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Overcoming The Fear of Success

Dear Gaye,

Firstly, happy landings in your new home! I totally understand how you are feeling. It’s a common reaction for everyone who “takes the leap” into following intuition rather than logic. You’ve had years of following one way of doing things, so expect to feel the shifts happening in your body as it recalibrates.

On top of that you have moved to a new environment in a city where little is familiar. Relocating on its own (without free-flying from the job) puts various challenges in our paths, not least because everyone tells us how “stressful” it is. So how do you deal with the fears that rise up from your subconscious into your conscious mind?

Well, here are some immediate suggestions:

Firstly, deny the possibility of fatigue or dis-ease coming to you as a result of the move. Remember the phrase “Movement is the barometer of the soul” from last week? Your movements are constricted in some way, because of your natural fear of not having those things that you are used to around you. So, make a clear statement that affirms your health and energy (rather than focusing on not being tired). Repeat that statement until you feel its meaning seeping all the way from your fingertips to your toes. The feeling is the crucial part.

Secondly, use some of the stones or crystals that will help you. Some people smile at such advice, thinking it’s very “New Age”. It’s actually very old-age! Little is older than the rocks and crystals around us and if you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty much 100% crystalline. The water and blood in our bodies is crystalline, as are our brain cells, including those crystals of magnetite at the center of the brain. Magnetite is what give us our sense of direction, helping us “get home in the dark”. So, to help you find your new sense of direction, your “homing instinct”, try the following crystals/stones in whatever form works for you (rings, necklaces or simply unworked rocks).

Turquoise and onyx are the ones for you just now. Quite a color combo! They’ll help both lift your spirits and provide the foundation energy you are looking for. Wear them, have them out in your rooms, whatever works best. Both are the traditional birthstones of your birth month (although you won’t find that info on most sites about them).

Turquoise has been used for centuries as a healing stone. Being blue, it corresponds to the throat chakra so will help you find your voice in your new environment. It is also known as one of the truth stones. Speaking your truth (which is what you do so honestly and genuinely in this blog) is crucial to your ongoing success. It’s a part of you showing that you walk the walk whilst talking the talk. Turquoise is known to help ground the body, especially for those with wandering spirits (!) helping you to free your spirit by articulating things that are dear to your heart. Interestingly, it was often used to treat the lungs and respiratory system, so I suggest the best usage for this stone is to have a piece hung around your neck, reaching as close to your lungs/heart as possible.

Onyx on the other hand is a stone of self-mastery, helping you regain your vigor, strength and vibrancy. Not specifically a healing stone, it is appropriate for you more for its qualities of helping you release old patterns of thoughts/beliefs and protecting you from the fear that you’re feeling. It’s mystical number is 6, the number of material creation, but it corresponds both to the first and fifth chakras, meaning that it will not only help ground and calm you, it will also help the turquoise in giving you confidence to find and use your voice in a way that you have not felt free enough to do up to now.

Thirdly, wear red or rich terracotta colors when possible. Red, being the color of the first chakra, will be a great aid for your core energy.

On to the lungs: this is simply a reaction to the fear of moving into new territory. Remember the image of the dragonfly we used some weeks back? Well, you’re no longer crawling up the stem towards the surface of the pond. You’ve broken through, moving from liquid to air. You’re in a new environment. Nothing is quite the same. No job, no security of fixed income, no established friends in the area. Where is everything? How do you get acclimatised?

The answer is: everything you desire is at your fingertips. Don’t rush, hurry or worry. Take your time. Wisely and slow.

The dragonfly sits on that stalk for quite some time before its wings are dry enough for it to fly. It just sits and acclimatizes – and BREATHES! That’s the key here (and the reason for your lungs drawing attention to themselves): the requirement to simply breathe and be still for a moment. The temptation when we move home, especially when we have just left the job behind, is to rush at everything, especially in today’s world where everything is about “the need for speed”.

Take your time. Breathe. Acclimatize. This is an essential part of the process, a required hiatus before you spread your wings and “take off”.

It’s my guess that the last time you did something as huge as this was when you were born! That was the time when you last moved from liquid into air, when oxygen suddenly rushed down into your bronchial tubes and inflated your alveoli. You trusted the process then. You took that first breath. Yes, you may have screamed (knowing you, you probably gave a good ol’ holla!) but you carried on with the process, rather than crawling back into your mother’s womb.

In many ways you are going through a time of re-birth just now. So, keep the faith you had when you were in the womb. Keep the faith of the dragonfly as it sits waiting for its wings to dry. You will be flying soon enough.

One last thing: you say “I imagine that I must be ready.” Imagine instead that you ARE ready (must is usually a reductive word) and that everything is happening in perfect time. Imagine yourself experiencing all the elements of Natural Wealth right now: health, love, money, perfect self expressing and a contented spirit. Dwell on feeling success as having already been achieved. That way, you’re already there!

Until next time,

Love and best wishes,

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