding of my time there, and follow all leads with my heart directing the way.  As I experience and make choices from this place it affects every interconnected life form around me…. all is one.

Stay tuned for what happens in the next chapter….and know that I will be aware when I am in the terrain of the “trap”.  Thanks Richard for our continuing dialogue!!

RESOURCE:  A Great Read ! Watchers , by Essi Tolling

Available on Amazon UK at the link above.


Follow Your Heart

Dear Gaye,

You’re so right in what you say about your decision to take your day off, despite the temptations of the overtime/extra funds that would have resulted from accepting the request to work through.

It’s a great lesson for us all and thanks for sharing it (along with the tale of the Great Steam God, which was a hoot!).

It’s not always easy to follow that first response (the one that in this case said to you “No way am I working my one free day!”).  Those logical objections come flooding in thick and fast, with all the Reasons why you should not do what your heart and body are telling you to.  More often than not, people listen to what the mind comes up with (what I call the Monkey-on-the-Shoulder, because it jabbers away to us incessantly, telling us to “do it this way” instead of following our hearts).  Yet when we follow the promptings of the Monkey-Mind, we always pay for it in other ways.

This is because those intuitive flashes, call them hunches or inspirations, come from the heart rather than the head.  It’s a crucial distinction.  The heart is the organ that is truly tapped into the invisible weft of interconnections that weaves its way through all creation.  It has its finger on the pulse, and its pulse points the way for us each and every moment of the day.

Not only that: it is precognitive, meaning it reacts to stimuli way ahead of the slow-moving rational brain (which is why we feel something first and then our logic kicks in with objections afterwards).  Logic can deal only with single things in sequence, whereas our intuitions are processing millions of bytes per second.

The heart knows what’s best for us on a deep level, because it is our tap-root into that weft of connections, whereas our brains have been taught to follow a different route – the route of common-sense, take-no-risks, follow-the-herd…just as you say.

So, this week’s comment from me is quite simple: always follow the promptings of the heart, no matter what rational objections you have to a course of action.  You may have no clue why you are doing something, or where it will lead, but if you are following the heart you cannot go wrong.

How do you know that you are doing this?  Simple.  When you follow the heart, your body will tell you.  It will feel good about your decisions.  This is because it informs you from within, which is what intuition means: to be taught from within.

Follow the head at your peril.  How do you know when you are doing this?  Again, because the body will give you immediate feedback.  It will ping a headache your way, or indigestion, or a night of tossing and turning with little sleep.

The reason that heart-disease is now the number one killer in the west is because so many people are following their head instead of their hearts.  They KNOW deep down that what they are doing is not right, either for themselves or for the planet, whether they consciously admit it or not.  (They know, too, that it is not what you call a “sustainable” course of action.)  So the heart becomes anxious.  It feels dis-ease rather than knowing comfort.  And the body develops symptoms to reflect that dis-ease.

The reason for this is equally simple.  Your heart, being true to your nature, can only encourage you to do what is good for you.  Your brain, however, having been affected by years of training from the “outside” can fool you into doing things that are against your nature.

We are all finely calibrated receptors, each one of our billions of cells containing extraordinary intelligence.  When we follow the heart, those billions of cells breathe a collective sigh of relief.  “Thank you!” they say to us.  “This is the perfect path for us!”  And that way lies contentment, health and fulfilment.

It’s the path to experiencing what I call Natural Wealth.

More About Richard

Natural Wealth – Sustainable Choices In Unknown Territory

A Little Story For Richard:

Today is my “day off” from THE JOB.  In other words I work 4-10 hour shifts in the medical clinic to have a day off in the middle of the week.  I call this day my “creative vitality day” for it is within these hours that I listen in to what presents itself for attention, and as choices arise make decisions about the day from a very natural – and for me sustainable – place.

These days upon awakening I am imaging the day unfolding as if I have already left the “job” world and am playfully and passionately pursuing the creative projects that even now are starting to light up my everyday life.  The way I create my day is based on the embodied feelings that tell me what is next.  Yes, there are certain things that call to be accomplished, but how and when you go about that is your call!

