Law of Attraction vs Going Deeper Within The Law of Resonance

Hi Richard!

Great post on the value of nature!  It is to me one of the most important forms of wealth and is often overlooked by many.   Nature informs and inspires us to be aware of the many other rich sources/resources that are available to tap into.

I love your story about the beech tree and the deer.   I remember well when I was sitting in a garden bed pruning rose bushes and all of a sudden was visited by two hummingbirds that thought perhaps I was a delectable flower to sip nectar from.  Two of them stayed in one place only inches from my face and we communed together for awhile.  What astounding moments of grace and awe!

As I make the transition from “job” to “livelihood of my choice”, I am finding that my energy is opening up and becoming alive. It is definitely vibrating at a different level than when I was attempting to breathe life into a conventional box that did not allow for full expression.

The day that I gave notice at my medical job was the day when what felt like a heavy energy sitting on my chest and shoulders lifted, and I felt 100 lbs lighter.  Now mind you if I was a 100 pounds lighter in body weight I would be near deaths door!

What I mean here is that my energy level – creative, mental, and physical – increased by 100%  or more, allowing me not only to feel lighter in these ways, but created an open doorway for me to finally see possibilities that were actually right in front of me.

I see things in a different way – like an adventure to be curious about and pursue, instead of a task that I must do – and because of that I am connecting with  people, places and events that are leading me to the next level of full expression.

A reference was made to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on my most recent WildlyFreeWoman blog post regarding women stepping up in their lives, and applies just as much to men as well.

As we know, Dorothy was confronted by fear after fear on her journey to return “home”, but somehow she always found the courage within herself (the real home:-) , and with the support of her new found friends, to succeed.  Her biggest fear – dying (symbolized so incredibly well by the Wicked Witch) – was overcome when she found that the bucket of water right at her feet was the ticket to melt away (literally!) her greatest fear.

As I see it, I couldn’t see these possibilities in front of me because I was attracting within a denser, “stay-safe” vibrational field.  Now that I have lifted and expanded this field there are unending opportunities showing up at my doorstep so to speak.  Some of them are disguised in unlikely packages, but they are opportunities none the less, more in resonance with the person I am coming into and embodying.

It seems to be my job these days to take each one of these “leads” (gifts in disguise) and follow them all the way through no matter what they are, or how they come to me.  I have decided that there is so much vastness in the Divine Design for my life that there is only a small portion revealed to me at a time to where this particular shift of mine is leading.

Letting go of having to know where it is all leading is a practice that is sometimes difficult.  I call it TRUST!

However, I know that there is a conformity that is built into all cultures.  This conformity is taught at a very young age….and as I see it squashes the fullness and creativity of what each individual has to bring. I know that I have allowed it to squash mine!

Yes, Richard I would indeed like to know more about the Conformity Funnel….even though I am a most unconventional sort of woman!  I am certain there are ways that conformity has me caught in its grip…and perhaps still has me there.

Meanwhile my motto for each day  is “enjoy the ride in the moment!”.  This is one of my favorite pictures which symbolizes to me The Divine Having Fun….Woopee!!

Back to you Richard and thank you for applauding my honesty!



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NATURAL PASSAGES CONSULTING Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Being, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time. Gaye Abbott, is a wild and free soul who just so happens to LOVE writing, playing with energy, ecstatic dance and free form movement, living and breathing in nature, her 3 sons and 3 grandchildren, communing with friends and global community, organic food and cooking, small and simple spaces to live within, a lack of material possessions....and laughter every single day! As a wise elder of 69 years she feels decades younger....and acts it too! Devoted to being of service to the Earth and all living beings Gaye seeks the peace of mind and openness of heart that provides the foundation for effective action in the world and her community. OTHER BLOGS BY GAYE ABBOTT: Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath Preview, Reviews and purchase links can be found here:

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