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Integrity and The Law of Resonance

Dear Gaye,

Firstly, I applaud your decision to “jump in” and speak your truth in the way you have.  That can’t have been easy.

It’s a funny old world.  There’s a big debate over whether or not we’re programmed to lie about things.  I say we’re not.  We learn to.  And we learn it at a very young age.

When we’re very small (and I mean right back, as tiny babies) we are all totally honest.  We look out on the world around us with curiosity and inquisitiveness.  We show our carers who we really are.  We don’t have hang ups, reluctance, or desires to hide behind masks.

All these things are learned.  And the training starts at a very young age.  We’re told not to say the things that are on our minds – especially if that involves comments about other people.  We’re taught that being honest is “rude” or “unacceptable” in some way.  And life becomes so much more complicated as a result.

We start the game of treading on egg shells: never quite sure what is “acceptable” to others, never wishing to cause offence, but at the same time not wishing to stifle our true selves too deeply under the layers of pretence that become normality.

Maybe the middle classes are most guilty of this, because they feel they have something to lose by exposing themselves to the judgements of others.  One thing is for sure: what you have done in your latest post is a breath of fresh air.  And it will pay dividends.

In one of my e-reports I talk about integrity as the single most important cornerstone of business success.  And the watchword of integrity is honesty.  So, you’ve drawn a line under those old ways of doing things: which means you are free to start afresh.  And my guess is that in opening up like this, in refusing to “hide in safe” you’ll find yourself connecting in a new way with opportunity and reward.

There’s a good reason for this: and it’s back to science.  In the course Divine Wealth, which we’ll be releasing soon, I talk about the Law of Resonance: something that informs and affects our reality each and every moment, every day.  My personal belief is that for all that’s been written about the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t really exist in the way that most people think it does.  It’s not a case of simply “thinking about what you want” and then getting it.  We must go deeper than that.

The Law of Resonance is quite simple.  You are a finely tuned resonating chamber.  So is every cell in your body.  You are in a constant state of vibration and whatever frequency you vibrate at is the frequency you emit to the world around you.  That frequency is picked up, felt, by others who are resonating at the same frequency.

The trick is to tune yourself to FEEL (rather than think) a certain way, because those feelings then ripple out, like waves on a pond, to reach others.  And, like a tuning fork, your frequencies can only create similar vibrations in other tuning forks.  So, it’s not really a Law of Attraction: it’s a Law of Resonance that is instrumental in determining what you are experiencing at any given moment.  This is true for finances, emotions, health: all forms of what you might call “success”.

By opening up as you have: by taking the leap to be as honest as you were way back when you were tiny, before your education kicked in, you’ll resonate with an integrity that can do only one thing: connect with others resonating in the same way.

Would it be helpful if we looked a little more at the nature of what I call The Conformity Funnel that we are all educated into, before we start to look at ways of breaking free from it?

My best wishes, as ever,