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Occupy Yourself – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When my photography is at it’s best, it takes me to a place of reverence. To that sense of eternity, to the place where the lines between me and the rest of the world, are not so rigid, where old boundaries and definitions begin to dissolve. That’s where I want to live, – both with my cameras and without them. To be there as the watcher, the appreciator, the celebrator, and eventually just the lover of the incredible beauty that I see on this earth. (iPhone photo) “Celebrate What’s Right with the World!”  ~Dewitt Jones, Photojournalist

Dear Richard,

I start with this quote from Dewitt Jones and his almost ethereal picture taken on Molokai, HI.  This is the time of year when I stop to be more than my usual everyday grateful and take on a reflective look at life.

There is something about the shorter daylight that invites me to slow down and notice Now.  Taking time to appreciate, watch and celebrate what is around me every single moment possible enriches my life, breath, relationships and results in a willingness to let go of preconceived notions and simply be, like Dewitt says, the lover.

I find the holidays challenging at times to just be this lover.  Although meant to be celebratory this is naturally the time of entering a cycle of “hibernation” when our bodies innate rhythms actually want to slow us down, rest deeply, read by the fire, and go on an inward journey.  We are instead called out to shop, eat, drink and be merry.

As we enter the turning of the seasons this coming week on Winter Solstice I am asking the question – what truly has meaning in the small moments that make up the whole of our lives?  The answers gestate in the darkness and in an instant of time can emerge into consciousness as if they have always been there.

Instead of wondering how to attain or attract certain things in our life that mind says we must have to be happy, what if we stated – If I am whole, peaceful, and happy now then I will attract__________ .

It is from that place of wholeness as the observer and appreciator of life that everything arises from, not the other way around.  If I am in the guilt of the past or the fear of the future, then I am not present to celebrate this moment.

To notice the spider web sparkling in the sun, the smile of the man on the street holding his sign when I engage with him, the beauty of a tree blazing with color in December, the voice of my granddaughter on the phone, the feel of moving freely on the dance floor with others celebrating body and breath, laughing so hard that tears stream down my face…the opportunity to love another and to be the beloved.

Expanding further what if, like David Wilcox says in the video Occupy Yourself, the entire galaxy itself is an intelligent being.  Could our mind be simply a cell within the mind of the galaxy?

If this is so, then every thought we have has the potential to change and shift the entire Universe.   The ultimate dissolving of boundaries and boxed in definitions of what life is all about.

Occupying the pause between the next inhale and exhale has the potential for brilliant awakening.  Will the pause be long enough to simply BE the lover of the moment?

This holiday season I am choosing to occupy myself just as I am so that others can be free to do the same.  Reverence for the life I have been given.  How about you?

With Love – Wishing All A Blessed Solstice and Holiday Season,





Surrendering to Emergence

Dear Richard,

Emerging is a theme that is happening constantly all around us.  Whether it is transforming within embodied form or  passing on to become part of the vibration and energy that is a part of all change.  Everything is interacting with everything else and co-creation emerges.

Your last post Richard points the way to this within and without of the emergence that is constantly present.  This unseen rhythm is felt, and somehow is becoming more real to many of us as we remember the deep interconnection that orients all of life.

It is just this that I want to give a personal example of from last night.    Let’s just say that events of the last few days have conspired to test my awareness and my willingness to be out of balance.  Black and white anxiety based thinking, and ego driven control resulted in what I call a “crash and burn” syndrome tipping me way off center.

It is not important what the “crash and burn” details are, but more relevant are the ways in which I was informed that being out of balance had some definite rewards and rich territory within to explore.  Releasing attachment to being “in” balance brought me back  “in balance” if you can believe that!  It also brought experiences  that will serve well the next time a tidal wave comes into my life!  And there will be those times for all of us.

What I couldn’t see, feel or even conceptualize was right there within the territory of imbalance.  After a few days of dwelling in this place of imbalance an event happened that took me so far into an emotional outpouring that my black and white thinking and presupposed conception of what next steps to take were shattered.  Other possibilities then emerged…and I surrendered.

Last night was the second night in my new home sanctuary here in Austin, Texas.  There is quite a bit of space as no furniture or other niceties of home have been placed or chosen yet.  Now I could be in a hurry to get this remedied (black and white thinking) or I could surrender to the feeling of spaciousness and light coming into and out of this dwelling surrounded by trees and green space.

I chose the latter – and nature contrived to send me numerous messages within my dream and awakened sleep time.  There was a visitation.  Right about now you may be thinking that I am certainly crazy, but I do believe that it isn’t until we remove ourselves from a rigid cultural and past experience controlled perception of how and when we should think and act that we can truly open into our lives.

I was visited by what I call the Spirit of the Breath….and the force and flow of the rain.  Deep in the wee hours of the night my entire being was aware of “being breathed”.  There was absolutely no effort involved and the freedom and sensual feeling was way beyond what I experience in my day-to-day life.  All breathing spaces within my body were expanding softly, fully, powerfully and with grace and absolute ease.

The pleasure and ease of being breathed is what I believe we innately are coming to as the global shift speeds up.  As we individually and mutually agree to move into and out of balance deep trust will emerge that we will find our way.

Our breath moves out of shallow, holding and contracted states in order for the Earth and all life to heal.  We are living in and connected to a breathing Earth and are a direct reflection of what is going on throughout the cosmos. We are the Earth.

