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The Flow of Faith or The Flaw of Belief?

Dear Gaye,

You are on a journey, just as we all are.  The adventure of “What will the next breath bring?”  It can be a roller-coaster ride, that journey, but as you say once you are on the downward curve of the overpass, there’s no turning back (because of the momentum not just of yourself but of all those cars around you).  It’s only when you come off that sweeping arc that you are faced with choice and the head has a chance to say “Which way now?”  And for all of us, it’s not long before it adds: “I should turn back!”

Turning back is an option, but not in the same lane.  That would be to immerse yourself in struggle, to attempt to go back to where you were inside the conformity funnel we mentioned.   But a lot of us do retrace our steps, returning back (along the other lane at least) to a place where we think we are safe.  Yet it never is.

There’s a good reason for this.  Nothing ever happens twice in the same way.  Not a single thing.  That’s the flaw of relying on beliefs (based on past experience) versus unfolding in the flow of faiths (trusting in the unknown future).

It’s Easter weekend right now, so let’s take a look around us.  We’ve all lived through Easters-past.  Each of us.  Yet whatever we might do to try to repeat one of those Easters, we just can’t.  Things have shifted within us.  Our cells have inevitably changed, some of them sloughing off, others growing afresh.  We are not the some beings we were last Easter, let alone a decade ago.  In fact: our bodies are entirely made up of new cells compared to a decade ago.  We’ve been born afresh, like one of the billions of incubating eggs sitting right now in nests all over the world…

So, if we are entirely new why is it we hold onto memories?  Why do we favour beliefs that hold us in the conformity funnel rather than living in trust that all areas of our lives will renew themselves, just as our cells do, each day?  Because we are taught to behave that way.  Our “elders and betters” tell us it’s the way to go and the hive mentality is strong within us, born from our deep desire to belong, to fit in, to be safe, secure, loved.  Yet that is the way of ultimate dissatisfaction, of compromise that more often than not leads to our cells malfunctioning, creating what we call dis-ease.

Why would anyone turn from the logical comfort of belief to the illogicality of faith?  Because examples of “nothing ever happening twice” are all around us, in every nook and corner we may care to look.

Our world is not a static one.  Watch the sun dip over the horizon and you suddenly become aware of the speed at which out planet spins.  Look at micro-organisms under a powerful magnifying glass and you will see a world of perpetual movement.  Cast your mind out and you’ll see the whole galaxy of the Milky Way is hurtling (is it forward or back?) along at remarkable speed.  And the universe itself is expanding outward, like the exhalation of an enormous breath, pushing itself into new territory with each passing second.  Territory where it has never been before.

Nothing ever happens twice in the same way.  We are never in the same place more than once.  We are ever-moving beings, emitting our own unique frequency within a world of vibration.  The trick is to enhance that vibration within us: to resonate most powerfully with the natural wealth that brings us Love, Wealth, Health and Self-Expression.

Beliefs hold us back from that.  They say “Do it the old way, the way you know best”.  Yet, the old way is (for most of us) not one that brought us Natural Wealth in the four forms mentioned above.  It’s usually the way that brought us lack, fear, doubt….

Faiths allow us to breathe.  They direct us to the very moment in which we are, right now: whether that be driving along the overpass, turning left or right, filling in a twelve-page form, or showering beneath the outstretched arms of a tall oak!

Each of those moments is a balancing act between the head whispering “Do it the old way, Gaye!”  “Trust your belief-systems!”  “Do it the same way as everyone else!”  and the heart which is simply beating the consistent pulse that resonates throughout each cell of your body, causing you to emit microwaves of energy that reach out into the room around you, exploring your world with inevitable, insatiable curiosity as they ripple out into Austin (if that’s where you move) across the arid lands of Texas, informing you of fluctuations in the winds over the rolling oceans, dancing between the leaves of banana plants in the tropics, reclining on the remotest volcanic outcrop in the Pacific at precisely the same moment as they shiver along the highest peaks of the Himalayas.  Not content with this, they simultaneously weave their way deep into the ground beneath your feet, fingering the rich soil, flashing through the Earth’s molten core in the very same instant as they cast themselves into the skies overhead, instantaneously caressing the hugest nebulae and the tiniest sub-atomic quark…giving you feedback on all of these things (and many more) each and every second of each day.

The (logical part of the) head deals with one thing at a time.  It can only process thoughts based on past experiences.  The (illogically consistent) heart resonates with everything in existence, right now at this very moment.  As such, it touches all things past and all things future too, unifying them in this very moment, as you take each breath.

