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Courageous or Crazy? Painting Outside of The Lines

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us “universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”Albert Einstein

I start with this beautiful and insightful quote by Einstein as I believe that when we choose to walk upon what Richard and I call the path of Natural Wealth we must keep opening to “widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty”.

I find that as we do this we can no longer accept separation from the whole, but instead must embody the wealth of the life that we have been given,  constantly learning that as we are courageous – or crazy as some people will judge – this widens our experience of the life we have been given.

I am finding that part of being courageous is to “demand definite leads” as Richard stated in his last post, and then actively follow them!  Playing a passive role in a life changing self-created shift just doesn’t seem to work. However,  I have to confess that the word “demand” did make me uncomfortable as it energetically made me picture a willful child demanding that they get their way.  Unyielding! …yet this journey “demands” that at times we must yield, or let go into following the leads as they appear at our doorstep.

So given all of that…the word that I have chosen for myself is “declaring” that definite leads are coming my way – and they are!.  A matter of semantics perhaps…..but finding the right fit, being aware of how it feels inside, and seeing what it ignites on my particular path of Natural Wealth is important….. and a confirmation of what you Richard have spoken on about the importance of feelings!

Feelings produce a deeper knowledge that runs within the cells without the resistance of logic.  That knowledge brings certainty, calmness, assurance.  It is the candle that lights your way to Natural Wealth and your Faith and Trust are the hands cupped around it, ensuring that the flame never blows out.”

Follow Every Lead” is also something that I would add to this discussion.  Our minds would have us judge many of the “nudges”, or leads, that come our way each day  as not important, not acceptable to follow,  “impossible”, or they get overlooked all together.  I am here to say – follow every one!…and trust that your feelings/heart will tell you when you should let go or turn in another direction.  I would go so far as to say definitely follow those leads that seem rather crazy to you or that you have never even considered.  They often are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! (more stories in future posts!)

As I was slogging through the cleaning and packing up of my little cottage this past weekend in preparation for my move to a friend’s home for the next 5 weeks before the launch to Austin,  I found myself doubting my sanity in moments.  This move out would mark yet another step forward with all indications that there was “no turning back!”  Was I really doing the “right” thing?

Just as I was in the midst of those feelings a very large bird appeared outside of my sliding glass door soaring in the air completely free and at liberty to go wherever he/she wanted to go.   As Richard’s bird saved him from a head on collision with a lorry, my bird reminded me of my hearts strong message that I definitely am on the right path and I am actually free in this very moment….and all of the moments to follow.  It is a matter of perception, and willingness to keep listening to the hearts constant guidance.

And the “craziness” continues……A month or more ago I declared that I was moving to Austin and moving out of my current home before the actual relocation. A week ago I gave notice at my current nursing job that my last day would be 7/1/11.

As I take each step I am making it an intriguing practice to listen to what other people comment about my particular journey.  Most of these comments or questions have to do with quitting a “secure job with benefits”, moving to a new location where I have not secured a “job”, not having a “secured” home to live in once I arrive there,  or the reason for the relocation must have to be a man, family or friends.    Note worthy is the word “secure” whether it be stated outright or merely inferred.

The most common comment made to me is that I am very brave…or maybe I am just crazy!  I can actually see/feel these people quacking in their boots so to speak at the mere thought of this free fall of trust!  Our culture has brain washed us well.  The next comment that people make is “I would be too scared to do what you are doing”.   So I ask you, am I courageous or am I simply crazy??

My answer to this, if you would like to know, is that I am both – and proud to claim the last one!  Living our lives inside of the lines of accepted cultural thought and roles is acceptable.  Given this, if one colors outside of the lines – then you must be crazy!

What if crazy means living in possibility and trust.  Not having to pin down anything because you have opened to your whole being (some would say God here) and aligned with possibility and opportunity.   Being and embodying the magnificent being that you are, loving and living fiercely within that sacred space of your life.

In parting I say,  join me as I get out the paints, allow the heart to guide the way, and definitely paint outside of the lines that have been drawn around a carefully self-contained life.  “…… “It is the candle that lights your way to Natural Wealth and your Faith and Trust are the hands cupped around it, ensuring that the flame never blows out.”

