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Demand Definite Leads

Dear Gaye,

Before I move on to Divine Wallops…a quick note.

You asked me “off air” how to reach the trust and faith that everything will come about as you desire.  My first comment is to know that everything you dream of has ALREADY come about on the metaphysical plane, where there is no such thing as delay.  Belief in waiting for something to happen is part of the Conformity Funnel and plays no part in wealth creation unless we allow it to.

Secondly: how to listen-up to the Divine Nudges we talked about.

It is not always easy to follow the Divine Nudges that are sent our way.  Anxieties naturally creep in, often just at the least convenient moments.  Old fears raise their heads above the windowsill, peering in at you and making you tremble.  It can be confusing to know what to do.

One quick way to turn your attention back to the matter in hand (which is to create wealth in all its forms as quickly and effortlessly as possible) is to make sure you demand definite leads.  This will help you to distinguish between a Divine Nudge and a jolt of fear based on old belief patterns.

Don’t be wishy washy with this one.  Demand leads (rather than asking for them).  Make definite statements – aloud if it helps.

For instance, you are about to look for somewhere to live in Austin, so make this statement: “I give thanks for finding the perfect new home at the perfect time in the perfect place” or “Bring me the right home at the right time in which I can flourish in every way.”

Don’t ask for a particular house or apartment.  A lot of people make this mistake, asking for something very specific and then being disappointed when it doesn’t materialize.  “But Richard,” they say to me, “I followed your advice and demanded a definite outcome, but still didn’t get what I wanted”.

“That’s because it was obviously not what is best for you,” is my reply.  “You must make the definite demand, then hand over, trusting in the Way of the Weft, which is to listen, understand and respond in kind.  If what you are asking for is in line with who you really are, you will receive the desired outcome (often much more quickly than appears possible!)

Indeed, it cannot be taken from you, because it is ALREADY YOURS.  On the other hand, if what you are demanding is not in line with who you really are, it will never bring you fulfilment, so be grateful for not getting it!”

In other words, if something is not forthcoming, don’t push it.  Struggle is part of the old race-belief, rather than the way of Natural Wealth. If you push something against its grain, you will only be pushing against your own.

For you right now, Gaye, the following demand might be useful: “Show me the perfect way to turn my income into six figures, now!”  Or you can make this larger.  It’s up to you.  We are limited only by our expectations and our ability to choose to go beyond them!

Remember, we receive Divine Nudges ALL THE TIME: every second, every day – with each breath that we take.  They are part of what inspires us.  To help you to heed them, try simple statements like these: “I am fully awake in to my intuitions!  I never miss a single trick!  Give me definite leads!”

Add to that something that helps transform indecisiveness (one of the least useful things in business) into courage by stating: “I see clearly.  I feel fully.  I let my heart decide!”

One thing here.  Affirmations and demands such as these are simply tools to help direct you back to the Path of Natural Wealth.  They are not the key to achieving your goals, because they are rooted in thought.

This is where a lot of people go wrong.  They think that simply by thinking something it will immediately be so.  But there is more to it than that.  Thinking something is useful, but only if you have already changed the way you think from how you used to.  We can’t change our lives if we’re still using old thought-patterns to do it.  That’s like Einstein’s definition of insanity, doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result!

Changing the way we think is a starting point, but thoughts themselves do not activate lasting changes in our circumstances.  They are the signposts, not the destination.  They merely direct us onto to path.  

What is it then that creates the real shifts and brings about swiftest, most effective change?  Feelings.  Change the way we feel and we shift the way we think, which means we start creating in a whole new way.  

Feelings produce a deeper knowledge that runs within the cells without the resistance of logic.  That knowledge brings certainty, calmness, assurance.  It is the candle that lights your way to Natural Wealth and your Faith and Trust are the hands cupped around it, ensuring that the flame never blows out.

PRACTICE:  So, my encouragement is to always have fun when you’re making demands or affirmations like the ones above.  Sing them out loud.  Chant them.  Dance to them.  Combine physical movement with the words.  Get to a place where you can FEEL the shift inside you, the movement from fear to faith. Then bring that feeling with you into the day.  If you waver at any moment, simply repeat the process (no matter where you are!) until you recapture the feeling.

Having fun with it really IS key!