Woken up from within this deep breathing state the rain came next pouring through my open sliding door reminding me to come back home to flow.  Informed by this water element, of which we are a major part, that there is a way around obstructions by surrendering to the pathway that is always to be found.  Going out of our way at times…… trusting that the larger Source always calls us home.

Natures messages and the rhythm of my own breath remain signposts along the way as a reminder to come home to the possibilities imbedded in each moment.  Are we waking up and collaboratively emerging? Or are we demanding control, in denial,  or running away?  I trust that I am part of the first group.  How about you??

With Love,




The Tipping Point – Falling Into Comfort

Dear Richard,

The line I love the most in your last post (and there were many of them) was “…the most important thing about playing the Great Game of Life is not to try to WIN it, it’s to help each other to regain the freedom to come out to play!

I have taken that to heart this past week given that I feel a force, much greater than I have ever felt before, present behind me.  This force has a gentle, but very firm hand on my back and (with a smile mind you) is applying an energetic pulse so strong that it is tipping me into a space of creation and trust that I have been way too afraid to inhabit.

I could say that this tipping point has occurred because the money that has gotten me thus far along the path seems to be draining away without any clear indication that there will be much more to fill the coffers.  But, I don’t believe it is about the money.  Money is simply a catalyst for taking a look at what is important in life .

When are we the most comfortable?  I say when we are playing – in free flow, having fun and loving each moment no matter what we may be involved in.  Yet the self imposed seriousness of life we take on as adults so casually, like a well worn piece of clothing, seems to dictate so many of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

I am not saying that there is nothing to be serious about, for we find ourselves in quite a personal and global predicament right now – a tipping point on a very grand scale.  But, what if that very struggle has been brought about because we have selected hard work that often co-opts our essential nature, monetary gain that doesn’t consider others, and imbalanced power that wrecks havoc on healthy relationship. with ourselves, each other, and the planet that we are so intimately a part of.  These ways may have been selected over living in  love, compassion, mindfulness, beauty, interconnected and integrated awareness, vital health and creative play in our lives.

There are many indigenous tribal cultures and so called impoverished groups of people that show us by their very being that a life well lived is far more about connection, community, creativity and story telling, gratitude for what is, and certainly play!  Even amidst the greatest poverty and seemingly difficult circumstances.

Being told that we need to move out of our “comfort zones” in order to grow many of us, including me, have gone the distance to do just this.  This often happens when we are prior to, and at, that “tipping point” that I am speaking to in this post.  For me it is a felt experience on all 5-stars of the Natural Wealth approach.

A startling realization has come recently that at the height of this tipping point I am putting life energy into focusing on the challenges:  minor health imbalance over the last month;  family communication concerns and business relationship growth; monetary funds dwindling with no clear sign or means of replenishment; a pattern of not trusting my fullest expression; and the presence of fear as I move into unknown territory within my purpose here in this life.

Another choice is possible.   I can solidly land myself in that comfort zone of play (i.e. creative life giving process) not always knowing what the heck I am doing or where it is going to lead.  Fear seems to dissipate within this process revealing what fun it is to be with the emerging life pieces to the puzzle.   The heart simply lends guidance and a gentle nudge from time to time.

I have found that play can take many forms and is absolutely up to each of us to uniquely create and co-create together.  I, for one, am putting attention on more play and less struggle in all areas of wealth.  Focusing on my bodies natural blueprint for vital health; heart based and honest communication and trust with family, friends, and business partners; and deep trust in the knowing that as I release each fear that arises about being in my fullest expression and essential nature,  the alignment will naturally bring in monetary support on all levels, as well as expand my life experience in a multitude of directions long dreamed of.

Parting words here: I am learning to live life in the creative comfort zone of play, especially when at that tipping point, letting go on the exhale with a big YESSSSSSSS! and dropping the “I can’t because…” from my vocabulary.

I imagine the many times I have ridden the crest of a wave on a boogie board, been in uninhibited joy and creative sensual play on the dance floor, felt my hands in the soil bringing new life to possibility, gazed into the eyes of a loved one and told them how I feel,  brought to the outside a written line that expresses the depth of my knowing and feeling inside,  laid my hands on another in pain with the intent to bring comfort, played outrageously with a child, or looked up at the sky and felt the significance of a life well lived.

I ask you and all of our readers.  Will you come out and play with me?!

Love and Gratitude for our dialog Richard!



Doubt and Fear Banished by Throwing Away Climbing Gear!

Dear Richard – A year ago last July I wrote a prologue and one chapter for a book that I wanted to write on the breath.  It then sat for an entire year patiently waiting for me to renew the contract with my commitment to bring it to life.

The commitment that was so alive a year ago was buried underneath doubt.  Doubt that I had what it takes to complete the book and bring it to publication.  And going more deeply, doubt that I had something of value to share with others.

Instead I had put attention on a job that was not nourishing me, and a lifestyle based in scarcity and lack. As many of you  know who read this blog regularly, that has changed significantly over the last few months as the leap (read “action”) was taken to a new home environment, and a blossoming of the creative and autonomous life that I was innately craving inside manifested on the outside as well.

Richard you spoke of “taking action”, and trusting instead of having hope when those illusional walls seem to be right smack in front of you.  After taking such a strong action on behalf of my dreams and thriving just 2 months ago I was under the illusion that it would be easy from then on to see beyond the doubts and fears that arise from time to time.  But somehow the wall still got erected in my mind.