In Richards last post he speaks to “wealth as the ability to feel secure, to experience the underlying peace and connection” as we do when in nature.  But, what happens when the natural world is turned upside down and shakes us up to our very foundation?  Change – and on a very large scale!  We are realizing more and more every day that we are indeed interconnected beyond anything we ever imagined, and that our choices today not only affect ourselves and those around and beyond us, but those living resources that we depend upon for our very lives.

These days many of us are being presented with choices that either appear to

Green School, in Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

keep us “safe” in a very unstable world, or invite us to take a risk of some sort.  Risk because it is unknown territory.    Risk because it does not follow our usual way of doing things.  Risk because you thumb your nose at “safe” and “security” and realize, like Richard says, that it can only be found within.

Let me give you an example:  Yesterday at the medical job I was asked by the manager of the clinical staff if I would work today – my day off – because many people are out ill.  My first initial “gut response” was absolutely not!  Now I want to tell you how excited I was to see this natural self-sustainable choice come up first so strongly.  Excited because what came after that in my rational mind was – think of the overtime.  You know that you are short on cash flow right now because of a trip you just took, relocation is looming, and you are quitting this job for goodness sake!.  You need to catch up and make as much money as you can.   This would give the opportunity to do so.  It is only one day and you would become current with finances – at least for now.

Quick fix that is not at all sustainable?  You betcha!  …and not even a “fix”.  The reality is that the very small amount of money I would be trading my life energy for would not make even an iota of a difference in the short term, and definitely not in the long term.  Choosing my day off was a “risk” I was very willing to take.

What I would not have experienced if I had decided to work today is this post to you,  a very creative and exciting conversation with Richard this morning on Skype,  the pure enjoyment of lifting weights and swimming at the gym at my leisure, basking in moments just standing in the sun (which we have not seen literally for almost a month now!) and soaking up the warm rays of energy.  Nor would I have had the opportunity to do some writing, and additional research on the new place that I am considering moving to. …or take a brief recharge nap!

I call this making natural sustainable choice…… and trusting without any doubt those choices/decisions that FEEL right in body and heart.  Only a few months ago the initial choice that would have come up first is saying yes to working today.

As I see it, how we know that we are shifting on behalf of our thriving and our full out creative expression, is that instead of making rational brain knee jerk decisions and choices from a place of scarcity and distrust, something much more natural unfolds itself.  No matter what the rational mind is saying your embodied feelings tell you the truth.  The job before us is then to trust that we will know how to proceed!

Besides there was one more benefit to not working at the “job” today.  I met The Steam God!  Yes, I did!  After swimming, the final treat is to go into the steam room for a bit and relax deeply and stretch.  I was doing just that when in walks a man whom I could not see very clearly because of the steam.  We quietly sat in the same space for about 5 minutes and the steam slowly started dissipating, but it was a long way off before the steam would renew itself again.  Suddenly the man asked me if he could activate the steam vent, but stated to me that it will “get really hot in here”.  I said to him that I did not know that one could make the steam go on as I thought it was on a timer – or so I thought.  I then jokingly said – I didn’t know that I was sitting in the same space as the Steam God.

Well, said Steam God walked over to the tiled wall on the other side of the door from the steam vent and to my surprise cupped his hand , placed it on the wall and blew two times through his hand onto the wall.  Well, it didn’t work – at first, or at second try (much to his dismay – Steam God’s do get a little frustrated from time to time)!  But, the third time was the charm.  Sure enough within a 5-count of his astonishing technique the steam vent went on – which was not a usual timed on at all.

So… can see all that I would have missed if I had taken the rational minds fear and scarcity based choice. The residuals, or “interest”, will most likely be showing up for quite awhile longer from this one choice.

As we rock and roll and watch the collapse of structures both manmade and nature made right before our very eyes, it might be wise to invest in grounded resources and sustainable embodied choices .  Invest in yourself.  Invest in the health of the planet – she is you and you are her.  That is Natural Wealth!