Until next time,

Nudges and Wallops

Dear Gaye,

Ah yes, the challenge of trusting in the way of things: it is perhaps the hardest challenge of all.  We all have to deal with it, each and every day (or at least, we do if we were brought up in the west), but there are laws that underpin all existence I know you have a resistance to that word “law”, but I cannot think of a better word for the principles that lie behind and within all of creation: principles of light, frequency and resonance: the simple yet exquisite maths that forms the weft of the web around and within us. One of these laws is that when we hand over trust entirely to those governing principles, we empower ourselves in a new and significant way.  We stop resisting and start “going with the flow”.  That flow leads us, just as inexorably as a stream will lead us to the sea, to our natural wealth (something we all inherit).

It’s only when we don’t trust (when we resist the flow) that we become frustrated, angry, or sick; causing the dis-ease within us that shows up either as sickness, poverty or unhappiness.

The great thing is: we are given lessons all the time, each and every moment of the day.  These lessons point us back to the flow.  “There is the stream!” we are told.  “Go with it!  No matter how crazy it seems.  No matter how much your head says it doesn’t like the idea.  Go with flow.  Re-join the stream.  It’s part of you!”

Those lessons come as what I call Divine Nudges, as you say.  At first, the nudges will be gentle, for we rarely stray far from the path to natural wealth when we are young.  We know better than that.  So, we may pick up a slight illness or feel a headache come on.  That’s when to stop and say to yourself: “Am I acting from fear or faith?”  Faith (trust) will always lead you back to the refreshing waters of the stream, the flow that leads to your Natural Wealth.

As we get older, we get more and more used to ignoring those warning signs.  The checks get bigger, just like the mortgage and now there are credit card bills to pay and gas to put in the tank and groceries to buy…not just for us but for our families too.  So we rationalise ourselves further and further from the stream.  We learn not to go with the flow.  And the lessons become more extreme.

Instead of Divine Nudges, we run the risk of getting full-blown Divine Wallops-In-The-Face!  Serious illness (such as cancer) can be created, rather than a mild stomach pain or headache.  Our bank balance can go from apparent comfort to zero almost overnight.  Our loved ones may leave us.

This is something that happens to many, many people (I believe it’s happened to both you and me over the years) yet we so often still don’t heed the lessons.  This is most likely because trusting in the weft of the web, the laws that underpin all existence is not something we are used to doing.  The Conformity Funnel has seen to that.

The best compass I can offer for you to point the way back to the stream is to keep asking yourself that single question, again and again: “Am I acting from fear or faith?”  It’s a simple, quick way to take back control, whilst simultaneously “handing over to trust”.

If the answer is “fear”, change direction.  Right then and there.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t wait for the Divine Nudge to become a Wallop!  (I’ve had a few of these and they aren’t pleasant!).  Just go for it.  It may not be easy at first, but as with everything, the more you practice, the better you get at it.  And you find yourself going with the flow more and more often.  The furrowed brow more often becomes a smile: the smile that is a crucial aspect of your Natural Wealth (bearing in mind the Chinese Proverb that says: “A man who cannot smile must not open a shop”!

Often the systems by which we gauge wealth (such as the dial in your car) show us our subconscious fears: in this case, your fear of “running on empty” or running out altogether.  You manifested the empty-sign as an outward gauge of your inner beliefs.  That was your Divine Nudge.

The great thing is, you felt it and acted on it, which led to the second realisation, the clarification that your old habit was to check, check and check again (just to make sure the last mile had not somehow used up all your fuel!)  Now that you’ve noticed that old habit, you can toss it in the recycle bin.  One more thing off the list!  That’s how the flow works.  One thing leads to another, small stream becomes broad river, until one day we reach the sea.

Bearing in mind that our journey to the sea is not one that ends there…

Until next time, my best wishes, as ever,

Hand Over, Switch On!

April 29th 2011.

Dear Gaye,

Thank you for your latest post and the wonderful quotation from Marianne.  Just a few words from me this morning in reply:

It occurred to me when thinking about your previous post that the lessons brought to you on your recent trip to Austin are worth highlighting.  I believe the perfect lessons are brought to us each and every day for us to learn and grow.  When we follow the divine nudges of intuition and inspiration, we show that we are learning and acting on those lessons.  If we stop short (as you put it) and allow our heads to overrule our hearts, we are provided with the same lesson again and again until we “get it” and do things differently next time.