Which one has the greater power?  Ah, well, that’s not for me to say…

But I will say this: have a wonderful, relaxing Easter Weekend!

Love and Best Wishes,

Follow Your Heart

Dear Gaye,

You’re so right in what you say about your decision to take your day off, despite the temptations of the overtime/extra funds that would have resulted from accepting the request to work through.

It’s a great lesson for us all and thanks for sharing it (along with the tale of the Great Steam God, which was a hoot!).

It’s not always easy to follow that first response (the one that in this case said to you “No way am I working my one free day!”).  Those logical objections come flooding in thick and fast, with all the Reasons why you should not do what your heart and body are telling you to.  More often than not, people listen to what the mind comes up with (what I call the Monkey-on-the-Shoulder, because it jabbers away to us incessantly, telling us to “do it this way” instead of following our hearts).  Yet when we follow the promptings of the Monkey-Mind, we always pay for it in other ways.

This is because those intuitive flashes, call them hunches or inspirations, come from the heart rather than the head.  It’s a crucial distinction.  The heart is the organ that is truly tapped into the invisible weft of interconnections that weaves its way through all creation.  It has its finger on the pulse, and its pulse points the way for us each and every moment of the day.

Not only that: it is precognitive, meaning it reacts to stimuli way ahead of the slow-moving rational brain (which is why we feel something first and then our logic kicks in with objections afterwards).  Logic can deal only with single things in sequence, whereas our intuitions are processing millions of bytes per second.

The heart knows what’s best for us on a deep level, because it is our tap-root into that weft of connections, whereas our brains have been taught to follow a different route – the route of common-sense, take-no-risks, follow-the-herd…just as you say.

So, this week’s comment from me is quite simple: always follow the promptings of the heart, no matter what rational objections you have to a course of action.  You may have no clue why you are doing something, or where it will lead, but if you are following the heart you cannot go wrong.

How do you know that you are doing this?  Simple.  When you follow the heart, your body will tell you.  It will feel good about your decisions.  This is because it informs you from within, which is what intuition means: to be taught from within.

Follow the head at your peril.  How do you know when you are doing this?  Again, because the body will give you immediate feedback.  It will ping a headache your way, or indigestion, or a night of tossing and turning with little sleep.

The reason that heart-disease is now the number one killer in the west is because so many people are following their head instead of their hearts.  They KNOW deep down that what they are doing is not right, either for themselves or for the planet, whether they consciously admit it or not.  (They know, too, that it is not what you call a “sustainable” course of action.)  So the heart becomes anxious.  It feels dis-ease rather than knowing comfort.  And the body develops symptoms to reflect that dis-ease.

The reason for this is equally simple.  Your heart, being true to your nature, can only encourage you to do what is good for you.  Your brain, however, having been affected by years of training from the “outside” can fool you into doing things that are against your nature.

We are all finely calibrated receptors, each one of our billions of cells containing extraordinary intelligence.  When we follow the heart, those billions of cells breathe a collective sigh of relief.  “Thank you!” they say to us.  “This is the perfect path for us!”  And that way lies contentment, health and fulfilment.

It’s the path to experiencing what I call Natural Wealth.

More About Richard

Natural Wealth – Sustainable Choices In Unknown Territory

A Little Story For Richard:

Today is my “day off” from THE JOB.  In other words I work 4-10 hour shifts in the medical clinic to have a day off in the middle of the week.  I call this day my “creative vitality day” for it is within these hours that I listen in to what presents itself for attention, and as choices arise make decisions about the day from a very natural – and for me sustainable – place.

These days upon awakening I am imaging the day unfolding as if I have already left the “job” world and am playfully and passionately pursuing the creative projects that even now are starting to light up my everyday life.  The way I create my day is based on the embodied feelings that tell me what is next.  Yes, there are certain things that call to be accomplished, but how and when you go about that is your call!

In Richards last post he speaks to “wealth as the ability to feel secure, to experience the underlying peace and connection” as we do when in nature.  But, what happens when the natural world is turned upside down and shakes us up to our very foundation?  Change – and on a very large scale!  We are realizing more and more every day that we are indeed interconnected beyond anything we ever imagined, and that our choices today not only affect ourselves and those around and beyond us, but those living resources that we depend upon for our very lives.

