The Terrain Of The Trap of Conformity

Conformity.  What exactly does that mean?  Well I looked it up in the handy online dictionary and this is what I found for the top 3 definitions:

action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices, etc.
correspondence in form, nature, or character; agreement, congruity, or accordance.
compliance or acquiescence; obedience.

Synonyms:  For definition – compliance:  acquiescence, allegiance, assent, consent, conventionality, docility, obedience, observance, orthodoxy, resignation, submission, willingness

Synonyms For definition of correspondence, harmony:   accord, affinity, agreement, coherence, conformance, congruity, consistency, consonance, likeness, resemblance, similarity

I would likely say that most of our relationship with the meaning of this word revolves around the 1st and 3rd definition, at least when it comes to our behavior and actions in our culture and society.  Naturally having an innate drive to “belong” we fall into the trap of compliance or conformity when it does not align with our hearts, instead of living in congruity – a union or compliance with our hearts messages to us.

I bring all of this because it feels so very relevant to the global and planetary changes we find ourselves in at this pivotal time, and for me in the particular journey that I have undertaken…..that many of us are taking.

Do we “follow our hearts”, or do we conform to the structures that have been laid down over time for us without questioning them?  It appears that there is a lot of questioning going on right now – and that is a very good thing!

The messages that we need to hear are everywhere to release ourselves from the trap of conformity.  Just last night I was reading a passage in a brand new book just released from the UK entitled Tilly Greenway and The Secret of the Ancient Keys/Book 1 – Watchers, by Essi Tolling,  a book for teens to adults.  I was struck by a few paragraphs where Ambrose – The Bearer of the Blue Light, one of the Guardians of the Earth says,

“The world around you is not what you have been lead to believe.  Many things have been kept from us, indeed from everyone, in order to keep us shut inside a tiny box, a place where we see only what is put before us, instead of looking through the veil at that which lies beyond.  Yet truth has a habit of rising to the surface and now, at last, we reach the time when much will be revealed!

He paused to make certain that Tilly and Zack were paying attention before continuing.

“Take nothing you have been told for granted, for little in this life is as it seems.  We are surrounded by a web of lies, spun by those who wish to keep us from our destiny, and you must unlearn most of what you have been taught if you are to escape the trap that has been set for you!  You must learn to look not with your eyes, but with your hearts, placing your trust not on what yo think is real, but on what you know deep down is true.  That is the only way to break the meshes of deception’s net!” (pg 126/First Edition)

Now mind you Tilly is 12 and Zack is 13, but they are a reflection of you and I attempting to find and integrate the ancient wisdom, or “keys” if you will, that unlock the door to release from the conformity that has kept us shackled in the dark,  thus shedding a great deal of light upon our lives.  Tilly and Zack are in the midst of a powerful adventure, but then isn’t all of life that!?

Strong words you might say, but let me give you another example of how this operates by an experience I had yesterday.  As you know, I am releasing a “job with benefits” to dance in the passion of what I can create and co-create on my own.  In addition, I am relocating to another “home” that supports these endeavors….all at the same time!

On a walk down the country road outside of my little cottage my mind started to review the timeline I have set for all of this to happen…and a sudden terror filled my body to where I could not even breathe.  The grip that it had on me lasted only seconds, but it was enough to get my undivided attention!

My thoughts had been on thinking I needed to secure another “job” in the new location and how I would go about that over the next 2 months.  Very old patterns and conformity to the “way things are done” in our culture overcame me, and when the fear came in I was right smack into manipulating and controlling my next steps – supposedly to guarantee that I would be “taken care of” financially.  For example, looking at “want ads” and applying for jobs before I even have a chance to see what may emerge naturally when I am in this location.

The terror made me feel everything in my body in that moment. What was going on was a lack of breath, a gripping of muscles, a pressure in my head, and a sense of contraction all over.  Would this get your attention??  Underlying all of these physical symptoms was a momentary LACK OF TRUST in what I call “the way of the heart and intuition”.

Unfortunately, I believe that we often don’t even notice these signs of operating under a conformity that does not serve our whole being and thriving in life, until it is too late – manifested as dis-ease or the recycling of life experiences/patterns over and over that we so want to move out of.

Needless to say, these few moments on my country road walk revealed to me that I was once again smack in the middle of conforming to a way of operating and making decisions that has kept me personally trapped in a very small box of my own creation.

So…as I make my way to explore the new location at the end of next week, I will make certain I stay embodied, am aware of synchronicity, notice how I am breathing, TRUST the unfolding of my time there, and follow all leads with my heart directing the way.  As I experience and make choices from this place it affects every interconnected life form around me…. all is one.

Stay tuned for what happens in the next chapter….and know that I will be aware when I am in the terrain of the “trap”.  Thanks Richard for our continuing dialogue!!

RESOURCE:  A Great Read ! Watchers , by Essi Tolling

Available on Amazon UK at the link above.


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