Case in point: your journey to Austin.  As with any journey (particularly into unknown territory or at night) we cannot see our destination whilst we travel.  Even if we know where we are going, at any given moment we see only what’s in front of us.  We don’t look beyond the horizon or round the bend.  We pay attention to the road at that moment.

In your case, as you drove over that overpass into Austin, you were faced with choices.  Do I turn left or right?  Do I go straight on?  You were looking for something, some marker to show you the way.  At moments a nagging fear ran through you.  “I should turn back” a little voice whispered in your ear.  “What am I doing here?”  “I should go back to where I know things are safe.”  But you didn’t.  You carried on.  You trusted in the journey.

Turning back would have been a bad idea…especially since all the traffic would have been headed against you!  So, you reached your destination, trusting (illogically) that you’d get there, and then came back again.  On the way back, as you sat down in your seat on the aeroplane you had even less of an idea of what was coming up around the next bend because you were not even going to be on a road.  You weren’t even going to be driving!  Did you panic and cry “Stop!  Take me back!”  No.  You handed over to the pilot.  You trusted it would work out. And it did.

Handing over like this is perhaps one of the most important steps on the journey.  As we’ve seen, the Conformity Funnel teaches us to rely on support systems based on beliefs rather than faith.  And beliefs are not really applicable to the here and now.  That’s why taking the leap of faith is often so challenging.

The funny thing is we all do it each time we get in a car or board an aeroplane.  We can never see beyond the next bend until we get there.  We can’t look out at the runway of our destination until moments before we touch down.  Yet we all drive (most of us each day) and many of us jump on an aeroplane without batting an eyelid.  Each time we are showing faith, trusting we will get there.  And we do.

So who or what is it that we benefit most from “handing over to”?  Our hearts.

In an earlier post I mentioned how the heart is way ahead of the head when it comes to reacting to stimuli and informing us which direction to turn.  The head only clicks in afterwards.  It’s the heart which is pre-cognitive.

There’s a good reason for this.  Which is the first organ to be created from the division of cells that starts at the moment each of us is conceived?  Is it the head?  No, it is the heart.  Our hearts are the very first organs to function.  Teeny weeny to begin with, they continue to beat each and every moment of our lives.  “Oo-boom, oo-boom”: all the way through until the final breath.  That’s why I call them “illogically consistent”.  They just keep on going, through thick and thin, no matter what happens to our brains, livers, kidneys or any of the other bits and bobs that make up the extraordinary circuit of the body that we live inside.

And a circuit it is; exquisitely designed, each cell containing intelligence far beyond the scope of our current understanding.

Think of your body as a house.  It is fully wired, all ready for you when you step into it for the first time.  In this analogy, your head is a light switch.  As you flick the switch, light fills the room.  Life is a series of rooms, each of which you illuminate when you flick the switch to “on”.  But the heart is much more important.  It is the central fuse-box, the connector to the generator that allows current to flow through each and every room, whenever you need it. Yes, the switches are important. They activate your perception of each room.  But the heart is connected to all the rooms all the time via all the wires that run “behind the scenes”.

On top of that, your heart is connected to the “outer world” as well.  Your head deals only with what is inside the “house” in which you live.  But from the fuse-box there runs a strong wire.  Out from the house it goes, up onto a pole somewhere nearby where it meets the wires from other houses nearby.  At this point it merges with them.  It is not alone.

Travel further along this wire and you’ll come to another pole where several other wires (each carrying current to several houses) meet.  Move further along and you’ll eventually reach the power source that feeds all the houses.  In this image, that’s the Force of Life, God, Divinity – whatever name you choose to give the energy that gives life.

It’s our hearts, not our heads that are connected to this ultimate generator, via an umbilical cord that is never severed (not even in death).  That’s why (for me) when we make choices based on love rather than fear, we simply cannot go “wrong”.  When we do this, we are “handing over” to a much greater power than any individual source.  We are handing over to the ultimate pilot, the force that moves both seen and unseen through every living cell, be that of bird, fish, insect, animal, plant or man (we can debate another time its existence in minerals and crystals too).

Electricity is what gives us life, from the moment the sperm enters the ovum, creating the energy explosion that ones day walks, talks and eats and has conversations under the guise of Gaye or Richard or whoever.  And the electricity that runs through us is not generated solely from within.  We are all connected to the ultimate generator, each and every one us; every moment of our lives. There’s no such thing as separation.