These days many of us are being presented with choices that either appear to

Green School, in Badung, Bali, Indonesia.

keep us “safe” in a very unstable world, or invite us to take a risk of some sort.  Risk because it is unknown territory.    Risk because it does not follow our usual way of doing things.  Risk because you thumb your nose at “safe” and “security” and realize, like Richard says, that it can only be found within.

Let me give you an example:  Yesterday at the medical job I was asked by the manager of the clinical staff if I would work today – my day off – because many people are out ill.  My first initial “gut response” was absolutely not!  Now I want to tell you how excited I was to see this natural self-sustainable choice come up first so strongly.  Excited because what came after that in my rational mind was – think of the overtime.  You know that you are short on cash flow right now because of a trip you just took, relocation is looming, and you are quitting this job for goodness sake!.  You need to catch up and make as much money as you can.   This would give the opportunity to do so.  It is only one day and you would become current with finances – at least for now.

Quick fix that is not at all sustainable?  You betcha!  …and not even a “fix”.  The reality is that the very small amount of money I would be trading my life energy for would not make even an iota of a difference in the short term, and definitely not in the long term.  Choosing my day off was a “risk” I was very willing to take.

What I would not have experienced if I had decided to work today is this post to you,  a very creative and exciting conversation with Richard this morning on Skype,  the pure enjoyment of lifting weights and swimming at the gym at my leisure, basking in moments just standing in the sun (which we have not seen literally for almost a month now!) and soaking up the warm rays of energy.  Nor would I have had the opportunity to do some writing, and additional research on the new place that I am considering moving to. …or take a brief recharge nap!

I call this making natural sustainable choice…… and trusting without any doubt those choices/decisions that FEEL right in body and heart.  Only a few months ago the initial choice that would have come up first is saying yes to working today.

As I see it, how we know that we are shifting on behalf of our thriving and our full out creative expression, is that instead of making rational brain knee jerk decisions and choices from a place of scarcity and distrust, something much more natural unfolds itself.  No matter what the rational mind is saying your embodied feelings tell you the truth.  The job before us is then to trust that we will know how to proceed!

Besides there was one more benefit to not working at the “job” today.  I met The Steam God!  Yes, I did!  After swimming, the final treat is to go into the steam room for a bit and relax deeply and stretch.  I was doing just that when in walks a man whom I could not see very clearly because of the steam.  We quietly sat in the same space for about 5 minutes and the steam slowly started dissipating, but it was a long way off before the steam would renew itself again.  Suddenly the man asked me if he could activate the steam vent, but stated to me that it will “get really hot in here”.  I said to him that I did not know that one could make the steam go on as I thought it was on a timer – or so I thought.  I then jokingly said – I didn’t know that I was sitting in the same space as the Steam God.

Well, said Steam God walked over to the tiled wall on the other side of the door from the steam vent and to my surprise cupped his hand , placed it on the wall and blew two times through his hand onto the wall.  Well, it didn’t work – at first, or at second try (much to his dismay – Steam God’s do get a little frustrated from time to time)!  But, the third time was the charm.  Sure enough within a 5-count of his astonishing technique the steam vent went on – which was not a usual timed on at all.

So… can see all that I would have missed if I had taken the rational minds fear and scarcity based choice. The residuals, or “interest”, will most likely be showing up for quite awhile longer from this one choice.

As we rock and roll and watch the collapse of structures both manmade and nature made right before our very eyes, it might be wise to invest in grounded resources and sustainable embodied choices .  Invest in yourself.  Invest in the health of the planet – she is you and you are her.  That is Natural Wealth!


Keeping Your Head When All Around Lose Theirs

Dear Gaye,

Apologies for the slightly late response to your last post.  I’ve been extremely busy working with clients who are concerned about current political as well as economic ructions across the globe.  As a result, I thought it appropriate to perhaps change the emphasis of this week’s post to make specific comments on global events.

I’m aware that most people tend to think only about what is happening within their own location (it’s a fact for instance that private real estate investors on average buy all their investment properties within a 9-mile radius of where they live!).  More than ever, I believe now is the time not only to diversify any wealth-strategies you may have, but to internationalise as well.

Why?  Well…

The past few years have seen more earthquakes, floods, droughts and volcanic eruptions than anything most of us have experienced.  When this occurs, you can expect to see shock-waves reverberate through the stock markets, banking and business generally.  There’s a very obvious reason for this: instability on the outside breeds instability within.  (In the aftermath of the Japan quake the stock market fell ten points almost overnight.)  And there is more climatic upheaval to come.