Now I realize that those doubts and fears can sometimes be there as a necessary stimulus to come face-to-face with.  Then the opportunity is there to breathe the feelings that arise through the body, thus creating space for something else to take their place.

Take this book that I had put off for so long.  Instead of continuing to dwell in scarcity of monetary streams in my life, which had most certainly erected that wall brick by brick –  I chose instead last week to put aside 3 days to unplug from all outside contact and electronic media.

During that time I developed an outline for the completion of the book and all the steps necessary to bring it to publication; listed people that would support me in the process, edit,  and write great reviews to put on the inside and outside covers; wrote 12,000 words; and completed over 50% of the first draft of the book.

This was a decision born out of trusting in who I am and the quality and value of what I have to bring out into the world.  I was positive that clarity and a sense of creative accomplishment would take the place of doubt and fear.  As it turns out, I received much more than that!

During immersion in the process of writing I found that there was a creative muse inside and a host of guidance from other places streaming words right through my fingers onto the screen before me.  During food and time out in nature breaks the fact that this was actually happening had me in awe of the simple act of trusting in dreams and taking heart based action towards them.

The outcome of this simple move from resistance (based in fear and doubt I suspect) to creative action resulted in opening into a wide open expanse to play in (no walls here), delight in playing with words, moments of complete surprise, wonder and gratitude about what was moving through me, lots of laughter (guaranteed better than insect repellent for doubt and fear bugs!)…….and an ability to experience what happens when you simply “unplug” from distractions and plug into what you Richard would call the Divine Design of your life.  . (see most recent post on BreathingSpaces  – STOP! Unplug – Focus One Point and Breathe)

How do I feel now on the other side of this 3-days?  Excited that I no longer need to put on climbing gear to scale the walls!  In fact I am presently dancing with my arms open wide.  To be continued as this book takes shape….

With Love and Appreciation,


Removing The Walls of Doubt

Dear Gaye,

Yes, absolutely: putting your hands in the air and laughing will help you deconstruct those walls of doubt!

The secret is to know that the walls do not exist.

Those walls are the product of your mind as it looks around and says: “Hang on, Gaye, you’re doing things differently here and I’m uncomfortable with that. Where’s your secure job, your pay packet, your routine?” As the mind looks around at this unfamiliar territory, it begins to clamor more and more loudly for you to return to the “old ways” and does its best to convince you that safety lies in the methods of the past.

Those walls, as you say, are the product of your own fear and doubt. Keep in mind that you have put them up, because that means you can knock ‘em down in no time!

The best way I know of to knock down those walls is to take actions that affirm your faith. Don’t do things just with hope. Hope is not enough. Hope allows for delay. Take action based on faith in something that has not happened yet. That’s the way to bring it right into the present.

For instance:

I had a client once whose Walls of Doubt had been stopping her from doing what she loved for thirty years or more. When I told her what was happening and asked her to focus her attention on those aspects of life that created joy and laughter inside her, she said: “But Richard, I am one of the most positive people I know. I say affirmations each morning and have a list of my dreams stuck to the fridge door. I look with hope at any situation and yet I’m no nearer to achieving my goals.”

“Well,” I replied, “there is your problem. You are looking with hope only. If you are always hopeful, you will never achieve the realizations you desire. Hope is too wishy washy. It allows for delay. There is nothing wishy washy about the Divine Design. Be faithful instead. Prove to yourself that you know that your dreams are not just on their way, but are ALREADY HERE!”

Her biggest dream was to go traveling around the world. I suggested that instead of simply writing this on a piece of paper and sticking it on the fridge door, she go out and do something about it. “Prove to yourself that you know it is already happening (bearing in mind that in Divine Mind there is no such thing as time). Go out and buy something that represents your journey. Treat your mind like a child. Show it that you have no doubt, no fear, no distrust.”

She went out and bought a rucksack and some walking boots. Each morning she would do her usual affirmations, get out of bed and then slip on her rucksack. Taking a few paces around her room she imagined the view of a mountain, the smell of the sea, swathes of colorful spices hanging in the Indian markets she wished to travel to. One morning she emailed me to say: “I could almost smell the rich smells of the spices this morning!” I told her to be ready for her journey. “It is happening very soon,” I said. “Your dreams are catching up with you!”

Not long after that she received an unexpected legacy and was able to take a year or more away from work and her dream travels took place.

The subconscious mind is so amazingly powerful that we are only just beginning to tap into its resources. But it is like fire, or electricity. If we allow it free rein it can be damaging (even to ourselves). So we must learn to control it, to tend to it, nurture it.

Look at it like putty. Whatever actions you take throughout the day make an impression on it. Thoughts make only light indentations. Actions make deep and lasting ones because they create feelings inside you. Taking action, therefore, is the best way to make an impression on your subconscious mind. By taking action you literally impress yourself!

It’s an ongoing process, because those Walls of Doubt are thrown up for most of us each and every day (especially at the moment with all the uncertainties that we see in the financial world). That’s why I always say: “Practice! Practice! And then Practice some more!” The more we practice anything, the better we get at it. The more often that we demonstrate to ourselves that those walls crumble and fade when we act in total faith, the easier it becomes to do that the next time one pops up!

So, Gaye, find something that you can do to show your subconscious mind that you trust in the Divine Design. Take action, now, today.  Do something to prove you have faith rather than hope.

Remember, we combine with the things we pay attention to, so it’s up to us to keep our attention on the things we love. That way the Walls of Doubt simply disappear. So, go have fun. Impress yourself!