This is why acting in faith makes so much sense.  It’s in the handing over, the trusting of the heart over the head that we truly become “switched on”.  We link arms not just with our own heart, but with those of each human, animal, insect, bird or plant.  That is the Natural Wealth we all inherit and as you say, there’s no more of it in any one of us than there is in us all.  We’re all unique, we’re all the same.  Independent yet inextricably intertwined.  Which is why true wealth lies in our ability to share, to show compassion, to love.

“Oo-boom, Oo-boom!
I’m me, I’m free!
Oo-boom, oo-boom
We’re linked, you ‘n’ me!”

This has turned into a long post, but before I go I want to add one comment which is that I am no expert in this.  I’m not a guru.  I make mistakes each and every day.  Like I say, it’s a challenge.  Sometimes I rise to the challenge.  Sometimes I don’t.  That’s why I find it helps to ask myself each and every moment: “Am I acting from fear or love?”  I don’t always get it right, but asking the question helps direct me to answer “love” more and more often, each day.

Until next time, enjoy each breath,


The Flow of Faith or The Flaw of Belief?

Dear Gaye,

You are on a journey, just as we all are.  The adventure of “What will the next breath bring?”  It can be a roller-coaster ride, that journey, but as you say once you are on the downward curve of the overpass, there’s no turning back (because of the momentum not just of yourself but of all those cars around you).  It’s only when you come off that sweeping arc that you are faced with choice and the head has a chance to say “Which way now?”  And for all of us, it’s not long before it adds: “I should turn back!”

Turning back is an option, but not in the same lane.  That would be to immerse yourself in struggle, to attempt to go back to where you were inside the conformity funnel we mentioned.   But a lot of us do retrace our steps, returning back (along the other lane at least) to a place where we think we are safe.  Yet it never is.

There’s a good reason for this.  Nothing ever happens twice in the same way.  Not a single thing.  That’s the flaw of relying on beliefs (based on past experience) versus unfolding in the flow of faiths (trusting in the unknown future).

It’s Easter weekend right now, so let’s take a look around us.  We’ve all lived through Easters-past.  Each of us.  Yet whatever we might do to try to repeat one of those Easters, we just can’t.  Things have shifted within us.  Our cells have inevitably changed, some of them sloughing off, others growing afresh.  We are not the some beings we were last Easter, let alone a decade ago.  In fact: our bodies are entirely made up of new cells compared to a decade ago.  We’ve been born afresh, like one of the billions of incubating eggs sitting right now in nests all over the world…

So, if we are entirely new why is it we hold onto memories?  Why do we favour beliefs that hold us in the conformity funnel rather than living in trust that all areas of our lives will renew themselves, just as our cells do, each day?  Because we are taught to behave that way.  Our “elders and betters” tell us it’s the way to go and the hive mentality is strong within us, born from our deep desire to belong, to fit in, to be safe, secure, loved.  Yet that is the way of ultimate dissatisfaction, of compromise that more often than not leads to our cells malfunctioning, creating what we call dis-ease.

Why would anyone turn from the logical comfort of belief to the illogicality of faith?  Because examples of “nothing ever happening twice” are all around us, in every nook and corner we may care to look.

Our world is not a static one.  Watch the sun dip over the horizon and you suddenly become aware of the speed at which out planet spins.  Look at micro-organisms under a powerful magnifying glass and you will see a world of perpetual movement.  Cast your mind out and you’ll see the whole galaxy of the Milky Way is hurtling (is it forward or back?) along at remarkable speed.  And the universe itself is expanding outward, like the exhalation of an enormous breath, pushing itself into new territory with each passing second.  Territory where it has never been before.

Nothing ever happens twice in the same way.  We are never in the same place more than once.  We are ever-moving beings, emitting our own unique frequency within a world of vibration.  The trick is to enhance that vibration within us: to resonate most powerfully with the natural wealth that brings us Love, Wealth, Health and Self-Expression.

Beliefs hold us back from that.  They say “Do it the old way, the way you know best”.  Yet, the old way is (for most of us) not one that brought us Natural Wealth in the four forms mentioned above.  It’s usually the way that brought us lack, fear, doubt….

Faiths allow us to breathe.  They direct us to the very moment in which we are, right now: whether that be driving along the overpass, turning left or right, filling in a twelve-page form, or showering beneath the outstretched arms of a tall oak!