Last weekend’s full moon was a “supermoon” because it had a greater effect than normal.  This isn’t some new age mumbo-jumbo.  It’s practical science.  Changes in the normal course of lunar activity affect the magnetic currents that weave and twist their way through our world.  And this has an effect on us.

This is because we all have crystals of magnetite in the centre of our brains.  These crystals give us our sense of direction, helping us find our way home in the dark (much like homing pigeons).  When unusual magnetic fluctuations are experienced, our brains literally feel “out of synch”.  Our sense of direction is compromised.  We can become ungrounded and this can lead to fear-based reactions if we are not careful.

Bear in mind, too, that everything in our world is interconnected.  So when a disaster happens in one corner of the world, its shock waves reverberate all around us.  And we feel it instantly (more on how this works in future posts).  So, if millions of people are feeling something in Japan, or Africa, you can be sure that people all across the USA, South America and Europe are feeling it too.

The result is that panic can set in, as we’re seeing right now in the Middle East and Africa.

What to do in such times of apparent meltdown?  Stay calm.  Be prepared to adapt.  If you don’t have a back-up plan, create one now.  Much of what I see as “wealth” is the ability to feel secure, to experience the underlying peace and connection that you talked about in your post about nature.  If you have a back-up plan, you will be much better equipped to deal with times of change.

And this is where internationalizing comes in.  I would advise all US citizens who have any form of savings, investments in stocks or holdings in the US Dollar to look for options to diversify immediately.  Don’t sit on the fence.  My reading is that the dollar is under extreme pressure right now and that there is worse to come.  Spread your risk by moving some of your holdings to other countries.  Consider “solid” investments (literally solid: gold, silver, platinum or land) rather than depending on banks, stocks, bonds etc – all of which might disappear overnight in the event of an FDR-style “correction” to the system.

When you do this, you’ll be helping yourself regain a sense of security and stability and this in turn will help others.  You’ll be keeping yourself calm, no matter how rough the seas appear elsewhere.  And it is only over calm waters that your ships of opportunity are able to reach you and tie up safely at your harbour walls.

The added bonus to this is that by the Law of Resonance, the fact that you are able to do this will help others do the same.  In this way, we can all help each other.

Until next time, my best wishes,

Law of Attraction vs Going Deeper Within The Law of Resonance

Hi Richard!

Great post on the value of nature!  It is to me one of the most important forms of wealth and is often overlooked by many.   Nature informs and inspires us to be aware of the many other rich sources/resources that are available to tap into.

I love your story about the beech tree and the deer.   I remember well when I was sitting in a garden bed pruning rose bushes and all of a sudden was visited by two hummingbirds that thought perhaps I was a delectable flower to sip nectar from.  Two of them stayed in one place only inches from my face and we communed together for awhile.  What astounding moments of grace and awe!

As I make the transition from “job” to “livelihood of my choice”, I am finding that my energy is opening up and becoming alive. It is definitely vibrating at a different level than when I was attempting to breathe life into a conventional box that did not allow for full expression.

The day that I gave notice at my medical job was the day when what felt like a heavy energy sitting on my chest and shoulders lifted, and I felt 100 lbs lighter.  Now mind you if I was a 100 pounds lighter in body weight I would be near deaths door!

What I mean here is that my energy level – creative, mental, and physical – increased by 100%  or more, allowing me not only to feel lighter in these ways, but created an open doorway for me to finally see possibilities that were actually right in front of me.

I see things in a different way – like an adventure to be curious about and pursue, instead of a task that I must do – and because of that I am connecting with  people, places and events that are leading me to the next level of full expression.

A reference was made to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on my most recent WildlyFreeWoman blog post regarding women stepping up in their lives, and applies just as much to men as well.

As we know, Dorothy was confronted by fear after fear on her journey to return “home”, but somehow she always found the courage within herself (the real home:-) , and with the support of her new found friends, to succeed.  Her biggest fear – dying (symbolized so incredibly well by the Wicked Witch) – was overcome when she found that the bucket of water right at her feet was the ticket to melt away (literally!) her greatest fear.

As I see it, I couldn’t see these possibilities in front of me because I was attracting within a denser, “stay-safe” vibrational field.  Now that I have lifted and expanded this field there are unending opportunities showing up at my doorstep so to speak.  Some of them are disguised in unlikely packages, but they are opportunities none the less, more in resonance with the person I am coming into and embodying.