The seemingly-impossible happens every day…

With much love,

Handing Over To The Divine Design

Good Morning Gaye!

Sorry not to get back to you more quickly. I am writing this from Southern Ireland, where I’m vacationing with my daughters. We’ve been having a fine time, exploring ancient sacred sites, locating long-lost standing stones, heading to the beach on the sunny days and (this being Ireland) holing up on the days when the rain has fallen like stair-rods! So, I’ve spent less time at the laptop than usual as a result.

I love the quotation from Einstein. He wrote so much that we are now discovering to be true (even though much of what he wrote was questioned at the time). For him, the world was full of wonder, each and every day and he was one of the few people who could wrap up a really complex idea into a simple image. One of these was that all we see of life (no matter how far out into space we look) is just the tip of the lion’s tail. The rest of the lion is beyond our perception!

Einstein was perhaps the first scientist to completely dovetail a sense of mysticism with his appreciation of science. His was a world where the imagination knows no boundaries, where ANYTHING is possible, where we are all equally capable of reaching spiritual as well as material comfort. He explained this by saying that the whole universe is underpinned by an Infinite Intelligence that lies behind, beneath and within all matter. This Infinite Intelligence is what creates the interconnectedness you talk of. In our course Natural Wealth, which will be released later this month, I call this Infinite Intelligence the Divine Design.

The Divine Design is all around us and, like the lion in Einstein’s image, we often see no more than the tip of its tail. But seeing that tail-tip is enough to know that it is there. The trick is to acknowledge it.

That’s not always easy. A lot of what we get taught steers us away from seeing the Divine Design at work in our own lives. We dismiss things as “coincidences” or luck. But the fun is that the more we look out for it, the more we notice it. The more we notice it, the more it becomes apparent that it is alive and well in everything we do, everyone we meet, each thought, all feelings.

In fact, when we truly open ourselves up to acknowledge and welcome the Divine Design into our lives, there’s no turning back. Like Neo in the film The Matrix, nothing is quite the same again.

A part of accessing the Divine Design, for me, is finding the “home sanctuary” you’re talking about in your latest post, so let’s focus on that this week. This sanctuary is a place where you know that you belong not just inside yourself, but within the outer world at large. As you say, there’s no division.

That’s a great place to find and to revisit each and every day! So how do you make sure you find that place every day, rather than just occasionally?

One way is to direct yourself to it. I’ve developed a particular technique (I call it The Spirit Level) that helps bring me to this point each day. It’s a very easy, simple process that takes only a few minutes and it is most effective when repeated each and every day.

You’d be surprised how many clients I’ve worked with who say “Yeah, that worked really well for a while, Richard, but then it kinda stopped working.” When I ask them if they have been practicing the technique each day, they then say, “Oh, er, no, I was looking for more of a quick-fix than that.” To which I always say that attending to our inner peace is something to do every day of our lives. Not just once in a while.

The image that works best for me to illustrate this is that our mental and spiritual muscles enjoy being exercised just as much as the ones in our bodies. We know we can’t stay physically fit by visiting the gym or exercising only once a week. Well, the same thing applies to our mental and spiritual selves too. If we don’t exercise those muscles, they’ll go as slack and flabby as our body does when we get lazy. Practice really does make perfect.

The pay-off is huge, because reaching a point of inner sanctuary each day brings a sense of belonging that many of us in the west have lost. It’s a deep, deep appreciation of our place in the continuum of things: a sensation that cannot be bought by money, drugs or alcohol – or anything that might temporarily affect our senses. It’s just what you say it is: a home sanctuary within which miracles are a part of every day life.

I love that you have simultaneously been gifted a real home in which to live too: the sanctuary without to match that within!

The key, for me, is what you say about “handing things over” to the Divine Design, because that’s the way (ironically) to take control. It’s the way of synchronicities and miracles instead of struggles. One of the guidelines, or laws, in Natural Wealth is the Law of Non-resistance. This teaches us that only in resisting a situation can we be dissatisfied or stressed by an outcome. In other words, it’s only when we try to push a pre-conceived outcome into reality that we can come a-cropper. (having a fall or accident)

I’ll give you a great example from my life just recently. The day before I was due to drive from England to Ireland (a journey of several hundred miles, including a ferry journey in the middle) I did the usual clear-out of the car in readiness for traveling. For me this always involves simple maintenance issues like checking the water and oil and so on. As I was doing this, I noticed a dark stain on the garage floor. Oil. Now at that point I could have just said: “Oh well, just fill up the oil and get on with it.” But as I looked at the leak I had a hunch to take the car to the local garage and have them check it out.

I dropped off the car later that day and a few hours later I got a call from the garage. “Yeah,” they said, “You have an oil leak, but you also have a busted steering fluid pipe and your car is UNDRIVABLE AT THE MOMENT!” They then told me that getting the new part required to fix the car would take a couple days at least. “OK,” I replied, “Do what you have to do and call me when it’s fixed.”

What was interesting in the two days that followed was how many people said to me: “Oh, no, how frustrating!” or “My gosh, how annoying!” or something like that. But for me, it was not frustrating or disappointing at all. It was an example of the Divine Design at work. And I was very grateful for it.

If I had not had a visible sign pointing me to the oil leak, I would never have discovered the cracked steering fluid pipe. And if that pipe had snapped with us driving at, say 70mph on the highway, the results could have been truly disastrous – not just for us, but for other drivers too. If your steering cable goes at high speed, there’s no controlling the car.