Each of those moments is a balancing act between the head whispering “Do it the old way, Gaye!”  “Trust your belief-systems!”  “Do it the same way as everyone else!”  and the heart which is simply beating the consistent pulse that resonates throughout each cell of your body, causing you to emit microwaves of energy that reach out into the room around you, exploring your world with inevitable, insatiable curiosity as they ripple out into Austin (if that’s where you move) across the arid lands of Texas, informing you of fluctuations in the winds over the rolling oceans, dancing between the leaves of banana plants in the tropics, reclining on the remotest volcanic outcrop in the Pacific at precisely the same moment as they shiver along the highest peaks of the Himalayas.  Not content with this, they simultaneously weave their way deep into the ground beneath your feet, fingering the rich soil, flashing through the Earth’s molten core in the very same instant as they cast themselves into the skies overhead, instantaneously caressing the hugest nebulae and the tiniest sub-atomic quark…giving you feedback on all of these things (and many more) each and every second of each day.

The (logical part of the) head deals with one thing at a time.  It can only process thoughts based on past experiences.  The (illogically consistent) heart resonates with everything in existence, right now at this very moment.  As such, it touches all things past and all things future too, unifying them in this very moment, as you take each breath.

Which one has the greater power?  Ah, well, that’s not for me to say…

But I will say this: have a wonderful, relaxing Easter Weekend!

Love and Best Wishes,

Breaking Free From The Conformity Funnel

Dear Gaye,

Love your last post, with the definitions of the word “conformity”.  It’s a word that plays such a big part in so many lives.  I think all three definitions have equal effect on us, if we are not careful.  In the course and book that we’ll be bringing out later this month, I talk in some detail about the process by which we’re led into what I call The Conformity Funnel.  It’s a process most of us in the West go through.

As young children we start off with all the enthusiasm and passion for life that we are destined to bring into the world.  We have no limitations, no restricting thoughts that tell us we “should” or “shouldn’t” behave in a particular way.  Possibilities are endless, reaching out all around us into the world at large: a world we love being part of, a world we trust completely.

We carry this enthusiasm with us into our first forays of school-life.  At five we’re happy to volunteer answers.  If we get it “wrong” we don’t care.  We just come up with another answer until the adult in the room says “That’s right.”

My view is that every answer is the right answer: no matter what the current “social norm” dictates.  But that’s another story.

As we go through school, our lives become more and more proscribed.  We are taught to conform in all the ways that you mention: ways we are all familiar with.  This has a knock-on effect right the way through life, informing our judgments about our selves and others each and every day.

We become less and less willing to take risks, because the pressure to behave like “most people” grows on us.  We start doing things that we really don’t enjoy or agree with in order to be accepted by the “group”.  The hive mentality is foisted on us.

It’s an amazing transformation: moving from the unbounded enthusiasm of young childhood into the restricted self-consciousness of adult like.  And the world most of us occupy reinforces that transformation through the media, most especially the television, which is perhaps the greatest tool for keeping everyone inside the “box” that you talk of.

This is why what you are doing right now is so brave.  You are stepping outside the Conformity Funnel with all the joy and passion that you brought to your early years.  You are an example for us all and I’d like to salute your courage here and now.

One thing I would say as you take this leap: choose who you share your plans with well.  Many people who are stuck inside the Conformity Funnel want everyone else to stay there too and when they see someone stepping out of it with open arms, they can often say things to cast doubt on the wisdom of following the heart.

In these early stages of your new journey, it is important not to hear those who doubt or shake their heads and say such things as “Oooh, that sounds very risky” etc.  Ideas are like seeds.  You weed the ground, sow the seed and then water the shoots as they grow from “nothing” into the full plants that will one day bear fruit.  In the early stages of their development, negative comments can act like frost on those early shoots, nipping ideas in the bud.  So, surround yourself with those who support, love and encourage your endeavours.  That way, breaking free from the Conformity Funnel is much easier.

Follow the heart, Gaye.  Be as outside-the-box as you wish!  There are many examples from history that teach us this is the way to go: people like Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein and all those who were eccentric enough to have faith in the future rather than relying on old systems of belief.  We remember those who break the mold, rather than those who follow the herd.

If you like, my next blog can be based around beliefs, how they are formed, and why they really have no place in decision-making when it comes to bringing wealth to us in all its forms.

Until then, enjoy the journey!

Best wishes, Richard.