It seems to be my job these days to take each one of these “leads” (gifts in disguise) and follow them all the way through no matter what they are, or how they come to me.  I have decided that there is so much vastness in the Divine Design for my life that there is only a small portion revealed to me at a time to where this particular shift of mine is leading.

Letting go of having to know where it is all leading is a practice that is sometimes difficult.  I call it TRUST!

However, I know that there is a conformity that is built into all cultures.  This conformity is taught at a very young age….and as I see it squashes the fullness and creativity of what each individual has to bring. I know that I have allowed it to squash mine!

Yes, Richard I would indeed like to know more about the Conformity Funnel….even though I am a most unconventional sort of woman!  I am certain there are ways that conformity has me caught in its grip…and perhaps still has me there.

Meanwhile my motto for each day  is “enjoy the ride in the moment!”.  This is one of my favorite pictures which symbolizes to me The Divine Having Fun….Woopee!!

Back to you Richard and thank you for applauding my honesty!



On Nature and Wealth

Dear Gaye,

You wrote so beautifully about your experience in nature that I thought I would add a comment.  I agree with you.  For me, the same peace comes from being outside, especially in amongst the woods that spread themselves over the part of the world where I currently live.

Contentment and peace are not often associated with wealth in the “business manuals”.  Yet they are such a crucial part of it.

Your post reminded me of a conversation I once had on a beach in Borneo.  I was sitting with a group of the young men and women who worked in the hotel where I was staying.  It was late afternoon and the sun was setting over the sea, casting wonderful ochres and golds and russet colours over the expanse of water in front of us.  The wind ruffled the palms overhead gently.

As we chatted, it became clear that all of the “locals” were set on one thing: getting a job in Saudi Arabia, or the UK, so that they could earn money and become rich.  I remember saying to them: “And why do you want that?”  “So that we can buy things” they replied.  To which I said that many people in the West work hard each and every day so that they can travel to places like the beach on which we were sitting and watch the sun set over the sea; something they had for free!

Wealth comes in many shapes and sizes and whilst it’s true that money doesn’t buy you happiness in and of itself, what it does do is buy you the ability to choose what you are doing at any given moment.  A lot of people would choose to be on a beach somewhere, or on a golf course, or out in nature – as you were.

The elusive quality is not the money so much as the peace of mind that comes with being in such places.  And the real trick is to find that peace of mind within oneself, no matter what is going on around us.

I am lucky.  Last night, I went for a stroll in the “gloaming” and watched the early spring sun as it dipped over distant hills.  In the distance I could see three deer.  They were upwind of me, so couldn’t catch my scent.  I tucked myself in to the roots of a big old beech tree and sat quietly, waiting.  About an hour later, they had worked their way to within 12 or 15 yards of me and they passed by not knowing I was there.

As I watched them, moving silently over the grass, until I could look right into their wild eyes, I was filled with that sense of gratitude that comes from such moments: the simple beauty of being alive, in the here and now.

Gratitude is one of the laws of Divine Wealth.  Our challenge is to find such gratitude within ourselves, even when things around us appear to be in meltdown.  It’s a crucial ingredient in finding that elusive peace and contentment you talk of so eloquently.

A simple way to start the process is to spend the first minute of each day saying what you are grateful for – either out loud, or to yourself.

Integrity and The Law of Resonance

Dear Gaye,

Firstly, I applaud your decision to “jump in” and speak your truth in the way you have.  That can’t have been easy.

It’s a funny old world.  There’s a big debate over whether or not we’re programmed to lie about things.  I say we’re not.  We learn to.  And we learn it at a very young age.

When we’re very small (and I mean right back, as tiny babies) we are all totally honest.  We look out on the world around us with curiosity and inquisitiveness.  We show our carers who we really are.  We don’t have hang ups, reluctance, or desires to hide behind masks.

All these things are learned.  And the training starts at a very young age.  We’re told not to say the things that are on our minds – especially if that involves comments about other people.  We’re taught that being honest is “rude” or “unacceptable” in some way.  And life becomes so much more complicated as a result.

We start the game of treading on egg shells: never quite sure what is “acceptable” to others, never wishing to cause offence, but at the same time not wishing to stifle our true selves too deeply under the layers of pretence that become normality.

Maybe the middle classes are most guilty of this, because they feel they have something to lose by exposing themselves to the judgements of others.  One thing is for sure: what you have done in your latest post is a breath of fresh air.  And it will pay dividends.

