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Combining With Our Attention

Dear Gaye,

So pleased to hear that you spent three days immersed in a project that truly makes your heart sing and your body dance. How fantastic! And what a great way to dissolve those Walls of Doubt!

My belief, as you know, is that we each have a particular voice, a unique song, with which we are born and that it’s only when/if we stifle or ignore this voice that we become sick, get angry or feel low on energy. Like wonderfully crafted instruments, each of us produces a unique sound, a specific timbre that folds into the combined symphony of the Orchestra of Creation seamlessly. But we have to allow ourselves to be picked up and “breathed into”.

That, to me, is what being in-spired is all about: allowing our divine self, or spirit, to blow through the instruments of our bodies so that we resonate with a vibration that makes us feel good to be alive. When we do this, people around us sense and feel it. We’re uplifted – and so are they.

I want to pick up very quickly on something you said, which is that you took three days totally away from all the distractions. No TV, no computer-time, no listening to CNN (Continually Numbing Negativity) or the rest of the media machine. I know you don’t watch much, if any, television and that, like me, you opted to not watch the news some time ago, but it’s worth underlining the importance of this.

A lot of us spend so much time being drip-fed images, words, sounds that are negative and this can only have one effect: to weaken our resolve to follow our inspirations. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Personally, I don’t think there’s a happy medium on this one. Current affairs programs so rarely focus on acts of kindness, compassion, generosity. So, it’s best to cut them out altogether.

A lot of people have been asking me how to cope with the current “financial collapse” and the prospect of more to come (especially in the USA). Staying clear of the media-driven doom and gloom would be my number one piece of advice. The reason being that each time we hear or see words and images that create fear inside us, our faith in ourselves and each other takes a knock (even if we consciously tell ourselves otherwise) because our subconscious mind stores everything away and treats it as “real”.

In my last post I used the phrase “we combine with what we pay attention to” This is a key part of keeping a balanced approach right now. The best antidote to the ANTS (Army of Negative Thoughts) is to turn your attention away from them and do what you suggested last time: find something that makes your heart sing, or something that gives you a real belly laugh. Laughing really does help.

Switching off from the media-drip is not easy for a lot of people, so here’s a challenge for our readers: see if you can go a week without any television. If that’s just way too long to consider, try just one day. One day without any TV. Then see how you feel at bedtime – and how much better you sleep!

Back to you, Gaye, I just want to say that 12,000 words in three days is phenomenal! Especially as you did so much more than that too. Really amazing. It goes to prove the old adage that when work is fun, it doesn’t feel like work. Leaving your old job was such a brave decision, but it was the right one. When was the last time it had you dancing with wide open arms?

You’re an inspiration to us all, Gaye and I just know you’ll make far more money from this new project (and enjoy all the other aspects of Natural Wealth too) than if you’d stuck it out going through the motions. Big, big smiles.

Love and best wishes,