As it was, sure I had to pay a change-fee of maybe $50 for the ferry. I also had to call the bed and breakfast where we were due to stay on the way and apologize, but the lady there was very understanding and she had a room for us later in the week, which I then booked. And yes, the girls were disappointed initially that we were delayed: but not for long, because they understand the workings of the Divine Design even better than I do!

So, when anyone said anything negative to me, I simply replied: “Not at all. I’m grateful for such a clear demonstration from the Divine Design. I’m grateful we’re all still here to talk about it!”

That sort of thing happens all the time when we open ourselves up to the workings of the Divine Design: an outward sign of something that leads to the discovery of something invisible. It’s a part of the magic of the world in which we live, so long as we are open to it. We can’t always be sure what’s happening under the bonnet, but when we get a clear sign that something should be addressed, we must give it immediate attention if we are to thrive and prosper.

Yes, there’ll be plenty of folks who say otherwise and who contradict the way you do things when you embark on a life of Natural Wealth, but I feel the groundswell of a shift taking place as more and more people start to discover that the mysteries of the world are revealed to those who welcome them. That groundswell is made up of people who are turning away from the old ego-driven way of doing things to one in which there is no meaningful separation between one person and another, one object and the next. Everything is interconnected just the way you say it is…

And to enjoy the interconnections, all we have to do is to hand over in trust.

When we hand over our lives in trust to the Divine Design, things happen “as if by magic”. And they keep on happening that way! Conversely, if we keep on pushing against the weft, we’ll continue to be “knocked back”. The Divine Design will just keep on saying to us: “My way, not your way!” until we get the message and do just what you’ve done: hand over, trust, be ready, willing and awake to receive the Natural Wealth that is available to us all.

It’s not the way the logical head likes to go. Nor is it the way that most western businesses are used to behaving. But it works, as you’ve just discovered with the wonderful new home that has “fallen into your lap” – and as you’ll keep on discovering in the coming months!

A simple thing to say each morning, as you re-ignite that sense of interconnection with the Divine Design is: “Your way, not my way!” This directs you to follow your intuitions, the workings of ego-free self. Follow that up with: “I am awake to every lead” and you’ll find that manifesting desires is far simpler than many would have you believe…

And now, it’s back out to the misty hills of Erin for me!

With love and best wishes,

Chaotic Wholeness: Handing Over My Life

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.~Albert Einstein

Dear Richard –

Something very powerful has settled within me.  It is actually astounding…and feels as if I have “come home” in the most profound way.  This is a home within that I know, dwelled in sporadically over the years,  yet couldn’t seem to stay in.

For you the reader, let me just say that this “home sanctuary” inside brings me heightened pleasure in all that I do and a sense of deep belonging – not necessarily to the world that we can all see, but instead to something much larger that cannot be explained in words.  It is that interconnection that you Richard speak of.

How did this happen?  I understand in a more embodied way now that this chaotic wholeness that you speak of Richard resonates within me and all living things in the cosmos.  I understand that there is an order present within the seeming disorder….inside and outside of me.  Yet, I did not trust this order.  Instead, for most of my life, I felt that I must control things in life to stay “safe” and “secure” – a belief/thought systems approach to guaranteeing that I would never feel fully free.

I too know deep within my cells that everything is interconnected.  This interconnection and attraction is happening in every moment.  Now I feel it!  It is not just mind talk….it is heart whispering!  What happened to nudge me where I am now staying within myself??

Since I can make up any story I want (and mind you I am aware it is only a story)  here goes.  I have literally handed over my life to inner guidance, outward signs and messages, and following wherever my heart takes me. Along with that goes complete and absolute TRUST.  Not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Oh, yes I catch my mind cooking up schemes to take me into fear, lack, or anxiety, but thankfully I must have passed some sort of God/Spirit/Creator test because it amazingly doesn’t stick.  My mind is turning back flips trying to get my attention…but baby I am not buying the old beliefs being paraded out in new clothes and razzle dazzle in an attempt to disguise the true agenda here – to keep me stuck, in doubt, anxiety ridden, fear based, and in a carefully constructed box for safe keeping.

Could it be as simple as that I ask?  Well if you were living my life right now you would have to take notice.  The amount of synchronicity that happens on a daily basis – that I now notice mind you – is amazing!  For just one small example I will tell you a little story:

10 days ago now I decided to take a little early evening walk in the condo complex that I am living in, temporarily housed by a very generous and gracious friend by the name of Judy.  On that walk the first thing that I realized was that it was not only peaceful and quiet where I was staying, but the entire complex was like that (right in the middle of Central Austin!).

Not only that, but the mature trees everywhere, the landscaping, creeks and green space that surround the entire complex, friendly diverse residents,  and the natural beauty left me walking back home with a smile on my face and happiness within.  I felt blessed to simply live here for a while until I found a place of my own.

Then it happened.  That small whisper of guidance telling me to imagine that I did have a place of my own here….a home sanctuary where I could do my creative work and feel at peace within a community…and very close to everything that I frequent.  In fact not more than 10 minutes from organic food, yoga studio, spring fed lap pool, live music, culture, walking paths around the lake…well, you get the picture.

It should be noted that before I moved here I had been looking at lease listings near the downtown area and had set my sights on being right in the middle of everything.  Once here, I realized that perhaps that “must” should dissolve into “let’s see what unfolds itself”.  It was from that place of handing over that I took that walk.