It may be messy….but oh what fun!!



Demand Definite Leads

Dear Gaye,

Before I move on to Divine Wallops…a quick note.

You asked me “off air” how to reach the trust and faith that everything will come about as you desire.  My first comment is to know that everything you dream of has ALREADY come about on the metaphysical plane, where there is no such thing as delay.  Belief in waiting for something to happen is part of the Conformity Funnel and plays no part in wealth creation unless we allow it to.

Secondly: how to listen-up to the Divine Nudges we talked about.

It is not always easy to follow the Divine Nudges that are sent our way.  Anxieties naturally creep in, often just at the least convenient moments.  Old fears raise their heads above the windowsill, peering in at you and making you tremble.  It can be confusing to know what to do.

One quick way to turn your attention back to the matter in hand (which is to create wealth in all its forms as quickly and effortlessly as possible) is to make sure you demand definite leads.  This will help you to distinguish between a Divine Nudge and a jolt of fear based on old belief patterns.

Don’t be wishy washy with this one.  Demand leads (rather than asking for them).  Make definite statements – aloud if it helps.

For instance, you are about to look for somewhere to live in Austin, so make this statement: “I give thanks for finding the perfect new home at the perfect time in the perfect place” or “Bring me the right home at the right time in which I can flourish in every way.”

Don’t ask for a particular house or apartment.  A lot of people make this mistake, asking for something very specific and then being disappointed when it doesn’t materialize.  “But Richard,” they say to me, “I followed your advice and demanded a definite outcome, but still didn’t get what I wanted”.

“That’s because it was obviously not what is best for you,” is my reply.  “You must make the definite demand, then hand over, trusting in the Way of the Weft, which is to listen, understand and respond in kind.  If what you are asking for is in line with who you really are, you will receive the desired outcome (often much more quickly than appears possible!)

Indeed, it cannot be taken from you, because it is ALREADY YOURS.  On the other hand, if what you are demanding is not in line with who you really are, it will never bring you fulfilment, so be grateful for not getting it!”

In other words, if something is not forthcoming, don’t push it.  Struggle is part of the old race-belief, rather than the way of Natural Wealth. If you push something against its grain, you will only be pushing against your own.

For you right now, Gaye, the following demand might be useful: “Show me the perfect way to turn my income into six figures, now!”  Or you can make this larger.  It’s up to you.  We are limited only by our expectations and our ability to choose to go beyond them!

Remember, we receive Divine Nudges ALL THE TIME: every second, every day – with each breath that we take.  They are part of what inspires us.  To help you to heed them, try simple statements like these: “I am fully awake in to my intuitions!  I never miss a single trick!  Give me definite leads!”

Add to that something that helps transform indecisiveness (one of the least useful things in business) into courage by stating: “I see clearly.  I feel fully.  I let my heart decide!”

One thing here.  Affirmations and demands such as these are simply tools to help direct you back to the Path of Natural Wealth.  They are not the key to achieving your goals, because they are rooted in thought.

This is where a lot of people go wrong.  They think that simply by thinking something it will immediately be so.  But there is more to it than that.  Thinking something is useful, but only if you have already changed the way you think from how you used to.  We can’t change our lives if we’re still using old thought-patterns to do it.  That’s like Einstein’s definition of insanity, doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result!

Changing the way we think is a starting point, but thoughts themselves do not activate lasting changes in our circumstances.  They are the signposts, not the destination.  They merely direct us onto to path.  

What is it then that creates the real shifts and brings about swiftest, most effective change?  Feelings.  Change the way we feel and we shift the way we think, which means we start creating in a whole new way.  

Feelings produce a deeper knowledge that runs within the cells without the resistance of logic.  That knowledge brings certainty, calmness, assurance.  It is the candle that lights your way to Natural Wealth and your Faith and Trust are the hands cupped around it, ensuring that the flame never blows out.

