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Natural Wealth Journal was an inspiration of The American – Gaye Abbott  after meeting The Brit – Richard Cawte in quite a serendipitous manner.  As they got to know each other a little better by e-mail (he was living in Ireland and she in Oregon) Richard suggested that Gaye create a Wealth Journal in which she would write daily musings, reflections, tips, ideas, fears and so on about wealth in her own life and perhaps share it with others.

This evolved in her own mind to a blog and the template was created, but then sat dormant for 5 months.  Every time Gaye thought she would launch it…supposedly at the beginning of the year 2011, something held her back.

Finally the insight appeared suddenly that she and Richard were supposed to do this together…and he agreed!  What you will find in our regular postings will be a dialog between two cultures, two countries, and two genders.

Do the cultures clash or meet?  How will our perspectives on wealth, health, contentment, ambition, community differ or marry?  There will be room for debate, clarification, questions to live in, and taking another look.  We believe that every answer is the right one.

We invite you, the reader, to join in our dialog whenever you feel so moved.  This is what will make this interactive blog rich and expansive!  Opportunities will be present for all of us to learn, grow, question, and awaken! We like to call this the Natural Wealth Community.

Down the line, birthing from this Journal will come live conversations with Richard and Gaye, which you will be invited to join as well.  This will give us the opportunity to evolve a conversation in real time.  Look for future announcements on the launch of the book, Natural Wealth – the first in the Divine Life Series – and other tools that will assist you to tap into your potential to embody the Divine Design of your own life!


When one steps into the “stream of life” that is always flowing and never stagnant, then synchronicity happens… a lot!  It was when Gaye finally decided in the late summer of 2010 that it was about time she turned her weekly newsletters to a dedicated readership into an interactive blog.  Writing has always turned her on, and it was way past time that she started breaking out of the safe confines of a newsletter to some real time exposure! Being able to connect with others on a blog greatly appealed.

As soon as BreathingSpaces was created (which by the way she had great fun creating once fear of not knowing what the heck she was doing dissipated in the creative process) there appeared at the bottom of her first post some suggestions on other blogs that might be similar to her own.  One of them stood out so the click was made and she found herself reading an interesting post on wealth which made reference and link to….you guessed…The Brit!

Well, once there on his website she couldn’t quite stop reading, and realized that she had found a kindred soul who so eloquently spoke about things that really mattered to her.   Not one to stop at just savoring the appreciation for his thoughts, ideas and writing, Gaye sent an e-mail to Richard expressing her gratitude.

Well….Richard wrote her back and even sent a chapter from his upcoming book.  You see he had gone to BreathingSpaces and had a feeling that this particular chapter she would appreciate – a exquisitely beautiful writing on the breath.

One thing has lead to another and here we are months later joining as business partners and co-creating the Divine Life Series and the community that is arising from that.  Now we feel truly blessed for you the reader are part of this continuum!  Thank you for coming to this site!  Below you will find brief bios about Richard and Gaye just in case you think we are not for real!


Gaye is the American in the on going dialog on NaturalWealthJournal and recently relocated to Austin, Texas from Oregon.   Her background includes over 25 years in the health professions, both conventional and holistic,  with a passion for integrative health and wellness expressed through her writing, workshops, energy work, as breath guide, and as a Registered Yoga Therapist/Teacher.  She has traveled and taught globally.

She also is a strong advocate for women and publishes a blog entitled WildlyFreeWoman. You will find chapters by Gaye in the  books, Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause and Conscious Entrepreneurs,  with a book of her own on the breath in active creation. She is soon to launch a site dedicated to women in mid-life and beyond who are undergoing relocation shifts in their lives, both inside and outside, called LoveTheJourneyNow.

Gaye is  mother to 3 grown sons and a grandmother to a most enchanting granddaughter, Sorenna and a soon to be birthed grandson.  You will find her in nature a great deal where she believes the “Creative Spirit” lives and breathes!

Her delightful connection with the Brit, Richard Cawte on NaturalWealthJournal, and the collaboration with Richard and Adam Richardson on the website IgniteWealthNow, is constantly expanding her to look outside of the box of conventional thought and find the wealth of expression within!


Richard is a BA Hons (English) and has a PhD in International Business. He has written papers on such diverse subjects as the effects of television on society, how to be a good parent, and how to apply the principles of quantum physics to transform your life.

Richard’s main work involves a mentoring service through which he helps guide his clients to act on their instincts and intuition, creating a working plan for building their lives around the things that inspire them most.

Richard comments: “When we follow our intuition, we never go wrong, but for many people, acting on their intuition has become increasingly difficult: they have forgotten how to do it.

“We are born fearless and free.  As small children we question everything that life throws at us and we welcome all the answers we receive easily and with joy.  Then we are sent to school where we learn to distrust our instincts and rely instead on logic and rational thought.

“I help my clients to unlearn the fears and suspicions that are educated into us, to see the beauty that resides in themselves and in us all.  Then we embark on the truly wonderful experience of doing that which inspires and enthuses us.”

Described as “inspirational”, “un-missable” and “life-changing”, Richard has presented to seminars in Bali, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, Panama, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, New Zealand, Fiji, Egypt and many other countries.

A student of Egyptology, Numerology, The Grail Traditions and many myths, legends and languages of the ancient world, Richard is also an award-winning playwright.  He is currently working on a trilogy of novels that incorporate much of his knowledge.

When he is not addressing audiences around the world or writing, Richard can be found planting trees in his Irish garden, fly-fishing for local trout, or simply sitting outside listening to the birds singing.

Devon, England

At present Richard is living in Devon, England creating the Divine Life Series; an Alpha brain state training program; and numerous other creative projects. He can be found at www.richardcawte.com

  1. Dear Gaye Abbott and Richard Cawte,
    Congratulations sounds mundane, in view of the fact that The Divine Wealth Journal, has been long in coming. When asked to participate in life..we all take it by Leaps and Bounds…for some it is utterly frightening without that SafetyNet called, Security,Job,Money and so on. A wonderful passage was given to me by a Dear Friend..it goes like this..”Why would any
    human being want to imprison themselves in a Safe Life ?.” This Beautiful Statement was said by Amelia Erhart many years ago..but for those of us following that Exquisite Light inside each of us..that Leap is Beyond Words..it is akin to Glorious…It beckons all of us..your journal just maybe the Light for many…I am so very happy for the American from Oregon and the Brit from Devon!.

    Sue O’Murphy

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