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Making Connections

“My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call “education of the heart.” Just as we take for granted the need to acquire proficiency in the basic academic subjects, I am hopeful that a time will come when we can take it for granted that children will learn, as part of the curriculum, the indispensability of inner values: love, compassion, justice, and forgiveness.”  The Dalai Lama

Dear Gaye,

I love the story in your last post. What a great reminder to us all that it’s when we engage with others that real magic happens!

Imagine how different our world would be if the daily news covered tales like this, focusing on the millions of instances of people connecting with each other that happen every day, rather than all the doom and gloom. I really don’t think it would take long for a big shift to happen: a shift from fear to faith.

I’ve just relocated back to England (for a while) and have noticed how wary people are of each other here in comparison to Southern Ireland. Like you, I tend to chat with people, giving them a smile and engaging in whatever topic pops into my head. It always leads somewhere interesting.

The other day I was in a long queue at the post office. In front of me was a young mother with her small boy, of maybe 6 or 7 years old. Hanging around in queues is deadly dull for small children (I remember it well!) and he was getting bored, singing “Let it snow!” louder and louder to get attention. I bent down and started chatting with him. Do you think it’ll snow this Christmas? Yes, I hope so: that sort of thing.

Then I realized that his Mom was looking at me with alarm. Her eyes said: “Who is this strange man? Why is he talking with my son? What does he want?” I looked her right in the eye and simply said “It’s ok, I have three kids of my own,” at which point she softened and we carried on chatting, all three of us, whilst the queue got shorter. We didn’t have the spectacular results that you and your artist friend did, but a moment of fear was transformed into a few minutes of connection.

And that, to me, is what this time in our evolution is all about: transforming fear of difference into moments of connection. Yes, we’re all unique, but we’re all pretty much the same underneath, with 99.99% of our genome being shared by each one of us across the globe.

By nature, we are all one. And we know it. Put a group of two year olds in a room and leave them to it and they get on just fine, no matter what color, creed or social background they’re from. We’re genetically predisposed to connect.

It’s only later, when we go to school and start to listen to what our friends and parents tell us, that we start to see others as different. They myth of separation begins to kick in and pretty soon we start making judgements that set “us” aside from “them”. And that’s where the problems come in. Squabbles over differences lead to arguments on a minor scale, wars on a major one.

We’re heading towards Christmas, a time when we direct our attention towards giving and sharing, when we’re encouraged to display our innate sense of empathy. I wonder, though, whether each of us can make a commitment to bringing that sense of empathy into every day of our lives, sharing a smile, offering help whenever we can, doing what we can to bridge the perceived divides?

I think we can. It doesn’t have to be in huge, grand gestures (although those are just fine too!). We can all do a little bit, each day. And each little bit mounts up. And the shift begins.

For me, there’s no such thing as separation. What I feel, you feel. What happens to animals, plants, to the earth itself, happens to me too. That’s the beauty of it. We’re all in this together.



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Rewiring The Receiving Circuits – The Law of Giving & Receiving

Part of Natural Wealth to me is being able to receive attention, recognition, gifts, money, love, support, and mentoring from others, nature – and the universe for that matter –  with grace and openness.  If this is indeed true, then I almost failed that particular Natural Wealth test last week.

Some of us are hard wired for giving, which is good if in balance with the ability to receive.  Did you ever think that there was a “receiving limit”, that when reached could result in all manner of stories being created to sabotage wealth in all of its forms that naturally want to flow towards you?

Well, I promised to tell you this tale last post, so briefly here it is.  After putting an ad on an internet based “want ads” called Craig’s list for the home sanctuary that I am looking for in Austin, I received a reply from a real estate agent associated with a high end agency there.  His e-mail was warm and inviting towards helping me to find what I wanted.  As I am not into buying property there at this time, I informed him of such in my response back to him.

After several e-mails back and forth I realized that this man was really there to help me gratis by sending me listings of rentals in the areas that I wanted, driving my friend in Austin to view properties for me, and even negotiating on my behalf when I found something that I wanted.

After a few days I was pleased to realize that I was opening nicely to receiving this help (yet another sign for me that I am on the right path) and knew that once I moved to the area and started networking that I certainly would refer people his way that were looking to buy (by the way, he never asked for this).

Then I hit the “receiving wall” after I decided that I wanted to see a picture of this agent – I am very visual and it helps me to connect to know who I am corresponding with.  Entering his name into the proper box for agents with this company I was stunned to see that not only was there no picture, but he was not listed at all!  Contraction hit me – body, breath and mind – like a big wallop.

An e-mail flew to him that night stating that I hoped that he was not offended but Craigs list did have somewhat of a reputation with a history of some incidents of people running scams, and I curiously wondered why I could not find him in the listing of agents.  It turns out that he responded that very same night, but I did not receive his e-mail until the next morning.

Meanwhile, sleep that night was incredibly fitful as my dreams conjured up an entire group of scammers that enticed unknowing prospective “clients” into putting down deposits on homes and absconding with them….and it went on from there.  This man couldn’t possibly be real as he wasn’t asking anything of me!

In the morning the e-mail from Marc gave every way in which I could check on his validity as an agent there including his license number and the name of the secretary I could call at the agency to verify his association with them.  His reason for not having a picture listing was “I do my marketing in a somewhat different way from everyone else”….(ahhh, someone that colors outside of the lines and steps out of the box!!)  Attached to this e-mail was a wonderful picture of him and his favorite person in the whole world – his 5 year old son, who by the way looks very much like him.

It was from this place that I realized I had almost closed down on receiving from this very generous soul who really wanted to assist me with my relocation to a city that he dearly loves.   Yes, it could have possibly not been legitimate, and it was important that I check it out….but what I realized very strongly is that my heart and intuition had been telling me all along that here was a good man to be trusted and to gratefully accept him as part of my Austin relocation team.

What an amazing lesson in trusting the heart and opening to receiving!!  I do believe that my “receiving circuits” were immediately rewired in that moment.  What a gift!

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

Since then Marc and I have talked by phone and I have been able to express my immense gratitude for his help and his time.  Anyone out there looking to buy a home in Austin, TX….well I have the agent for you!!