Negotiating The Overpass – Creating Another Game

Here I am in Austin, Texas completing my last day of exploration for potential relocation.  When first guided to check out this city with “soul” I just laughed out loud for it seemed rather outrageous for a Southern California, liberal, alternative health and mindset, spiritual, natural countryside dweller, wildly free woman to be looking at relocating to urban Texas!

However, what I have learned is that we tend to label ourselves such and such, thus locking out any possibilities that may have us grow, expand, and look beyond what we have done and who we have been in the past.  Such a seductive thing to identify ones self by certain characteristics, place of birth, family up bringing, past professions, or whatever else that we have attached to ourselves.  In addition, we also do the same thing to places and people that we really don’t know from personal experience.

I am discovering that being whole is an entirely different game to play than the one that keeps most of us locked in the narrow confines of past experience.  For example, there are overpasses in Austin that on first (and just maybe beyond that!) navigation scare you to death!  These overarching one car overpasses have very little guard rail and when that wind blows it feels just like a roller coaster ride upon which you have very little control.

In a way the process of finding your natural wealth expression in the world is like driving over one of those bridges.  It is new territory, confidence is required, there is quite an expansive view from up there (all those possibilities!),  and all you can do is move forward (there is definitely no turning back!).  On the down side of the bridge it is simply an easy flow to the main artery of the next freeway, or a quick exit to other surface roads.

My time here in Austin has been easy, flowing, and filled with great people and wonderful experiences, which all of course have contributed to my intention to feel into this place from my heart….and not the head.  While swimming in an outdoor lap pool of fresh cool water yesterday with the gentle, slightly humid warmth caressing me, there were moments of complete rapture.  It was completed when I was able to take an outdoor shower (in the ladies dressing room of course!) and feel into how incredible it is to be without clothes in nature with a great overarching oak above me.

However, today it felt like I was attempting to either back up or turn around on that high over arching bypass.  My head got involved!  There is a balance between practicality and trust.  Last night I realized that I would most probably be relocating to Austin.  Last night, my head told me I shouldn’t waste time and needed to “make the most” of my last day here (today) and I plotted out some temp agencies to check out.  (suggested by the person I am staying with)

Many of us often tend to listen to the advice or seemingly wise counsel of another, and by-pass what our heart is, and has been, telling us all along.  Most people are playing the game that is most popular for our culture and making decisions on what is best for their own lives from those “rules”.

However, the game of my own creation that best supports creativity, authentic expression and thriving – feels to be the pathway to innate natural wealth and joy.  Along the way I get to fine tune judgement,  learn valuable lessons, and simply appreciate those people who care enough about me to offer guidance.

As Richard has noted in the last post,  sharing with those that support your journey no matter how it turns out is important, but also one needs to be able to distinguish between what is deeply true for yourself and what is the path of another.   Great discernment here.  Staying aware of thinking processes that tempt one to bail on choices of the heart feels to be mandatory in this journey.

I will end with telling you that as I sat and filled out at least 12 double-sided pages of application for the temp agency (reminder here – I am moving out of “jobs”) my heart and intuition kept saying – “why the heck are you doing this??  Just leave now!”  I even had a very difficult time finding the agency and it took me several tries to get there, unlike the ease I had experienced over the last several days.

The “responsible part” of me completed the application process, but when handing the paperwork  in I opted out of meeting with a representative of the agency to continue on with the process.  It was obviously not in alignment with my purpose for being in Austin.

Perhaps this last experience was a necessary part of the journey.  To remember  and appreciate who I am and what I am looking for….to learn my own lessons on the path and to always trust my heart and intuition.

By the way, Austin is a wildly free place of great alternative and conscious thinking with cultural diversity, ecological awareness, trees everywhere, very friendly people, and a consciousness that I would have to say is quite liberal for Texas.  It also happens to be the live music capital of the world.  Shall I move to Austin??  Stay tuned….


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NATURAL PASSAGES CONSULTING Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time. Gaye Abbott, is a wild and free soul who just so happens to LOVE writing, playing with energy, ecstatic dance and free form movement, living and breathing in nature, her 3 sons and 3 grandchildren, communing with friends and global community, organic food and cooking, small and simple spaces to live within, a lack of material possessions....and laughter every single day! As a wise elder of 69 years she feels decades younger....and acts it too! Devoted to being of service to the Earth and all living beings Gaye seeks the peace of mind and openness of heart that provides the foundation for effective action in the world and her community. OTHER BLOGS BY GAYE ABBOTT: Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath Preview, Reviews and purchase links can be found here:

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  1. Dear Friend in The Process of…..
    How nice it is to have you back! Funny, how we seldom see each other, but…when that other friend is not in their physical presence with us..there seems to be an inbalance of sorts. Anyway, if I am to interpret your blog, I would have to say, you are somewhat hesitant to move to Austin/ and at the same time excited to go. I understand the part where you explain filling out the Temp Agency papers of need to arrive at the next step..been there,done that for over a year now. Funny how my heart tells me NO and my ever annoying brain say’s ..go for it must do it, simply for the economics of it all!…That’s when I find myself backing up and saying…
    Dear Brain,…Stuff Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What always fascinates me is our pre-conceived notions of where we are about to go and the people we are about to meet. How truly different they are once we allow them to just be, as well as ourselves…If I am making no sense here..I attribute it to getting up tooooo early and not drinking my espresso yet..Isn’t it wonderful we can blame lack of espresso for all our confusion. Dear God, I think I have broken through with Medical Science and the ever increasing dillema of Late Life Confusion! Wonder if I could make a Buck on this premise?. Anyway, Yor Austin ,seems to be Beautiful and Friendly, and a point at which you will be making another of Lifes Decisions, to go onto new experiences and designing your “OWN” Path, and NOT, a Temp Agencies. When you are able to ,can we meet for lunch? Till then…Peace from a Friend!

    Sue O’

  2. Thanks Sue for sharing your process with my process! Just a few words here. Austin is a go! No hesitation….only flow, synchronicity and absolutely no doubts. The question I posed at the end of the post was simply to see if I would get any responses from readers in the Natural Wealth community….and I did! Next are the big steps which are a touch edgy because like the overpass…there is no turning back. I am holding my hands up in the air with a big smile on my face!! Yes to lunch to you Sue, and for anyone that reads this blog!

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