In one of my e-reports I talk about integrity as the single most important cornerstone of business success.  And the watchword of integrity is honesty.  So, you’ve drawn a line under those old ways of doing things: which means you are free to start afresh.  And my guess is that in opening up like this, in refusing to “hide in safe” you’ll find yourself connecting in a new way with opportunity and reward.

There’s a good reason for this: and it’s back to science.  In the course Divine Wealth, which we’ll be releasing soon, I talk about the Law of Resonance: something that informs and affects our reality each and every moment, every day.  My personal belief is that for all that’s been written about the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t really exist in the way that most people think it does.  It’s not a case of simply “thinking about what you want” and then getting it.  We must go deeper than that.

The Law of Resonance is quite simple.  You are a finely tuned resonating chamber.  So is every cell in your body.  You are in a constant state of vibration and whatever frequency you vibrate at is the frequency you emit to the world around you.  That frequency is picked up, felt, by others who are resonating at the same frequency.

The trick is to tune yourself to FEEL (rather than think) a certain way, because those feelings then ripple out, like waves on a pond, to reach others.  And, like a tuning fork, your frequencies can only create similar vibrations in other tuning forks.  So, it’s not really a Law of Attraction: it’s a Law of Resonance that is instrumental in determining what you are experiencing at any given moment.  This is true for finances, emotions, health: all forms of what you might call “success”.

By opening up as you have: by taking the leap to be as honest as you were way back when you were tiny, before your education kicked in, you’ll resonate with an integrity that can do only one thing: connect with others resonating in the same way.

Would it be helpful if we looked a little more at the nature of what I call The Conformity Funnel that we are all educated into, before we start to look at ways of breaking free from it?

My best wishes, as ever,


Hiding In “Safe”?

The American – Jumps In!:

OK, I am jumping in here to be first even though I asked Richard some questions in the last post.  It has occurred to me this past week that I have not been fully forth coming in these posts.  Why?

Because there is still a holding back on what my real nitty gritty journey is here into Divine Wealth.  Old patterns die hard sometimes when one is used to being perceived as the independent, strong woman that knows what she is doing (even when she doesn’t).  I call this exposing the soft under belly – instead of hiding in “safe”.

You know how there is a lot that goes on “back stage” with the actors, support staff, etc…well, Richard and I carry on conversations apart from this journal that provide rich territory to let go and strip away any pretense that may be getting in the way of stepping into this next “wealth filled” period of life.

This is not to say that Richard doesn’t receive a great deal from my counsel, passion, creativity and generosity of spirit – but what I want to do here is stand naked in front of you and see how it feels.  This means I am not attempting to be wise, courageous, an “expert”, teacher, mentor, or guide.   I will just be me.

So….this weekend Richard learned another piece of this journey for me.  I finally revealed my age to him after hiding behind the pretense of “a woman’s prerogative” and “it is good to be in the mystery sometimes”.  There were parts of me that felt if he knew my age that there would be immediate assumptions about my capabilities, possible opportunities, and who knows what else!  Now mind you this was all in my head and had nothing to do with Richard.

The fact of the matter is that on the “About” page when we talked about having a conversation between 2 countries, 2 genders, and 2 perspectives….there is also 2 generations!  At 62 (and feeling not more than 45!) I am in another generation from Richard and, thank goodness, I am wise enough to know that this will make our dialogue even richer.

So here is the skinny.  I am 62, soon to turn 63 in July,  and have had money come and go in my life as most of us have.  I took a 3 year sabbatical after selling a house in the Bay area of California about 7 years ago now to find out who the heck I was without all of the labels – massage therapist, yoga teacher, partner, mother, retreat facilitator, hug therapist, energy worker, breath guide, entrepreneur/business owner, etc. etc..  (see WildlyFreeWoman for more details if you are interested.)

I slowly “ran out of money” at the tail end of this time, and wanting to start an online resource website for midlife women I moved from my sabbatical area of New England to Oregon to pursue this. Needing money to fund this venture I went back into the medical field dragging my feet, but feeling it necessary.

Now we come to the present.  I moved to this area because of friends that were here, and to be closer to my children and granddaughter in California – but I did not move here for me.  Now, after working for almost 4 years in conventional medicine and going through a bankruptcy after poor financial decisions in the business I attempted to start – I am ready to let go and move on – inside and outside.