The heart direction was obviously telling me to imagine myself living in the complex, but I took it one step further from leasing.  I expanded that vision to buying something in the complex (even though my current financial status would not indicate that was possible at all!)  It felt like the Divine Design that Richard speaks of was taking me down a path of discovery here.

When I returned back to the condo that I am currently staying at I spoke to Judy about how I felt about the complex on my walk and that I would like to consider leasing, or even buying a unit here.  She was thrilled and, of course, had a Home Owners Association newsletter right next to her and showed me the addresses of the units for rent and those to buy.  She suggested that perhaps I should contact my real estate agent and have her show me some properties that were for sale, and also call the owner of the one for lease.

I dutifully kept following through by my hearts GPS and e-mailed my real estate contact.  The owner for the unit for rent did not answer his phone, and there was surprisingly no message machine.  Going to bed imaging that I was living here in my own home sanctuary, I woke up in the morning to find a note on the refrigerator from Judy.  It said, “please include me in looking at the Hemingway property (one of the few single story units here) because I may buy it”!  Needless to say I laughed out loud.  Perhaps it wasn’t right timing for me to buy…but someone else was going to buy it and lease it to me!

Without getting any lengthier in this story I will just say that I have held the possibility of  living in this complex within me.  We did go see the Hemingway property, and a couple of others.  Within 3 days of my declaring that I was happily living here, Judy put an offer down on the single story 3- bedroom/2 bath  unit opening onto a green space with beautiful trees, and the sellers accepted it which was $11,000 less that what they had been asking for.

Judy gets here investment property, I receive a home sanctuary, and I am still smiling at the miracle that unfolded right before my eyes!  Listen to the heart directed inner guidance, take action from that guidance….and then hand it over.  It may not go exactly as you envisioned it to, but it will always be the right thing to happen for your highest good.

My mantra for each dayGuide me.  Protect me.  I will follow through from your guidance leading with my heart.  Thank you for your guidance that you give to me.  I am always open to receive more and more.  I surrender with courage, trust, faith, passion, and  arms open wide.

Would you like to live your life as if everything is a miracle?  Thanks Richard!

P.S.  Judy just told me she was able to lock in an interest rate at the low end which just changed today due to the economic climate here in the U.S.  I had written down that she would get an interest rate at 5% or less.  It was less: 4.75%!


Synchronicities, Science and Sacred Space

Dear Gaye,

Just following up on my last post with a quickie on synchronicity.

We’ve all had those moments of synchronicity in our lives; times when we think of someone and the phone rings and it’s the person we were just thinking of whose on the line; times when we get delayed by something only to find when we arrive at our destination that we “bump into” someone who we would have missed if we’d left earlier. These “little things” occur for all of us on a surprisingly regular basis. Invariably they lead to good things happening. So today I have a couple of questions: what is going on here and how can we encourage more of it?

The answer to the first question is an exciting one, because it just might point us at how the world works. My belief, as you know, is that nothing happens in isolation. Everything is interconnected. It’s an age-old belief that you’ll find in just about every mystical teaching in the world. And it’s now being backed up by modern day science.

Quantum physics tells us that any two photons or electrons, no matter how far apart they may be, are in constant communication, needing no human hand or mind to direct them as they take each other into consideration and move accordingly. Go back to Plato and he told us the same thing, but in relation to the movement of the stars and planets and the overall harmony that is constantly being created in the universe ,even though each particle of it is forever moving, changing, renewing itself.

It’s only been for a relatively short time that we’ve been told life is linear, that things happen separately to one another. And that time is over.

Now science is walking hand in hand with the mystics of old, telling us that everything is in a constant state of vibration and that whilst this appears to us to be happening chaotically, there is in fact an over-riding wholeness to their actions, a huge, impenetrable, interpenetrating order to it all. Einstein called it “A spirit far superior to man.” Today’s scientists call it “dark matter” (because we can’t see it). I call it the “Divine Design.”

What we call it doesn’t really matter: what matters is that from the earliest wisdom-teachings to the most cutting edge modern science the conclusions are the same: the world is made up of countless individual particles, each of which is vibrating within what appears to be something akin to a spirit of cooperation. In other words, the Divine Design has at its core an innate sense of relationship that thrives off empathy, give and take, love.

What does this mean for you and me? It means that we’re in constant touch with our environment – all of it, from the space we occupy inside our own bodies to the furthest-flung nebulae – and that that touch is one we feel immediately.  It means that when we “go with the flow” we are moved to act in ways that fit in with that environment, creating sustainable wealth that’s based not on an “I’m alright Jack!” attitude, but on a sense of our commonality with every element of it.  We are all participants in and guardians of the Weft of Wealth.

How do we know this? For me, I know it because I find within me the feeling of connectedness each and every day. I make time for it, specifically, with a practice that I follow each morning. For many of us, it happens in moments when we are brought up against what we’d call the miraculous or sacred; moments when the humdrum daily routine is suddenly interrupted by something that strikes a chord deep within.

I recall visiting Salisbury Cathedral, for instance, and standing in the middle of the aisle, surrounded by the tall arches that rose up and met above my head. In an instant I was uplifted, transported to a feeling of exquisite pleasure. My cells were suddenly dancing and singing in a way I had not felt since I was a small boy tramping round the countryside. The sensation grew and grew until it became so strong that I felt I might simply be “whisked away”, that I might evaporate into insubstantial air!

