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Soul Musings/Day 6: Be Somebody?


You might have to excuse me but I was rather confused by a large billboard on the side of the freeway today with large black letters on it stating: Be Somebody!

Now my confusion came because I thought that I was already being me. Why would I want to be someone or something else?

Then the brain waves cleared a little and I realized that it was that nasty subliminal marketing trick of reminding you that either you are not good enough the way you are….or you are essentially flawed so must do something about it to “be somebody”!

Now how did we get into this mess in the first place? Could it have been that story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? Or perhaps a long ago ancestor that wanted to drive sales up so convinced everyone that they must have, do or wear something in order to be somebody.

My Soul is shocked by the very idea of being just “somebody” when there is so much in simply being who we are.

Tip for the day: Gracefully (and gratefully) accept and express every single cell of your being for there rests the fate of the world.



Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Soul of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time

Soul Musings is a 31-day practice for the month of December immersed in deep listening to what is emerging and unfolding day by day.  Eight sentences with occasional resources to explore more deeply.

Each post, invited by Soul, allows the words to emerge unscathed from prior planning, editing, or censorship.  Dwelling in uncertainty and dipping a toe into mystery this union of words is an attempt to resonate within an innate way of Being…. returning “home”.

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