I have been writing weekly as a practice and publishing it to the world for a year now, and am passionately ready to jump into my full potential in life sans the regular “job with benefits” that catches so many people in its grip.  I am slowly learning that the freedom that I seek is within me, and the wealth that I seek is also within me.

Something happened to me this week when I was in nature.  In those moments I learned to become very still and receive what was right before me.  From that experience I was swept through with a peace that gently asked the fear to leave….and it did.  This is not to say that there won’t be times that I will need more courage to step forward to take action, but this peace is larger than the fear.

From this place I am practicing a deep letting go, faith that all will be revealed, and trust that wealth is already present in all the ways that will sustain me and then allow me to give back from a deeply nourished being.  Two things immediately happened to confirm that I have stepped into the stream that will unfold my future.

News of a tax refund soon to be deposited in my account, and a conversation with a globally connected friend who is inviting  me to consider joining her organization to do some administrative work with global experiential service programs for University students.  This organization is based in Bali, Indonesia – another “home” for me, and San Francisco – an old home for me.

The other action that was taken prior to all of this happening was to clear and update some old accounts so that the “stream bed” would be open to receive the “wealth flow”.  I might ask Richard now about other daily mindset practices or actions that can be integrated to ensure that I stay in the stream and not dam up the flow!

I leave this rather long post (I promise not to be so lengthy in the future, but back story was necessary here) with a piece of writing that speaks to the moments that peace took its place in my heart, and trust in taking action from my intuition and knowing took center stage.

I welcome your comments, inspiration, stories, and questions.  This is not only my journey my friends…this is our journey – for it feels to me, at this particular time on our planet, that each of us are under going shifts that will place us in our authentic creative expression in the world – and with each other.  Thank you for walking with me a bit on the path!


In The Gloaming

I stand still.
Still enough that I hear my own breath
moving in and out.
Then it happens.

What seemed to be a rather quiet walk
on a path well know
awakens my senses with a roar of natures sounds.
Frogs, owls, and then…

My stillness becomes greater.
The black and green field beyond suddenly
turning into a cacophony
of sound and movement.

Hundreds of birds lift off with a sound that rocks the soul,
all at the same time,
as if they had an agreement
to the exact timing that flight would take place.

The field no longer holds the black color.
It had been the birds in rest.
As I stand in amazement I watch
as they circle the field.

Some split off in other directions thinning the populous
like mutually agreed upon communities
separating off from the whole,
only to become yet another whole.

Others sit in a nearby tree.
Then, there are those that stay together,
circling until they land at a not so distant spot
from where they had been before.

Was this simply exercise time before dinner?
Or, is this a sacred dance
that has been choreographed for eons
down to the finest of life movements.

As the stillness deepens
I am invited to rest
in the mystery.
At peace…a part of the whole.  ( G.A. 3/2/11)

The Race Belief Monkey Is On My Back!


Ignoring the Race-Belief Monkey

The single thing that blocks the path to success is the monkey-on-your-shoulder.  This is the Race-Belief Monkey: the workings of your rational mind.

The Race-Belief Monkey is the part of your conscious mind that jabbers away incessantly.  He’s the one that is responsible for all the times you feel like a victim, instead of the wonderful being that you are.  He revels in making badges that say: “I’m a victim of life and I’m proud of it!”

You’ll recognize the Race-Belief Monkey if you’ve ever thought any of these sorts of things:

“I can’t do that, it looks far too dangerous.  Don’t eat that, it will make you fat.  That’s never going to work.  I’m not good enough.  My bum’s too big.  I hate myself.  I wish I was somewhere else.  I wish life wasn’t so hard.  How come everyone else makes money when I can’t?  What’s the use?  I hate my boss.  How could she leave me?  I’m rubbish at this.  I wish I was as good looking as that.  I wish I was someone else.  Life’s not fair!  I wish that dessert was mine.  I’m no good in bed.  I wish I was thinner.  I can’t pay my bills.  I’m a failure!  I’m an idiot!  I’m a moron!”

Any of those phrases sound familiar?  If so, you know the monkey I’m talking about.

The Race-Belief Monkey is not going to go away, but to follow your Divine Path you must train yourself to ignore him.  You must learn how to take off those “I’m a Victim!” badges and throw them away – each and every day.  You must stop yourself in mid-thought and say: “I’m not listening to you” or “I remember who I am.”  This keeps the monkey at arms-length.