That’s the sort of feeling I am talking about when I talk about truly reaching connection with our world. It’s a sense of heightened pleasure, deep belonging, a place where the mind is switched off and the body is acutely aware of its relationship with the energies off all other bodies: whether of stone, plant, animal, solid, liquid or gas.

When we are in that place, there is no doubt about our own divinity. Our position within the Weft of Wealth surrounds and informs us. There’s no doubt, no anxiety, no regret, no fear. And that’s how to set the standard for yourself when you’re deciding what to do and what not to do (in business or in your personal life): find the place within in you where there is no doubt.

When you do this, you encourage synchronicities to happen. Why? Because you train yourself to start to listen, touch, taste the dance that is going on inside you. And you realize that it’s the very same dance that’s going on outside – the rhythm of constantly changing notes within the most intricately-structured symphony of all.

Aware of this, you start handing over your life on a regular basis to the movements of things far greater (and yet no more profound) than those that your logic can comprehend. You begin to smell and see the mysterious for what it is; simply the intersection between the miraculous and the everyday. And that means miracles start flowing your way.

I’ve found that the easiest way to get to that place is to be still, to clear the mind of clutter, to breathe deeply and let the Divine Self take over.

I’ve also found some simple phrases can help:

“I see God in every face,
I give thanks for my own grace.”

“Today is a day of miracles,
I see wonder in all that’s before me!”

Armed with this as a starting point for each day, what happens for me is an instant sense of gratitude that I am here at all. I give thanks for the miracle of being breathed. I know wonderful things are not just on the way: they are already here!

And suddenly synchronicities start happening all over the place. The more they happen, the greater my faith in the process. The greater my faith, the more they happen! And suddenly, each day, I understand that every outcome is the perfect one.

Love and best wishes,

Making The Almost-Certain Certain

“What is it about the human mind that seeks ahead of the moment…and completely ignores what is present right now, while not trusting that all is unfolding itself just as it should?

“What is it that has us ignoring the incredible beauty before us which points to our natural wealth that is almost certainly renewing itself in many and various forms in our every moment?” G.A.

Dear Gaye,

Those words are from your latest post. I’m going to pick you up on a single phrase here, because it points to the difference between total faith and adopted belief. And the difference between the two makes all the difference!

Firstly, though, I congratulate you on admitting your fear. Most of us feel some kind of fear at some point during the day. Admitting it is the first step to addressing it. The next step is to overlay the fear with a behavior based on faith, because when you do this you make an imprint on your subconscious mind, rewiring those neural networks in the fastest way possible. Think of your subconscious as a pot of putty. When you act from faith, in the face of fear, you make an impression in that putty – you literally “impress yourself” by doing things in a new way.

So how do you do that?

Begin by choosing your words really carefully, especially when you put them in writing. Words are your outward demonstration of your inner frequency. They’ll determine which radio-station you tune in to each and every moment of the day. So, begin to choose them with that in mind. Which radio station do you wish to hear?

The bit of the sentence above that I’m most interested in is where you say that “natural wealth is almost certainly renewing itself in many and various forms.” Stop a moment and see how your body feels as you re-read those words. Are they words of love and faith or is there just a whiff of doubt lingering at their edges?

My guess is it’s the latter. And here’s why:

Whilst you are thinking that the process of creating wealth (in all its forms) is only almost-certain, that is all it will be for you: almost certain, but not quite. So, let’s choose another way of saying it.

To do this, let’s return to the turquoise bracelet at the art bazaar.

Here’s the thing: as I wrote my last post to you, you had already been to the shop, seen the bracelet, tried it on – and bought it! So what happened here? Spooky psychics? Random chance? Meaningless coincidence? Or part of the Weft of Wealth, the Divine Design that surrounds and informs every atom of our universe?

I say it’s part of the Divine Design that underpins life, the innate intelligence that exists within everything. I say that you were drawn to the perfect table displaying jewelry at the perfect time because you had just been synchronizing your breathing and body movements in a way that helped ground you (in the yoga class). I love the lesson of the turquoise because it’s a lesson in trust, a demonstration that all is well, backed up by my writing the post immediately afterwards.

It’s a coincidence in the true meaning of the word: something that co-incides: a synchronicity that proves we are all interconnected. Synchronicities are a great sign that things are happening perfectly. My experience is that when we really have faith, when we “go with the flow” and allow our intuition to lead us in the dance, synchronicities pop up all over the place.

What stops synchronicity in its tracks?  Fear. Every time. It’s not that they aren’t there, it’s just that we get so preoccupied with whatever is frightening us we just don’t SEE what’s staring us in the face. So, when we’re stressed, anxious or having one of those “Dammit, why is life such a pain in the butt?” kind of days, synchronicities still happen – we just don’t notice them.

Fear is what has us ignore the incredible beauty all around us too and prompts us to seek ahead of the moment, fixating us on what we “don’t have” at the expense of revelling in what we do…

So let’s turn your phrase from one of almost-certainty to one that is wrapped in comfort instead. Instead of saying that natural wealth is “almost certainly” renewing itself in various forms in our every moment, let’s choose to say that natural wealth is most definitely renewing itself in many forms, in every nook and cranny of our lives and the lives of everyone on the planet!

How does that make you feel? Is there a whiff of doubt lingering over that phrase? I hope not.

And now let’s move it further, impressing your subconscious in two ways: with words and actions.

Let’s choose an image that fits this change of description. How about “Finding natural wealth is as easy as finding a $7 turquoise bracelet!” or “Natural Wealth is Turquoise Wealth! It finds me wherever I go!” Does that help to shift things?

The key here is to create the feeling inside you that you were experiencing when you walked up to that jewelers table and saw the bracelet. Seems to me you were relaxed, in a good place. So, each time you direct your mind to that feeling, your body will respond by feeling reassured. It’s a simple technique, but it works. Put your attention to what came easily in the past, to what felt good, and you create those things in the present.

Now add something physical to the process. This really helps impress the putty of the subconscious because you involve physical muscle-movement in the process. I advise you to always combine some physical movement with an affirmation. It makes all the difference. In this case, why not wear your bracelet as you say what feels good out loud? Or hold it in your hands. Touch it. Roll the pieces around in your fingers. Feel the smooth stones as you say out loud:

“My doors of opportunity are flung open and cannot be closed because they have been NAILED BACK! I now walk through them with a smile on my face!”

See how that goes!

A quick final note: I love the synchronicity of the turquoise bracelet on the table. I also love the other necklace that you found (the one you made in Santa Fe last year), because it has its own synchronicity too. It’s another demonstration for you that the beauty of natural wealth is most certainly renewing itself, moment by moment, in your life.

Following on from my comments on turquoise and onyx last week I also wrote:

“Thirdly, wear red or rich terracotta colors when possible. Red, being the color of the first chakra, will be a great aid for your core energy.”

I see from the picture you posted that this second necklace has stones in it that are just that color!  (Do you know what they are by the way?). Bingo!

Synchronicities abound in our lives, in every nook and cranny, in each moment. All it takes is the ability to pause, to stop the distractions and to listen to the messages that are reaching us each and every moment of the day. When we do this, timings are perfect, funds flow and energy levels rise. And that’s what Natural Wealth is all about.

Look at it this way: when you take the decision to hand over your life to the 99% of you that is invisible (the Divine Self as I call it) you are putting in a telephone call to the Divine Designer (or whatever you like to call the “infinite spirit” behind and within all nature).  You’re saying to your Divine Self: “I’m ready to do things a new way! Put me in touch with the Divine! I’m ready for Natural Wealth!”

That’s a fine first step in the process – so long as you are available to take the return call when it comes back!

Synchronicities are the evidence of those return calls from the Divine. So whenever you feel fear rising in the chest, direct yourself to the feeling of fearlessness, balance, calm that you had when you found that turquoise necklace, to the feeling that was (as you later discovered) a demonstration of wonderful synchronicity.

Then be ready to pick up the phone when it starts to ring!

More About Richard:

Someone Has Your Back

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” -Alan Watts

This evening in a restorative yoga class in my new home of Austin, Texas, where we did partner work in a Thai Massage style, the teacher in his quiet and grounded voice said, “you can let go now of those areas that you are holding onto. Trust that someone has your back”.  He had no idea how deeply this hit me in that moment.

It came to me quite clearly that although I have said to myself, you Richard, and others that I am in trust about the unfolding of my life, the truth of the matter is that there are parts of me that are showing up rather strongly now that have no idea how to trust, especially when it comes to monetary wealth streams – just one of the many energetic ways that wealth shows up in our lives.

Yes, this relocation to a new city – which was completely my choice mind you – represents an opportunity to practice the Universal Laws of Wealth and abundant living way beyond anything I  have ever done before.  I imagine that I must be ready.

Several things converged to make my first couple of days a little challenging including a rather bad case of bronchitis (I never get sick!) which started in the time I was in my “home” town of San Diego 4 days before my arrival here.   After that last post that you did Richard it gave me pause to see just where I might be contracting, and perhaps not in complete alignment with this chosen journey.

In addition, great change can be stressful and when our entire lives are dumped upside down (again by choice!) the emotional reactions can cause some imbalance in the body.  At these times we know that it is best to rest, but sometimes that may not be possible, or we may choose not to.

Coming back around to trust I have decided that the signs that “someone has our back” are around us all of the time!  From the day I quit the “job with benefits” on 7/1, to right now in this very moment I have been supported emotionally, physically, monetarily, spiritually, and basically taken care of in such an amazing way that I am still in awe!  Family, friends, strangers, and you Richard have been the signposts along the way letting me know that “someone has my back”.

This evening as my body relaxed against the young woman in the yoga class who was supporting me in a pose the flash of recognition came that I was holding on, contracting, and doubting that it was OK to really trust.  Not in the pose – but in my life!

My mind tells me that I have 3-4 weeks at most before some streams of income need to be coming in.  Watching over the last few days since I arrived here there is a mental hesitation (and endless inner calculations) about spending money – any money.

Yet my heart knows what is needed right now so the herbs and good organic produce for the bronchitis and for vital health, the special for unlimited yoga classes for my body, heart and soul for the next month, saying yes to receive from a friend here who is temporarily graciously housing me free of any monetary charge, and putting gas in my car to explore this amazing new place I have landed myself in are all part of the trust.

I have decided that really being in the moment with dis-trust and dis-ease is just as powerful as those moments when absolute trust is on board.   They are the life experiences which inform us that we are human….and crack us open to possibility.

So, I am plunging in, moving with it, and doing my own unique dance knowing that someone/something (force of Spirit) always has my back.   Now get up and dance with me to Eric Bibbs  Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down!  It’s all life!!