PRACTICE:  So, my encouragement is to always have fun when you’re making demands or affirmations like the ones above.  Sing them out loud.  Chant them.  Dance to them.  Combine physical movement with the words.  Get to a place where you can FEEL the shift inside you, the movement from fear to faith. Then bring that feeling with you into the day.  If you waver at any moment, simply repeat the process (no matter where you are!) until you recapture the feeling.

Having fun with it really IS key!

Until next time,

Rewiring The Receiving Circuits – The Law of Giving & Receiving

Part of Natural Wealth to me is being able to receive attention, recognition, gifts, money, love, support, and mentoring from others, nature – and the universe for that matter –  with grace and openness.  If this is indeed true, then I almost failed that particular Natural Wealth test last week.

Some of us are hard wired for giving, which is good if in balance with the ability to receive.  Did you ever think that there was a “receiving limit”, that when reached could result in all manner of stories being created to sabotage wealth in all of its forms that naturally want to flow towards you?

Well, I promised to tell you this tale last post, so briefly here it is.  After putting an ad on an internet based “want ads” called Craig’s list for the home sanctuary that I am looking for in Austin, I received a reply from a real estate agent associated with a high end agency there.  His e-mail was warm and inviting towards helping me to find what I wanted.  As I am not into buying property there at this time, I informed him of such in my response back to him.

After several e-mails back and forth I realized that this man was really there to help me gratis by sending me listings of rentals in the areas that I wanted, driving my friend in Austin to view properties for me, and even negotiating on my behalf when I found something that I wanted.

After a few days I was pleased to realize that I was opening nicely to receiving this help (yet another sign for me that I am on the right path) and knew that once I moved to the area and started networking that I certainly would refer people his way that were looking to buy (by the way, he never asked for this).

Then I hit the “receiving wall” after I decided that I wanted to see a picture of this agent – I am very visual and it helps me to connect to know who I am corresponding with.  Entering his name into the proper box for agents with this company I was stunned to see that not only was there no picture, but he was not listed at all!  Contraction hit me – body, breath and mind – like a big wallop.

An e-mail flew to him that night stating that I hoped that he was not offended but Craigs list did have somewhat of a reputation with a history of some incidents of people running scams, and I curiously wondered why I could not find him in the listing of agents.  It turns out that he responded that very same night, but I did not receive his e-mail until the next morning.

Meanwhile, sleep that night was incredibly fitful as my dreams conjured up an entire group of scammers that enticed unknowing prospective “clients” into putting down deposits on homes and absconding with them….and it went on from there.  This man couldn’t possibly be real as he wasn’t asking anything of me!

In the morning the e-mail from Marc gave every way in which I could check on his validity as an agent there including his license number and the name of the secretary I could call at the agency to verify his association with them.  His reason for not having a picture listing was “I do my marketing in a somewhat different way from everyone else”….(ahhh, someone that colors outside of the lines and steps out of the box!!)  Attached to this e-mail was a wonderful picture of him and his favorite person in the whole world – his 5 year old son, who by the way looks very much like him.

It was from this place that I realized I had almost closed down on receiving from this very generous soul who really wanted to assist me with my relocation to a city that he dearly loves.   Yes, it could have possibly not been legitimate, and it was important that I check it out….but what I realized very strongly is that my heart and intuition had been telling me all along that here was a good man to be trusted and to gratefully accept him as part of my Austin relocation team.

What an amazing lesson in trusting the heart and opening to receiving!!  I do believe that my “receiving circuits” were immediately rewired in that moment.  What a gift!

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

Since then Marc and I have talked by phone and I have been able to express my immense gratitude for his help and his time.  Anyone out there looking to buy a home in Austin, TX….well I have the agent for you!!


Uncomfortable Territory – Expanding Consciousness

Expanding consciousness is the riskiest enterprise on earth. We endanger the status quo. We endanger our comfort. And if we do not have the nerve  to resolve the ensuing conflicts, we endanger our sanity.   – Marilyn Feguson

When one embarks on changing the status quo of their life the ensuing adventure (for that is what I would like to call it) is filled with “wake up calls” all along the way – or what Richard has called “Divine nudges”. We are given the opportunity to choose an act of fear or an act of love….and to decide whether we are in old beliefs that no longer serve us, or trust and faith that we are being lead in exactly the right direction for the next step along the path.

This past week there were two wake up calls that made me realize that things are heating up a bit since I decided to move to Austin in a couple of months (and I don’t mean the Texas weather either!). By heating up I mean events that allow me to see the deeper contractions or beliefs that will ultimately get in my way as I expand both personally, in this relocation shift, and in my creative endeavors.

Have any of you had a glitch in the gas gauge of your car? This particular malfunction had those little bars that show how much gas you have not showing a full tank when I decided to scrimp a bit and only fill partially. Well there seemed to be two things going on here (besides the mechanical reason for this incident). One was the contraction around filling the tank completely due to distrust of a flow of wealth.

The second was even more revealing. Although I had a full tank of gas to drive to Portland the little bars were not reflecting that at all, but instead were telling me that it was definitely time to get gas. It was then that I realized I routinely checked that gauge constantly (like every few minutes it seemed!) and now I had to TRUST that all was well and that I had plenty of gas without being able to see the visible signs of it on my gauge.

Well, at first it was OK because I knew that I had just filled the tank up. Then as a few days passed I felt the discomfort in seemingly “not knowing” whether I had “enough” or not. Finally I got it! I did have enough gas to get me where I was going because when it was time to get more then one of the 3 bars would disappear.  Big breath….relaxing now!

However, I had to feel this, and trust my intuition and knowing because it was not visible to my eye (and my mind was too busy having an anxiety attack!) The questions before me reflected a far greater belief system of scarcity – How many other ways in my life do I not trust my knowing? How often do I discount the resources that are within me (my own inner gas tank) and actually all around, because I can’t see the evidence?

Acting from fear and scarcity only brought on more of the same. Acting from a knowing of wealth and “enough”, which certainly to me translates into coming from a place of love and trust,  gently pushed me along the way towards acceptance that everything would be OK,

Next post will tell the story of the second wake up call – a tale of reaching a self imposed limit to receiving….ouch!!… all in the same week!  Your turn Richard!


Hand Over, Switch On!

April 29th 2011.

Dear Gaye,

Thank you for your latest post and the wonderful quotation from Marianne.  Just a few words from me this morning in reply:

It occurred to me when thinking about your previous post that the lessons brought to you on your recent trip to Austin are worth highlighting.  I believe the perfect lessons are brought to us each and every day for us to learn and grow.  When we follow the divine nudges of intuition and inspiration, we show that we are learning and acting on those lessons.  If we stop short (as you put it) and allow our heads to overrule our hearts, we are provided with the same lesson again and again until we “get it” and do things differently next time.

Case in point: your journey to Austin.  As with any journey (particularly into unknown territory or at night) we cannot see our destination whilst we travel.  Even if we know where we are going, at any given moment we see only what’s in front of us.  We don’t look beyond the horizon or round the bend.  We pay attention to the road at that moment.

In your case, as you drove over that overpass into Austin, you were faced with choices.  Do I turn left or right?  Do I go straight on?  You were looking for something, some marker to show you the way.  At moments a nagging fear ran through you.  “I should turn back” a little voice whispered in your ear.  “What am I doing here?”  “I should go back to where I know things are safe.”  But you didn’t.  You carried on.  You trusted in the journey.

Turning back would have been a bad idea…especially since all the traffic would have been headed against you!  So, you reached your destination, trusting (illogically) that you’d get there, and then came back again.  On the way back, as you sat down in your seat on the aeroplane you had even less of an idea of what was coming up around the next bend because you were not even going to be on a road.  You weren’t even going to be driving!  Did you panic and cry “Stop!  Take me back!”  No.  You handed over to the pilot.  You trusted it would work out. And it did.

Handing over like this is perhaps one of the most important steps on the journey.  As we’ve seen, the Conformity Funnel teaches us to rely on support systems based on beliefs rather than faith.  And beliefs are not really applicable to the here and now.  That’s why taking the leap of faith is often so challenging.

The funny thing is we all do it each time we get in a car or board an aeroplane.  We can never see beyond the next bend until we get there.  We can’t look out at the runway of our destination until moments before we touch down.  Yet we all drive (most of us each day) and many of us jump on an aeroplane without batting an eyelid.  Each time we are showing faith, trusting we will get there.  And we do.

So who or what is it that we benefit most from “handing over to”?  Our hearts.

In an earlier post I mentioned how the heart is way ahead of the head when it comes to reacting to stimuli and informing us which direction to turn.  The head only clicks in afterwards.  It’s the heart which is pre-cognitive.

There’s a good reason for this.  Which is the first organ to be created from the division of cells that starts at the moment each of us is conceived?  Is it the head?  No, it is the heart.  Our hearts are the very first organs to function.  Teeny weeny to begin with, they continue to beat each and every moment of our lives.  “Oo-boom, oo-boom”: all the way through until the final breath.  That’s why I call them “illogically consistent”.  They just keep on going, through thick and thin, no matter what happens to our brains, livers, kidneys or any of the other bits and bobs that make up the extraordinary circuit of the body that we live inside.

And a circuit it is; exquisitely designed, each cell containing intelligence far beyond the scope of our current understanding.

Think of your body as a house.  It is fully wired, all ready for you when you step into it for the first time.  In this analogy, your head is a light switch.  As you flick the switch, light fills the room.  Life is a series of rooms, each of which you illuminate when you flick the switch to “on”.  But the heart is much more important.  It is the central fuse-box, the connector to the generator that allows current to flow through each and every room, whenever you need it. Yes, the switches are important. They activate your perception of each room.  But the heart is connected to all the rooms all the time via all the wires that run “behind the scenes”.

On top of that, your heart is connected to the “outer world” as well.  Your head deals only with what is inside the “house” in which you live.  But from the fuse-box there runs a strong wire.  Out from the house it goes, up onto a pole somewhere nearby where it meets the wires from other houses nearby.  At this point it merges with them.  It is not alone.

Travel further along this wire and you’ll come to another pole where several other wires (each carrying current to several houses) meet.  Move further along and you’ll eventually reach the power source that feeds all the houses.  In this image, that’s the Force of Life, God, Divinity – whatever name you choose to give the energy that gives life.

It’s our hearts, not our heads that are connected to this ultimate generator, via an umbilical cord that is never severed (not even in death).  That’s why (for me) when we make choices based on love rather than fear, we simply cannot go “wrong”.  When we do this, we are “handing over” to a much greater power than any individual source.  We are handing over to the ultimate pilot, the force that moves both seen and unseen through every living cell, be that of bird, fish, insect, animal, plant or man (we can debate another time its existence in minerals and crystals too).

Electricity is what gives us life, from the moment the sperm enters the ovum, creating the energy explosion that ones day walks, talks and eats and has conversations under the guise of Gaye or Richard or whoever.  And the electricity that runs through us is not generated solely from within.  We are all connected to the ultimate generator, each and every one us; every moment of our lives. There’s no such thing as separation.

This is why acting in faith makes so much sense.  It’s in the handing over, the trusting of the heart over the head that we truly become “switched on”.  We link arms not just with our own heart, but with those of each human, animal, insect, bird or plant.  That is the Natural Wealth we all inherit and as you say, there’s no more of it in any one of us than there is in us all.  We’re all unique, we’re all the same.  Independent yet inextricably intertwined.  Which is why true wealth lies in our ability to share, to show compassion, to love.

“Oo-boom, Oo-boom!
I’m me, I’m free!
Oo-boom, oo-boom
We’re linked, you ‘n’ me!”

This has turned into a long post, but before I go I want to add one comment which is that I am no expert in this.  I’m not a guru.  I make mistakes each and every day.  Like I say, it’s a challenge.  Sometimes I rise to the challenge.  Sometimes I don’t.  That’s why I find it helps to ask myself each and every moment: “Am I acting from fear or love?”  I don’t always get it right, but asking the question helps direct me to answer “love” more and more often, each day.

Until next time, enjoy each breath,