The monkey will find all kinds of rational excuses for you not to follow your Divine Path.  He will tell you things like: “That will never work!” or: “Only a fool would believe life can be so simple!”  He’ll give you lots of examples from your past life when things didn’t go well in order to put you off.  And he will predict all sorts of possible failures in the future.  He’ll do all this in order to stop you from following your Divine Path.

Why does the Race-Belief Monkey want you not to follow your Divine Path?  Because he wants you to be the same as everyone else.  He wants you to stay inside the Conformity Funnel of “This is how the world is and this is your place in it!”  The last thing he wants is for you to stick out from the crowd.

You’ll know when you are listening to the Race-Belief Monkey rather than following your Divine Design, because everything he says to you creates fear, doubt and apprehension in your mind and body.

Fear and doubt block you from your Divine Path.  They are the circuit-breakers of your seamless electrical system, creating an interference pattern between you and your reception of the radio-waves of the Great Game of Life.  That is why you must choose love over fear.  Love tunes you back into the radio-waves of the Divine Design, the station of success.

The single most important question to ask yourself is: “Am I acting from fear or love?”  (You can use the word faith here, if you prefer).  Ask this question, each and every moment of the day.  If the answer is that you are acting from fear, simply re-direct yourself back onto the path that makes you feel good!


Though The Brit is on vacation this week,and the post above is one that is contained within the book Divine Wealth, it was absolutely perfectly timed for me!

You see, like many at this time, I am going through a major life shift where I am leaving a profession that I have been in off and on for over 30 years -conventional medicine –  and seeking livelihood that is in alignment with my heart, soul and values.  Even when I had my own business in yoga therapy, massage and energy work I would rely on this profession as a “backup plan” – a safety net if you will.  There is nothing wrong with that – but I now recognize that it has kept me from fully embodying the purpose, creativity and wisdom that I have to share.

In addition, I know that it is time to relocate to a new outside “home” that vibrates with “soul” , that embraces me in constant possibility and opportunity , that wakes me up, or perhaps shakes me up, to step into the innate embodiment of wealth in all of its forms.  I might add here – with confidence!

For over a year now I have been attempting to extricate myself from a “job” that does not align with my beliefs or values.  At the beginning of this year it was clear that I had no more time to waste.  Giving my “unofficial notice” at work I declared that I would be leaving by the end of May, with no certain means of income in mind.  I would leave the safety mindset of a “paycheck”, “benefits” and a job that I am proficient at.  Now the journey really fires up!

At the core of this journey is the one thing that has me traveling in and out of fear, which sometimes amps itself up into terror!  That is the financial piece.  The money part of wealth.  Now there is an immense amount of information that is out there on creating money, investing money, how to make money, belief systems on money, and on and on and on.  Let me tell you that I have read and worked with most of them already.

But, this doesn’t mean that when the rubber hits the road that there isn’t a huge amount of discomfort that shows up.  It is the real life, in the moment,  application of confronting what The Brit calls the Race Belief Monkey – who is often directly on your shoulder shouting in your ear!

This week I have been having a rather difficult time back on the “job” after a week off in which I fully felt and embodied the freedom of being in creative mind and having the time to linger there.   I personally really needed the Race-Belief Monkey piece because my mind has been very busy creating scenarios like “what are you thinking -at your age?!!”  “you are going to quit your job and not know right now that there is a back up plan!”  “You must be delusional, crazy or both.”  etc etc etc…..and yes I have been applying what The Brit writes above, and giving my fear a warm embrace often which softens it incredibly.  Monkeys love hugs too!

In a staff meeting recently the manager brought up my leaving in May just in the course of what she was talking about. I felt myself feel the elation of knowing that I am leaving, the disorientation around not knowing what is going to unfold in the next 3 months, and of course my often present companion these days – fear.  I do see all of it as a catalyst and a vivid reminder that I am on the right path, but that bodily feeling of impending “death” often takes me for a ride.

The remedy I found for comfort in the moment, and to keep me taking action on this path without doubting my sanity, was to extend the practice of loving kindness towards myself.  I would become the source of these feelings beyond any judgments that may arise.  Embracing in my own heart the feelings of  self love, acceptance and kindness.  This field of loving kindness is limitless and when I hold and cradle it in my own heart it then can extend to others…and into this journey that has me teetering on the edge of the cliff.


May I be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm
May I be happy and contented
May I be healthy and whole to whatever degree possible
May I experience ease of well being…

Stay tuned for The Brit and American dialog next week as the Divine Wealth journey continues….


Lynn Twist

The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist